Child Find

  • “Child Find” refers to the process of locating, identifying, and evaluating children with disabilities to ensure that they receive services to which they are entitled. The Child Find team will listen to your concerns and provide a free developmental screening and/or special education evaluation to children and youth, ages birth to 21 living in the Shoreline School District who may have a disability to determine if they are eligible for special education services.

    Please call 206.393.4350 if you have concerns about your 3-5 year old child’s development in one or more of the following areas:

    -Speech & Language

    -Vision & Hearing

    -Motor Skills

    -Cognitive Abilities


    -Adaptive/Self-Help Skills

    If your child is under the age of three, contact Wonderland Developmental CenterOpens a New Window. at 206.364.3777 for assistance.

    If your child is over the age of six, contact the district's Special Education officeOpens a New Window. at 206.393.4239 for assistance. 

  • When Should a Child be referred to Child Find?

    Any time you have concerns about your child's development!  See below for some examples.

    • When you have concerns about your child's speech
      • Unable to communicate in short phrases
      • Cannot follow simple directions
      • You or other people cannot understand their speech
    • When a child appears to have social emotional challenges
      • Doesn't engage in pretend play with other children
      • Little or no interest in interactive games
      • Frequent and/or extreme challenging behaviors 
    • When a child has motor challeneges
      • Falls frequently
      • Difficulty using stairs
      • Challenges jumping, throwing, moving their hands
      • Cannot copy a circle
      • Difficulty manipulating small objects
    • When there are medical conditons that interfere with devlopment and/or learning
    • When a child has challenges hearing or seeing

    For more information on typical childhood devleopment please view the CDC's website