• Library Staff

    • Frank Kleyn - Teacher-Librarian (x 4134)
    • Alicia Luoma - Library Technician (x 1355)


    Mission and Curriculum

    The mission of the library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.

    Lessons are based on the Shoreline School district's scope and sequence for K-5 library. Students follow an inquiry-based process in seeking knowledge, applying critical thinking skills, and sharing new understandings. In addition, students in grades 1-5 learn internet awareness and safety through lessons designed by Common Sense Media.


    Library Check Out Policies

    How long can a student keep a school library book to read?
    When a student checks out a library book from the school library, the check out period is three weeks.  After the three week period ends, if a student needs more time to finish the book, they should bring the book to the library to be renewed. We encourage students to turn in books to their classroom book return box as soon as they finish reading them so that they can check out new books to read when they visit the library.

    What happens if a student keeps their library book longer than three weeks?
    If a student does not renew their library book after three weeks, the circulation system sees the book as “overdue.”  On library day, the student will receive a pink overdue notice encouraging them to renew or return the book.  

    What should a student/family do if there is a lost school library book?
    The overdue notice asks students to let the adults at home know that they lost the book.  Then, the adults are asked to call, email, or write me a note to let me know that they are aware of the lost book. When I hear from the adult, I put a note on the student’s record that they are looking for the lost book and they can resume checking out their normal number of library books. If I do not hear from the adult, the lost book impacts how many books the student can check out. 

    Email notices are sent home bi-weekly to students with 2+ overdue books
    To help with home-school communication around overdue and potentially lost library books, I send emails home bi-weekly to students who have two or more overdue books. If you receive an email and know that a book is lost, please write me back. 

    How are lost library books replaced? Are there fines?
    In January and June, I will notify families if students have long overdue library books that are potentially lost.  If the book is lost, the family will have the opportunity to purchase books from our Third Place Books or Amazon wishlist to replace the lost book.  We do not send home monetary fines.

    Damaged Books and Replacements
    Water bottles are the #1 reason books are damaged.  Carry water bottles in a separate bag. Do not put them in backpacks.  Students should bring damaged books to the library as soon as possible. Families will be notified if a book is damaged and have an opportunity to replace it. 

    Thank you for helping to keep our library stocked with wonderful book choices for our students to read. 

    Frank Kleyn


    Using The Library Website 

    Our library website has a lot of useful and fun information for our library users.  At our site you can... 

    • Search the catalog
    • Learn about new books
    • Print award book challenges to stretch readers
    • Explore content area internet links
    • Find helpful technology links and how-to information
    • View student projects
    • View library photos and videos