AP Testing Information

  • AP Exam Payment Information for current AP courses only.  AP courses that start term 3 will have a later join and payment date.


    Payment window: Oct. 19-23, 2020

    $20 late fee after Oct. 23

    $40 late fee after Nov. 13


    Before you pay, you must have joined your AP class in your College Board account!  If you have not, check with your teacher for the specific join code. 

    Pay online here with credit card

    If you cannot log in, contact Ms. Denney for assistance



    Each exam costs $95. 

    ****If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, the cost is covered by the state so you don’t have to pay. You must still join the class in College Board.****

    By Oct. 23rd You should have:

    1. Joined the class in College Board with join code provided by teacher
    2. paid online using this link


    Contact wendy.friedman@shorelineschools.org with questions