• Movement

    I am so pleased to be teaching movement this year at the Shoreline Children’s Center.  All movement classes this year will be taught in the gym.  During class all students will be working on developing their motor skills in creative and fun ways.  Some of the motor skills and concepts we will be working on are:

    • Space Awareness
    • Traveling
    • Body Awareness
    • Pathways and Directions
    • Balance
    • Jumping and Landing
    • Bouncing, Throwing, and Catching
    • Coordination
    • Flexibility

    We will also be working on creative movement inspired by concepts developed by Anne Green Gilbert.  During class all students will be aware of:

    • Space (place, size, level, direction, pathway, focus)
    • Time (speed, rhythm)
    • Force (energy, weight, flow)
    • Body (parts, relationships, shapes, balance)
    • Movement (locomotor, non-locomotor)

    As students learn and grow in movement class they will be developing skills they need to be successful in Kindergarten, to work as a team, and to perform as an individual.  I am looking forward to working with all my students this year and helping them become successful in the future.

    Blyn Redden
    Movement Specialist
    Shoreline Children’s Center