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  • EINSTEIN MIDDLE SCHOOL TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, 2020                                                                        #89

    JANUARY IS EXCELLENCE MONTH: “If you deliver excellence right now, that gives you the best shot at the best future you’ve got coming.” Robert Forster


    Einstein Safety Practice for a Shelter in Place coming up today during 5th period:  A shelter in place drill helps us understand what to do in the event that it may be necessary to stay in our classrooms for a period of time due to a chemical in the air or a weather event. Please do the following when you hear a signal to PRACTICE this drill.


    1. LISTEN to all adult directions.  You will need to be silent so you can hear.
    2. If you have been excused from the classroom by an adult during the drill, return to your classroom as quickly as possible for the rest of the drill.
    3. Teachers will make sure all windows and doors are closed and then classroom activity will go on as usual. When the all clear is called, doors and windows can be opened again.

    We practice drills in the event of an emergency, to keep all of you safe.

    Thank you.

    Library is closed 1st lunch!


    7th Grade WEB Activity Friday 1/31:WEB Leaders will be coming in to 7th grade PRIDE classes to celebrate the end of the semester with a fun game of WEB Wordle! 

    DUE to the MLK assembly, Multi-lingual Ambassadors and Diplomats Leadership Group is scheduled for Thursday, January 30thduring PRIDE in Room D-10: See you then!

    Important notice for ALL bus riders, especially afternoon bus riders!  The bus loop is for bus loading only!  If you ride a bus in the afternoon, you need to come out to the bus loop to meet your bus.  Start at the front of the line of buses and check for your bus number while WALKING down the sidewalk BEHIND the white line. Our bus drivers will not be loading students on the buses who are running up to the doors once they close and the engine is running. It is important that you get your stuff together and walk out to the bus loop right after the 3:00 bell so you don’t miss your bus.  If you do not take an afternoon bus, help keep the bus loading area safer by not coming out to the bus loop at that time. You can do this, Tigers!

    WRESTLING STARTS FEBRUARY 10th: Now is the time to sign up! Stop by the main office and add your name to the list. Sports paperwork packets are available in the office and on the Einstein website. If you have already done a sport this year, you do not need to turn in paperwork. Just be sure you add your name to the sign up sheet.  Go Tigers!

    LUNCH TODAY: WG Mandarin Orange Chicken w/ Brown Rice, or Asian Tofu & Veggie Noodle Bowl

    BREAKFAST WEDNESDAY: WG Maple Bar, or English Muffin Sandwiches

    LUNCH WEDNESDAY: Homemade Turkey & Gravy w/ Mashed Potatoes and a Dinner Roll, or Protein Pack


    Sports or Activity Club (SAC)

    GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) (Sue)

    TSA (Thurber)

    Tiger Tutoring (Teeters


    1/29 Student of the Quarter Breakfast (Cafeteria) 7:30 am

    1/30 Westside Choral Festival @Shorewood Gym 7:00 pm

    1/30 Girls Basketball vs. Meadowdale @Einstein 8/7 3:45 pm

    1/31 Snow Make up Day



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