• Welcome to the Shorecrest Counseling Center

    Main Number (206) 393-4296

    Fax Number (206) 393-6980

    CEEB Code 481163

    Counselors are available for appointments! Counselors are available to discuss academic achievement, college preparation, post-secondary options, and social/emotional support. Students, please use the links below (next to your counselor's name) to schedule an appointment with your counselor. Parents / Guardians can call the Counseling Office at (206) 393-4296 to schedule an appointment.

    Please note that counselors are normally available on school days from 7:30am-3:30pm; voicemail and email are not being monitored during off hours. If you are trying to reach a counselor after hours or during holiday breaks, expect a return phone call or email during regular school hours. If a crisis occurs during off hours and/or you have immediate concerns about a student’s safety, here are resources to turn to:

    • Local Emergency Room: 911
    • Suicide Prevention Line: 988
    • Crisis Line: 1-800-621-4636 or (206) 461-3200
    • Teen Link (a teen-answered help line, each evening between 6-10 pm): 1-866-833-6546

    Students can use the links below to make an appointment. Please use your first and last name in the appointment slot!

    Counselors Grade Level / Last Name Email Address Ext.
     Jill Brown 9-12 / A-Eck


    Make an appointment with Ms. Brown here


    Kim Smith 9-12 / Ecka-Kena


    Make an appointment with Ms. Smith here


    Sara McManus

    9-12 / Kenn-Ma

    + MLL students


    Make an appointment with Ms. McManus here 

    Jenny Breed

    9-12 / Mb-Scho

    + AVID 9/12


    Make an appointment with Ms. Breed here

    Wendy Friedman

    9-12 / Schw-Z

    + AVID 10/11


    Make an appointment with Ms. Friedman here



    Counseling Secretary

    Jocelyn Hudson
    (206) 393-4296


    Stephanie Mondragon-Flores
    (206) 393-4293

    Shoreline School District is committed to providing a learning community that engages all students regardless of financial barriers. If you need financial assistance to access any district programs, please contact your school's family advocate (elementary) or your student’s counselor (secondary).