Food Service Announcements

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO UPCOMING GRADUATES! Remaining funds on meal accounts can be transferred to another student, applied towards fines or fees, or refunded. Parents of seniors will receive outreach at the beginning of June or contact us any time.

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Menus & Nutrition

  • Shoreline School District displays all menus through My School Menus powered by Heath-e Pro (a Washington State company). Menus can be viewed online or by downloading the My School Menus app from Google Play or iTunes.

    Click here to view school menus online

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    Scan the QR code to download the APP

    For general menu questions, please contact Shoreline Food Services at 206.393.4209.

    Breakfast and lunch service is available at all locations. Please check your individual school for service times.

    Our district follows the Offer Versus Serve method for meal service. Watch this great You Tube video to learn about "offer versus serve".

    A lunch is made up of 5 basic food components: milk, meat or meat alternate, vegetable, fruit, and grain. Students must select at least 3 of these components for a complete meal (1 of which must be a vegetable or fruit). A breakfast is made up of 4 food items: milk, fruit/vegetable, 2 grains (or 1 grain and 1 meat/meat alternate). Students must select 3 of these items for a complete meal (1 of which must be a vegetable or fruit).

    Parents! Print this guide to review with your student about how to make good food choices for breakfast!

Allergen Information

  • The top 8 allergens (soy, wheat, milk, peanut, treenut, egg, fish and shellfish) are flagged on breakfast and lunch menus. While there are many more ingredients that can cause allergic reactions, the top 8 are the only allergens required on nutrition labels. 

    All allergen information is taken directly from manufacturer’s labels and databases and is subject to change without notice. Shoreline School District does not guarantee the information and provides it solely for your convenience. The Food and Nutrition Services Department does everything we can to accommodate special dietary needs, however, the safest meals are those brought from home. The special dietary accommodation procedure can be found HERE. Please contact your school nurse to submit a request.

Á La Carte (Snacks & Extras)

  • The Food and Nutrition Services Program operates as a non-profit by balancing the budget through meal sales, á la carte sales, and State/Federal reimbursement; the program does not rely on the General Fund for support. Because á la carte items are not part of a USDA reimbursable meal, all these purchases must be paid in full at the time of sale, either with cash or by using funds on the student’s account.

    What exactly is á la carte?

    An á la carte item is any item sold that is not part of a first, complete meal. All of the following items sold separately, as individual items, are considered á la carte:

    • Milk or juice sold separately from a complete meal (a complete lunch/breakfast can include milk or juice but must also include the other required food components to make it qualify as a complete meal). We are only subsidized to provide complete meals which is why we must charge for items that do not count as a meal.
    • A second serving of the main entrée, also called second entrée or super (for example, a second slice of pizza).
    • An entrée sold by itself (entrée only) without the rest of the components that make a complete meal.
    • Snacks and special drinks such as bottled water, sparkling juices, or fruit sorbet ( mainly found at the secondary level).

    To give students more options, we also offer a variety of snacks and drinks for purchase. The majority of these items are offered at the Middle and High School level. All of our á la carte snacks and drinks comply with USDA Smart Snack Regulations. To set limits to your student's á la carte purchases, log into Family Access and follow these instructions

    A LA CARTE MENUS: Middle School -- High School 

USDA Requirements

  • Our meals are planned to comply with the USDA standards for the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. Click the link to view the current standards document: USDA Nutrition Standards.

    Through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, championed by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, and signed by President Obama, the USDA has made the most changes to the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs in 15 years. The goal of these changes is to help prevent childhood obesity and lead to a healthier generation of children.

    Shoreline School District Food and Nutrition Services strives to develop and provide healthy and appetizing meals to our students. We are proud to meet or exceed USDA requirements.

Nutrition Quizzes

Submit a Recipe

  • Have a favorite recipe that you would like to see offered for school lunch? Is there a special recipe from your culture that you would like to share with Nutrition Services? Now is your chance to submit a recipe! Recipes will be reviewed for affordability, acceptability, and production. Submit recipes to Nutrition Services with your name and contact information to Shoreline School District
, Attn: Food Services,18560 1st Ave NE
, Shoreline, WA 98155