Student Meal Accounts

  • **For the 2021-2022 school year, there will be no a la carte sales, cash sales or adult sales at the Elementary locations.**

    How It Works

    Every student is assigned a student ID number and a meal account is created when they register with the Shoreline School District.

    The account is similar to a checking account, where purchases are deducted from funds you apply to the account. At the start of the school year, we create a barcode card for each Elementary student to scan at the point of purchase. Students are taught by their teacher to pick up their card just prior to lunch each day. **Note for 2021-2022, meal accounts will not be used by Elementary students. They will not need a meal card to receive a free breakfast and/or lunch. Middle and High School students type their student ID number into a pin pad at the register when making a food purchase. **Note for 2021-2022, Middle and High School students will continue to enter their account number to receive their free breakfast and/or lunch and to make any a la carte purchase.

    Funds can be applied to a student meal account in many ways. Click here for information about how to make a payment.

    If you have any questions about student meal accounts, please contact us.

    Read more about how meal accounts work in English - Vietnamese - Spanish - Chinese - Korean - Amharic

    As a student transitions from elementary to secondary school, they will find that there are different processes and more food options. Read here to find out what a new middle schooler needs to know.

    Viewing Purchase and Payment Activity

    The “Food Service” tab on your Family Access page is your source to view the account balance, view purchase activity and view payments. This is also where you can apply for meal benefits electronically. Once logged in, click on “Food Service” on the left side of the page. Click here to see a screen shot of the "Food" tab on Family Access.

    You can print a report of your students account for the current school year. Simply click on “Meal Statement” to generate the report. If you do not have your Family Access login information, contact the office at your student’s school.

Meal Account Balances

  • ***The School District is transitioning notification platforms. Automated balance notification systems are not currently active. Your student balance can be found in Family Access or by contacting the Food Services Office at 206.393.4209 or***


    Low Balance Notification 

    To help avoid accounts from becoming overdrawn, each Monday, an automated low-balance email notification is sent if your student's account balance is below $10.50. This is an automated process.

    Also available is an option to receive a daily email alert when your student's account reaches the $10.50 threshold. This option is available in your Family Access account.

    • Log in to your Family Access page.
    • In the upper right corner of the page, select “My Account”.
    • On the very bottom of the page, select “Receive Emails when Food Service Balance is under $10.50”.
    • Select “Save” on the upper right corner.

    If at any point you wish to no longer receive these daily notices, follow the same instructions to deselect this option in Family Access. We are unable to access this option in your account. If you do not have your Family Access login information, contact our office or the office at your student’s school.


    Negative Meal Balances and Automated Notifications

    The District maintains the negative balance procedure 8200P. The procedure is currently under review due to newly adopted state laws, the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the temporary SSO free meal program being utilized for the 2021-2022 SY. An updated version will be posted when it is clear how funding will resume in the 2022-2023 SY.

    The intent of this procedure is to ensure responsible financial management of the Food and Nutrition Services Program and consistent student-oriented practices at each school. This procedure is intended to be proactive and appropriate for students at different grade levels with an emphasis on minimizing any embarrassment that can be caused by a student running out of money on their student meal account.

    If the balance of your student meal account falls into the negative, the registering parent/guardian will receive an automated notification either by phone or email (this will depend on the preferences you set at the start of the year with the individual school office).

    Automated notifications are sent on Tuesdays and Fridays, each week, regardless of the amount of the negative balance. (Note: the data used to generate these calls is from the end of the previous day and may not reflect payments made over the past 24 hours.) These messages are done as a service to the family to ensure that negative charges do not accrue drastically before a parent/guardian is notified. There may be times when a payment may not update to the student account before negative balance data is pulled from the computer system. To see up-to-date account information for your student, log in to your Family Access account and select the Food Services tab.


    End of School Year - Positive and Negative Balances

    All balances, both positive and negative, carry-over from year to year, as long as the student attends a Shoreline School District school.

    Once a student graduates, any unpaid negative balance will be added to the student record as a fine. If a positive balance remains, an automated utility will transfer that positive balance to any sibling still attending a Shoreline school. If the graduating senior does not have siblings in the SSD, you may contact the Food Service Office to request a refund or donate the balance to an Angel Fund, used to pay negative meal balances for families in need.