Community Service & Service Learning

  • Welcome to the Shorecrest High School Community Service program

    Community Service Graduation Requirement for all Classes

    Si a usted o a su padre de familia o tutor legal le interesaría recibir cualquier información de las siguientes en su primer idioma, por favor consulte al Orientador Académico. Si llama a la oficina de Orientación al 206.393.4296, pueden devolverle la llamada usando un intérprete.

          Shoreline School District prepares students for success in post-secondary education, gainful employment, productive citizenship and help them to develop the skills for lifelong learning. To that end, all Shoreline high school students are required to complete and record a total of 40 hours of community service by the end of their high school career.

         Students are strongly encouraged to complete at least 10 hours per year, ideally completing 40 hours by the end of their junior year. This leaves time for completing the High School and Beyond Plan during senior year. Use forms available in the College & Career Center - and in the documents library here - to get credit for your volunteerism. Students who arrive after fall of their freshman year may have their requirement pro-rated. Hours can be earned to the quarter-hour. 

          There are two large notebooks in Shorecrest's College & Career Center. Both are filled with with long-term volunteer ideas. Scroll down for short-term volunteer events and community service opportunities - or consider making your own service opportunity via a non-profit organization. Use your own creativity and ambition!

           Please go to the bottom of this page for information about how to use forms and which hours are eligible. 

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    FALL 2020

    Important: If you find your own projects, they must be state-registered 501-c 3 non-profit organizations.         This means schools and faith organizations (churches, mosques, temples) qualify. 


    Shorecrest Virtual Babysitting Evening: Ten volunteers needed to help with fun online activities, Thursday, Oct. 8, 4-5:30 p.m. Details/questions: Email Ellie Sidler.

    Turning Point: Tutor Shoreline elementary and middle school students virtually through Turning Point’s Homework Factory. This program supports younger children with rich cultural diversity and home languages other than English. Training is included. Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday, 3:30-4:30 p.m. on Zoom. Questions/Register: Lynn: to apply.

    Special Olympics Washington Virtual Volunteer Activities: SOW is running virtual fall games and they would love your support. Become a virtual “fan in the stands” or write a cheer card, or help with football team pass, basketball free-throw shooting, volleyball bump-set-spike or cycling competitions – all virtually! Learn more at or email

    North Helpline: Food Bank distribution helpers are needed Thursdays, 3:30-7 p.m., and/or Saturdays, 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at 12736 33rd Ave. N.E., in Seattle’s Lake City neighborhood, just south of Fred Meyer. Volunteer in a socially-distance setting to pack customized food boxes. Details/questions: volunteer coordinator Lara-Ashley, 206.367.3477 or Applications found at:    

    Kruckeberg Botanic Garden afternoon nature clubs: This Richmond Beach-area garden seeks volunteers to help with afternoon nature clubs for Shoreline-area elementary students at their site, 20312 15th Ave. N.W., Shoreline. Tuesdays, 4-6 p.m., and/or Wednesdays, 2:30-5 p.m. through Nov. 11. Must be able to commit to at least three days. Help kids explore a new forest theme – trees, bees, bugs and slugs through games, activities and crafts. Details/apply: or (206) 546-1281

    ON hold. Email for details. Ronald McDonald House near Seattle Children's Hospital: Participate in a games night or clean-up day; host a movie night; make a family meal, or organize a "necessities" drive for this home-away-from-home for families whose children are patients at Seattle Children's in Laurelhurst off Sand Point Way. Details:

    Northwest Hospital & Medical Center: Have you ever had to wait while a loved one has surgery? Have you ever gotten lost on your way to treatment or another area of the hospital? Have you ever been hospitalized? Then you know how it feels.  By volunteering your time, you help make Northwest Hospital a friendlier, more welcoming place to everyone who steps foot on our campus. Volunteers 15 years or older are encourage to apply. Volunteers should be willing to work 3-4 hours per week for a minimum of four months. Most volunteers work Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., but some volunteers are needed evenings and weekends.  Details:

    University of Washington Medical Center Escort Volunteer: Provide patient transport to appointments; deliver lab specimens; delivery patient flowers and mail; greeting patients and visitors; and other tasks as requested. Prerequisite commitment: one month with 16 hours. Overall commitment: three months with at least four hours per week. Details: Cynnie Foss, 206.598.4218. 

