World Languages

  • Why learn another language?

    Our world is an interwoven variety of cultures throughout a global economy, the internet, ease of travel, and multicultural people living in our Shoreline community.  

    It is essential that our students are exposed to other languages and cultures.  Learning a language enhances listening and memory skills and promotes positive attitudes toward people of diverse backgrounds.  In addition, knowing languages enhances opportunities in the academic and career world.

    French, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish  

    Years 1 & 2 are offered at our middle schools:  Einstein and Kellogg

    Years 1-5 (or Advanced Placement) are offered at our high schools:  Shorecrest and Shorewood


    Our courses focus on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language’s (ACTFL) standards as the basis for instruction.

    We are also aligned with the Common Core State Standards.


    Middle school students earn a graduation credit for each year successfully completed.

    They may "carry" the credits up to the high school.  They may choose to either earn a "P" for pass or have their grade earned factored into their HS GPA. 

    As a graduation requirment, Core 24 requires that one year of the two years of language study be taken at the HS.  Please ask your counselor if you're seeking another pathway (other than a world langauge).  

    If you use one of the languages we teach at home, please ask for a placement assessment prior to registering.  Most native and heritage speakers perform well in the 3rd, 4th or AP level.  Even if you don't rea or write well, or feel your skills aren't good enough - check first as years 1 and 2 are typically not appropriate for someone who already understands the language.  

    The lower levels (years 1,2 and 3) provide classes aimed at those who have had no outside exposure to the language. 

    During 2019 the French and Spanish teams are articulating what is essential for students to know and be able to do after completing each year of study and the materials that best support student and teaching needs.  



  • In Shoreline we celebrate diversity in the languages our students use.  



    View the World Language Credit Program video to get inspired