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    SW Alma Mater

    SW Fight Song (2022)

     Fight Song and Alma Mater (original lyrics and crest - changed in Jan. 2022) 

    Shorewood Fight Song Music

    Fight Song WITH the lyrics (original lyrics)


    What is ASB?

    ASB stands for Associated Student Body.  The purpose of ASB is to work with Shorewood’s staff, administration and students to ensure a high quality of student life. ASB coordinates a large number of school functions, activities, and programs, most notably the Homecoming celebration every October. In addition, ASB has influence over funding for these activities.

    Who is a member of Shorewood’s Associated Student Body?

    In one word, you. All  1600+ Shorewood students are members of ASB. In addition, students who pay the ASB fee during registration at the beginning of the year receive a special emblem on their Shorewood student IDs which allows for personal discounts and savings on a huge number of Shorewood activities – plays, sporting events, dances, and more.

    Student Government
    The ASB Leadership Team forms the student government. Elections are held in the spring of every year to elect incoming class officers, consisting of 5 ASB officers, 5 senior class officers, and senators for the junior, sophomore, and freshman classes. The number of senators is based on class size. Students may also apply to the ASB Advisor to be a Special Assignment.

    How can I get involved in ASB?

    You can be involved in a wide variety of ways from participating in an ASB sponsored event, to starting a club, or even running for office. 

NEW MASCOT and Winter Pep Recognition

  • The Shorewood mascot reveal video - presented to students on Friday, December 17. 

    Please note that we do not own most of the footage that was used in this video.  Credits are listed at the end of the video and on the YouTube page description. 

    This video is only the mascot reveal video - use the link below for the full Winter Pep. 

    Interesting facts, there are over 600 different RAY species, and a LARGE group of RAYS (as seen in the second part of the video), is actually called a FEVER!!


    The recording of the entire Winter Pep Recognition from December 17, 2021, can be found HERE - the audio isn't optimal though. 

    For the full effect of Ms. Fukuma's fall recap song, follow along with the lyrics below.  

    2021-2022 Fall Sports Season Recap-Jingle Bell Rock

     Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds, NOT,

    What will we be, soon we will see,

    Spikin and scorin, just havin some fun,

    Let’s talk about, those who run.


    Rowan and Yubi, Kyla and Finn,

    Otto and Luke, for the win.

    Districts and State, our athletes compete,

    To top them ALL!!!


    What a good time, to swing and shine,

    To State they will in May,

    Blake and Ethan, had a swell time,

    As did David and Ben did play.


    On the blocks, quick start, fast to the wall,

    Amanda is quite the prooo

    Maggie and Cameron, Eevie swims hard

    First team WES…COOO


    Sophie, Paige, Aila and Lake,

    Wolfie, Eduardo, Tyson and Reid.

    Omar and Hunter, Ian and Julian,

    And Madison are great.


    What a bright time, it’s the right time,

    To kick the ball at State,

    Kaitlyn Manalili, Morgan Manalili,

    Jayden, Amelia and Eile strong.


    On the pitch, Dan is rich,

    One thing is clear,

    He was Voted, Coach of the Year!


    Banner for Tennis, Banner for Soccer,


    TBirds are the best,


    Better than all the rest,


    On to Winter we Goooooo!


MLK Recognition 1/14

  • If you missed the live MLK webinar today, or just want to see it again, it can be found HERE.  The full video is posted (about 30 minutes), as well as separate clips of our two student performances.  Scroll down to the third section.

Class and LINK Meetings

  • LINK Meetings

    If you can't remember where you should go on LINK days, find your name on this spreadsheet and report to that room.


    The next SENIOR class meeting will be Friday, October 22, during SAS, in the main gym.  If you missed the meeting, information can be found HERE.