    Swedish Edmonds Junior Volunteer: Participants work in admitting, the information desks, in the Gift Shop, in patient care areas or in the emergency department. Must be at least 14 years old, and able to commit to at least one four-hour shift each week for at least one quarter. After submitting paperwork, an interview is required. Questions? Call the Volunteer Services Office at 425-640-4341, Mondayy-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

    American Red Cross: Start a Red Cross Club to help prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Details: Questions?

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    How do I use Community Service forms?

    Find the new one-size-fits-all form on the bulletin board in Shorecrest's College & Career Center. Each time you have a new organization that you volunteer with, you need a new form. (The form can also be downloaded from within a student's account on their Naviance home page.)  

    Remember to turn the form in when you have: 

    • completed 40 hours of cumulative service over four years 
    • OR when your form is full and you need a new form
    • OR by the end-of-year community service collection date (May 31, 2021 for 9th, 10th and 11th graders). FORMS STUDENTS WERE UNABLE TO TURN IN during Spring 2020 will be accepted via email to

    Short- and long-term forms from previous years are still accepted, but are being phased out.

    Why should I volunteer? 

    • It  makes a difference in someone's life - and lets you feel GOOD about it!
    • This gives back to your community - which gives to you.
    • It allows you to investigate a career -  and discover new talents and skills.
    • Not only can get get "on-the-job" training - but it might lead to a paid job.
    • It looks really good on college, job and scholarship applications.
    • HAVE FUN!  Be a part of something bigger and better!

     What qualifies as community service? 

    • Service performed at a Non-Profit (501c (3))
    • Must be supervised by an adult (over 21)
    • Hours must be earned outside of academic class time (lunch is ok -  but no other time during the school day)
      • A non-profit is an organization that typically provides a service to the community for small to zero fee.  Employees are paid, however services to those they serve are usually free.  Some examples of non-profits are Libraries, Schools, Food Bank and Shelters. Volunteering to file papers at a local business does not count; neither does helping a neighbor - unless it is directly arranged by a non-profit. 
      • A good way to know if an organization if a non-profit to check their website address.  If it ends with a (.org or .edu or .gov) it is most likely a non-profit.
      • Still uncertain? Ask Mrs. Monson or call the organization.

     What does NOT count as community service?

    • Fundraising - exceptions apply. Please see Mrs. Monson about details. Most Spree and scBoosters activities are permitted with advanced approval.
    • Religious Activities - proselytizing, reading Bible verses, teaching Sunday School, being an acolyte, or participating in church choirs. However, helping with social, child-care or business functions at a religious facility is okay.
    • Paid Service of any kind.
    • School service during the academic day. Projects must be completed outside of class and approved by administration in advance.
    • Hours that are required for a grade or project or hours required by the courts will NOT be counted toward your graduation requirement. 
    • Hours needed for National Honor Society cannot be used for Community Service. Sorry: no double-dipping!
    • Freshman in Class of 2023: Hours that you have volunteered before September 2019 will NOT be eligible to count toward your community service graduation requirement. 

    Reduced Hour Requirement for New Students' Entry to Shoreline

    Students who enter Shorecrest after the first semester of their sophomore year will have a reduced service requirement, pro-rated by five hours or less for every quarter.

    When and How Can I Volunteer?

    Summer is a great time to volunteer because your time is a bit more flexible and many organizations host events. Other non-profit organizations need volunteers throughout the year. You may volunteer during the day (non-school time), evenings, weekends and breaks. Make sure you find an organization or event that interests you. Contact them and find out if the volunteer opportunity that they need to fill is a good fit for you.

     **Please note: if you volunteer at an overnight camp, your working hours apply; sleeping hours do not count.

    Where should I start?  

    • Find a non-profit organization that you are interested in giving your time to.
    • Visit Shorecrest's College & Career Center Community Service bulletin board, notebooks or scroll down this webpage for places, events and groups seeking volunteers. 
    • Get a copy of a 2020-21 Community Service form in Canvas or download it from the Naviance home page, or SC College & Career documents library.
    • Fill out the forms completely and get all required signatures.
    • Submit your completed forms Shorecrest's College & Career Center.

    Where can I get Community Service Forms?

    Download a copy from your Canvas Class of 2021, 2022, 2023 or 2024 course or from your "welcome" page on Naviance - found in the documents library on the right side.  

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