• Inclusive Education 

    All students who attend preschool in the Shoreline School District are enrolled in inclusive classrooms. All preschool classrooms include children with and without disabilities. At the Edwin Pratt Early Learning Center, staff partners with families to create a welcoming community for everyone.

    What does inclusive education mean?

    • Inclusion is the philosophy that every child belongs and is a full member of the community.
    • In inclusive classrooms, teachers and therapists design the environment and curriculum so that it’s accessible and engaging for all children.
    • Teams develop individual accommodations and supports, as well as extensions for children who need additional challenge as needed so that every child can fully participate, develop friendships, and learn.
    • In our inclusive school community, we celebrate children’s similarities as well as their different abilities, cultures and backgrounds.


    What are the benefits of inclusive education?

    Similar to children in a mixed age classroom, inclusive education has multiple benefits for both students with and without disabilities:

    • Opportunities to master activities by practicing and teaching others
    • Strengthened social emotional development
    • Increased appreciation and acceptance of individual differences
    • Builds empathy and problem solving skills
    • Increases understanding and acceptance of diversity
    • Prepares all students for adult life in an inclusive society 

    In a high quality and inclusive early learning program, classroom teachers work to foster development, friendship with peers, and a sense of belonging by intentionally promoting participation in all learning and social activities. Families, partnering with teachers, play an important role in building a welcoming community where all strengths are recognized and everyone belongs.

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