Business, Industrial Technology & STEM Department

  • The Industrial Technology Department is one of the three Career & Technical Education (C.T.E.) departments at Shorecrest.

    In Industrial Technology classes, you learn how to animate, build, create, cut, design, draw, edit, glue, nail, plan, pound, photograph, repair, solder, video, and much, much more. You can experience all of this using state of the art equipment in our high tech labs and shops.

    All of the classes we teach fulfill the occupational credit needed to graduate from Shorecrest. You can earn fine art, or science credit instead of occupational credit in some of our classes.

    You can earn college credit through the Tech Prep program in many of our classes. If you would like to see a list of all the classes at Shorecrest in which you can earn Tech Prep Credit click here and select "Students" toward the top of the page.

    Eric Allen

    Algebra 2
    AP Computer Science
    Intro to Computer Science / Game Design

    Dianna Gonzalez

    Marketing I & II

    Andy Kidd

    AP English Literature 12
    English 9
    Theater Tech

    Trent Mitchell
    Department Chair

    AP Studio Digital Photography
    Video Production I & II
    Digital Photography

    Kari Potter

    Robotics I & II

    Emily Slack

    Intro to Engineering
    Advanced Engineering

    Algebra 1

    Craig Vandenbosch

    Art Intro