• Student Poems Written To Celebrate Poetry Month 2017

    Posted by Frank Kleyn at 4/20/2017

    Lake Forest Park students in grades 3-6 published poems to celebrate April 2017's Poetry Month.  Enjoy reading their poems!



    3rd Grade

    Third Grade Haiku Poems


    4th Grade

    Fourth Grade Haiku Poems With Beautiful Images From Nature

    After finding an image from nature, adding it to a document and citing it, poets wrote a haiku about the image.  Some of our poets were so inspired they wrote many haiku.  Step into nature with poetry!


    Nature Haikus from poets with first names starting with A-H

    Nature Haikus from poets with first names starting with I-M

    Nature Haikus from poets with first names starting with N-Z

    Haiku collections from Stella, Shannon, Rowan, Marina, Isabella, Anica, Alyce, Allison


    5th Grade

    Fifth Grade Word Clouds

    Poets wrote a diamante poem about a cherished object or place.  Then, they wrote a second diamante poem about a person associated with the object or place.  Using the words of their poems, students designed a colorful word cloud.  


    Mrs. Keeley's Students Recite Poems
    Mrs. Keeley inspired her students to check out Library poetry books and memorize a poem.  A few of her students recited their poems in Library and we recorded them.  Enjoy watching and listening to these terrific poets. 


    6th Grade

    Sixth Grade Common Chinese Shih Poems About Nature

    A common Chinese poem or “Shih" poem is four lines.  Each line has five to seven syllables.

    • The first line contains the initial phrase about a natural subject.
    • The second line is a continuation of that subject.
    • The third line turns from this subject and begins a new one
    • The fourth line is the poet’s thoughts (or advice) on the subjects.


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  • LFP Sixth Grade Book Trailers and QR Codes - 2015

    Posted by Frank Kleyn at 5/20/2016

    lfp book trailers Ms. Tucker and I worked together on a QR code project that involved having students write, share, and film book talks about Award Nominees/Winners.  After the students filmed the book talks using iPads, we transferred the files and uploaded them to Google Drive.  Once the movie is in Google Drive, we were able to create a QR code based on the URL. The QR code can be taped to the back of the book or displayed on the book’s shelf. When it is scanned with an iPad or phone, the viewer can watch an engaging video book talk.  You'll find the QR codes and books in the LFP Library

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  • 6th Grade Book Trailers

    Posted by Frank Kleyn at 3/20/2015

    Sixth grade students worked with their teacher and Mr. Kleyn to create book trailers that would entice readers to check out one of their favorite books. Students used iMovie to add images, sounds, music, and special effects.  If you're looking for a great, new book to read, watch these creative book trailers.

    Binky the Space Cat by Leksa

    Children of the Lamp by Eleanor

    City of Bones by Kaylin

    Dead City by Michael

    The Death Cure by Olivia

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever by Rhealyn

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul by Dominick

    Divergent by Dalia

    Divergent by Savannah

    Divergent by Shea

    Eight Keys

    Fault in Our Stars by Sesina

    Grayson by Sophia


    Hunger Games by Brianna

    If Only

    If I Stay by Laura

    The Last Straw by Luke

    Lightning Thief

    Lightning Thief by Chris

    The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe by Noelle

    The Lost Hero

    The Maze Runner by Kayla

    A Million Shades of Gray by Sophia

    Minecraft Handbook

    The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Ben

    N.E.R.D.S by Tyler

    Out of My Mind by Kuwon

    The Outsiders by Sarah

    Panic by Symone

    Pete the Cat by Hudson

    Pinocchio by David

    Ready Player One by Louis

    The Selection by Kayley

    The Scorch Trials by Brynn

    Shadow On The Mountain by Gina

    Sisters by Alexis


    Son by Malia

    Starry River of the Sky by Niklas

    The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Kate

    Twilight by Leilani

    Wonder by Nara

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