• Lost Books

    • We hope that books that are lost or damaged can be replaced. 
    • Options for replacing books: 
      1. Buy a new or gently used copy of the book (Third Place Books has new and used books)
      2. Purchase a book from the library's Wish List: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1PBN60VE75K0S?ref_=wl_share
      3. Contact Ms. Freeman if you aren't able to work out the lost book problem at this time.  We will remove the book from your record.


    Library Classes

    • When we are all full-time back in school, all K-5th grade students visit the library once a week with their class for a regularly scheduled 45-minute class.  Students will hear and discuss stories, learn how to research, understand Internet safety, and other lessons as needed.


    Library Hours

    • When we are all full-time back in school, the library is open all day for checkout, reading, or individual or group work, with a library pass from an adult.


    Library Books

    • Currently while we are remote and hybrid, families will receive notices of which books are checked out to the student.  The due dates are flexible as needed.
    • If books aren't returned soon after the due date, overdue notices will be sent via email to the email address on file.
    • Students may still check out if they have overdue books, but may have limits on how many can be checked out.
    • We would like for books that are lost or damaged beyond repair to be paid for or replaced.  Book costs vary from item to item.
    • Options for replacing books include: 
      • paying the fine in full
      • buying a new or gently used copy of the book (Third Place Books has used and new books)
      • arranging with the librarian for a student to work in the library during recess
      • contacting Ms. Freeman if you would like to discuss other options
    • It is the student's responsibility to keep track of their books, keep them in good condition, and know when to return them.
Books in the library

Checkout limits

  • While we are in remote/hybrid learning, all students may check out up to 3 books at a time, and have a total of 6 books out total.