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    District Champions 2012, 2013, 2018, 2019

    State 4th place 2018  

     Robert Mann      Varsity Coach    Email at : robert.mann@k12.shorelineschools.org

    Brian Fischer      JV Coach           Email at: brian.fischer@shorelineschools.org


    3/4 Parent Meeting at Shoreview Park 5:30p-6:00p. The location will change to to Shorecrest Commons if we were not able to practice outside due to inclement weather, but the time and date will remain the same.

    3/2-3/4  Practice at Shoreview Park 3:15p-5:15p  (There will be one-way shuttle bus leaving from the front of the school at 2:40p.  It will be the last bus in the line of buses.)

    3/5-3/6 V Practice at Shoreview Park 3:15p-5:15p and JV Practice at Shoreline Park 3:00p-5:00p 

    3/7 (Saturday)  V Practice at Shoreview Park 10:00a-11:30a and JV Practice at Shoreview Park 11:30a-1:00p (This is the only Saturday practice.)

    3/9 until the end of the season JV Practice at Shoreline Center 3:00p-5:00p and V Practice 3:15-5:15p on M, T, TH, F and 4:00p-5:30p on W.

    3/12 There will be an AM practice on the day athletes are leaving for Ireland from 6:45a-7:15a in the Shorecrest gym. This will ensure that all athletes going to Ireland will have 10 practices prior to departure.  All athletes going to Ireland must attend all practices and tryouts prior to leaving to get to 10 practices.  If 10 practices isn't achieved before departure, then WIAA stipulates that practices are reduced by one day per each day missed starting on the 4th consecutive missed practice.  There is no reduction of number of practices once an athlete makes it to 10 practices, thus getting 10 practices before departure is vital.

    Inclement Weather Practice in SC Gym

    3:00p-4:30p M, T, Th, F (No indoor practice on Wednesdays except in the first two weeks.)

    3:45p-5:15p W (Only in Week 1 and Week 2)


    Please check the website daily as changes to the schedule may occur.


    Required Before Tryouts
    All paperwork (Athletic Permission Form, Current Physical, Yellow Emergency Information card) must be turned in to Mr. Bruns before you may participate in any practices.  If you're not sure about the status of your physical, please see Mr. Bruns. Please turn in your paperwork prior to 2/27  

    Required Before First Match

    Fees ($40 for ASB, $100 for Athletic Participation) must be paid, informed consent form must be signed, and 10 practices must be completed before you may participate in any matches.  Fees are paid to Ms. Denney in the Student Activity Center.

    Note: Informed consent form are available on the the documents page of this website. Please download, copy, and sign.

    Schedule and Results Go to  WESCO athletics website.




    STATE DOUBLES 7TH PLACE - Sophie Ivens/Bella Saunders


    DISTRICT 3A DOUBLES 2ND PLACE - Sophie Ivens/Bella Saunders



    STATE DOUBLES 7TH PLACE - Sophie Ivens/Bella Saunders


    DISTRICT 3A DOUBLES CHAMPIONS - Sophie Ivens/Bella Saunders




    DISTRICT 3A DOUBLES 2ND PLACE - Bella Saunders/Tessa Farnam



    STATE 3A SINGLES 8TH PLACE - Meera Limaye



    STATE 3A SINGLES 4TH PLACE - Meera Limaye



    STATE 3A SINGLES 5TH PLACE - Meera Limaye


    What to do before tryouts:

    • All paperwork (Athletic Permission Form, Current Physical, Yellow Emergency Information card) must be turned in to Mr. Bruns before you may participate in any practices.  If you're not sure about the status of your physical, please see Mr. Bruns. You must complete a packet even if you played another sport. Please turn in paperwork in February.
    • You are not eligible to tryout until Mr. Bruns has approved the packet. Coaches DO NOT accept packets.
    • Conditioning (Download the 7-minute workout app. You should be able to do 2 cycles in row.)
    • Visit the tennis website resources page.
    • Find a time and place to hit as often as possible. Talk to team captains Cindy Luo, Alyssa Oshiro, or Julia Francescutti about possible times to practice prior to the beginning of the season.
    • Contact Basha Tennis at Forest Crest Athletic Club, Harbor Square Athletic Club, or Columbia Athletic club to enroll in tennis classes.
    • Learn how to play a ten-point tiebreaker. (Instructions on tennis website.)
    • Make sure that you have tennis shoes, adult racket (27” long), water bottle, and layered clothing with pockets.
    • Update your racquet with new strings and new grip/overgrip. (I can get your racquet restrung for $10 if you provide the string. Around $20 if you don’t provide the string.)
    • Learn the Code of Conduct. Listed on the tennis resources page.
    • Do NOT bring Ipads or other valuables to the courts or leave them in the gym locker room.

    What to expect at tryouts:

    • Day 1 Large Group Games to get an overview of player skill sets AND Conditioning (Initial Cut for Varsity)
    • Day 2 Serve and Return AND Conditioning
    • Day 3 Volleys and Overheads AND 10-point tiebreakers AND Conditioning
    • (Tryouts may be extended if there is inclement weather in the first 3 days.)

    Team selections:

    • The team has a no-cut policy this year for players who are committed to going to practice everyday and are willing to work hard everyday. Seniors can play on JV. Varsity will have 12-16 players. JV will carry the rest of the players. If we have too many players for JV, then the lower JV players will be split into two teams.
    • Factors for determining who will make Varsity: Playing ability, history with the team, grade level, willingness to learn & improve, fitness, effort, attitude, teamwork, peer relations, leadership ability, character, dependability, commitment, academic record, discipline record, and school attendance.
    • Varsity returners will be on varsity again unless told otherwise by the coach. The coach will tell everyone else by Wednesday what team each player will be playing.
    • If you have outside obligations that will be in conflict with the tennis season, then please talk with the coach to see if it makes sense for you to tryout.
    • JV players will be provided a one-way shuttle bus to Shoreview Park for tryout and Shoreline Park for practices. You are NOT required to take the bus if you have your own transportation.

    Requirements before 1st match:

    • Paid $40 ASB Fee and $100 Athletic Fee
    • Completed Safety Guidelines Form. (Available on team website.)
    • Attended 10 practices.
    • Read the tennis guidelines that are posted in the documents section of the website.


    Schedule and Results Go to  WESCO athletics website.

    Please note due to inclement weather the schedule changes often.