• Scent Garden
The Scent Garden is a delicate garden planted by our preschool
children.  It holds a variety of lavender,herbs and other “smelly” 
flowers. Designed to provide heavenly scents for children and
butterflies alike!  Lavender, budalia, and  other fragrant flora
line the grassy knoll outside our  lunchroom.
“Stop and smell the flowers.”

 Butterfly Garden
The Butterfly Garden features scrubs and plants that attract our
school mascot, the butterfly.  This is a wonderful place for the
children to release their larvae. 
Come savor a lovely fragrance and butterfly magic!

Secret Garden
The Center’s very first garden features a tiny yet gorgeous space
planted with spring flowers and graced with clay sculptures depicting
garden residents.  Our students find it to be a perfect spot for water
coloring and drawing.  
Come paint with us in the Secret Garden! 

Agricultural Garden 
and Orchard

The Children’s Center’s very own orchard and raised garden area
provides a lovely spot to watch plants grow and bloom in the spring
and summer.  Fall offers a harvest time featuring the luscious fruits 
and nuts from our 20 tree orchard  located by the SpaceNet in our
northwest corner. 
Come visit springtime blossoms and fragrance in our very own 

 Story/Sound Circle

Features natural seating in the round for special and magical
storytelling sessions.  Eventually our outdoor Tongue Drum will be
joined by several other sturdy musical instruments designed for
outdoor enjoyment.
Join us for a fairy tale midst the tinkling chimes.

Dinosaur Garden
Sand Box

A delightfully large sand play area on the east end of the building
designed to approximate a prehistoric environment.  The play space
features a full size mural, painted dinosaurs, planters and an array of
sandbox toys and materials.  
Come look for ancient bones!

Sun Dial
Located in our Salish Sea Play area, the sundial is an authentic time piece constructed with natural materials replicating native means of keeping time  by using the sun and its shadow.  
Come visit our Sun Dial and set your watch by natural systems!

Salish Island & Sea
A rambling area of waves, netted fishing boats, and a deserted island creates a magical playground of many dimensions.  Large stationary structures of driftwood create climbing opportunities; scores of beach wood pieces offer interesting building materials.  A working sundial and various play structures complete this dynamic play space.  
Come experience a treasure island but keep your eyes on the lookout for pirates!

 Marilyn’s Fairy Woodland Garden
A delicate area adjacent to the Northwest Garden, presents a variety 
of  lovely northwest native plants and shrubs.  Local fairies find this
garden equally delightful and have settled in among the rocks,
branches and blossoms.  
Come watch for a flash of a gossamer fairy wing

Pacific Northwest/Native Woodland Garden
This garden offers a traditional cedar long house and hand 
carved totem pole, highlighted by incredible student-created
Native artwork, and located on the western edge of our
property, offers an amazing, magical play area any time of the
year. Flowing through the center of the area is a dry riverbed.
Nearby canoes and Native bench create a sense of village life.
Come hear the beat of ancient drums!

Bog Viewing Kiosk
A five-step covered structure located next to the Beach Garden in the 
northeast corner of the Playground provides a perfect spot to view 
nearby waterfowl, wild birds and exotic turtles that frequent Ronald
Bog.  A specialized scope and permanent exhibit help students see
the many Bog residents up close and personal.
Come hunt for our National bird, the bald eagle, in the Bog’s
lofty branches!

Zen Garden/Asian Pavilion
A beautifully designed pagoda structure painted in traditional red and
gold offers a tranquil respite for young children.  Nearby Zen Garden,
life-size checker board, and granite bridge and seats create wonderful
play options for everyone.  
Come enjoy a peaceful moment of relaxation and reflection! 

Adjacent to the Asian Pavilion is a life-size checkerboard for outdoor
enjoyment of this favorite game.  A set of butterfly checkers are
located with office staff.  
Play the much beloved game of checkers on a sunny evening!

Beach Garden
Features a natural sandy beach area complete with wooden row
boat and dock.   A creative driftwood climbing border and native
plantings add to the authentic beach feel of this play area.
Come hear the waves crash!

Space Net
Try out the ever-popular Space-Net, an example of the “new 
generation” of playground climbers.  Safe for all ages and so much
Climb to the top of the Space-Net and see the world! 

Community & School

Last year’s p-patches were things of beauty----golden sunflowers,
bright juicy tomatoes, thriving runner beans, vibrant blueberries and
strawberries and striking artichokes, were just some of the fruits of
our labor.  Student- designed and constructed scarecrows keep our 
curious critters at bay.
Come and participate in the “Grow and Eat Local” movement!

Schoolyard Habitats

Special features (water catchment containers, seed bags, nesting materials, and shelter areas are identified by posts with ceramic butterflies.  These are signals to our boys and girls to protect the flagged creations by leaving them in place and secure. 
Watch us become a National Wildlife Federation - “Certified Wildlife Habitat™ 

Curved Track Rider

Hideout Fort/Loft