• Running Start FAQs

    Running Start

    Q:  Should I try Running Start?

    A:  There is no easy answer to this question. Among things to consider are whether you plan to stay in State to go to college; whether you can handle a faster-pace class; whether you can organize your schedule at SCC around sports or clubs that you want to be involved in at Shorewood. Students interested in attending Running Start full time will likely have different answers to these questions than those who are only looking to fulfill a PE or Art requirement.

    YES, do running start if:

    • You want to go to an in-state public 4-year university after SW (out of state and private schools do not guarantee the acceptance of community college credits, so you’ll need to check with the schools to which you are applying).
    • You want to save money on tuition.
    • You want to take care of PE/Art/Occupational credits that you don’t have room for at Shorewood.
    • You are looking for a faster pace academically.

    NO, don’t do running start if:

    • You are aiming for a 4-year out of state top-tier university or college.
    • You enjoy the high school experience as it is and are active in many clubs or ASB leadership.
    • The pace of high school is just about right for you – Running Start begins a permanent college record, and the courses are accelerated.

    Q:  Will Running Start credits transfer to 4-year colleges/ universities?

    A:  For in-state public college yes.  For private and out of state universities and 4-year colleges, it depends.  It is up to the institution.  Check with a few of the schools you might be interested in attending to see if they will accept Running Start credits.  In some cases, AP courses might be better for attending school out of state.

    Q: Can I still play on a Shorewood sports team?

    A: Yes, as long as your schedule allows you to attend practices and games, you are eligible to play for Shorewood.

    Q: Can I be in ASB leadership as a full-time Running Start student?

    A: Yes, but it can be very challenging balancing your college classes with the many responsibilities of ASB leaders who are involved with assemblies and other on campus activities.

    Q: Can I be on Kolus or the Yearbook as a full-time Running Start student?

    A:  Generally speaking, yes, but the most effective newspaper and yearbook students are on campus.

    Q: How do I apply for Running Start?


    Step 1:

    Consult with your high school counselor and parents or guardians about your readiness.

    Step 2:

    Schedule and take the COMPASS test.  Make an appointment with the Testing center online. You must take the COMPASS test to determine your readiness for English and Math Courses. It is mandatory to take the English part of the test. If you want to take a math class or other classes that require a certain math placement, you also need to take the math portion. You must qualify for English 101 in both Reading and Writing to qualify for Running Start.

    Step 3:

    Meet with your High School Counselor to complete the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form  listing the class(es) you wish to take. We strongly recommend that you include a list of alternate classes as well.  For every quarter you attend Running Start you must complete this form. This form must also be signed by your parent/guardian, even if you are 18 years old.

    * Please note, for students applying for the Fall quarter, we advise you to try to complete this step before the school year ends, as you will not have access to your high school counselors during Summer break. Otherwise, you may have to wait until they become available when the school year resumes in August.

     Step 4: 

    Application and Transcripts.  Complete a Shoreline Community College Application for Admission and request a transcript from the counseling secretary.

    Step 5: 

    Bring a copy of your test results, transcript, and Enrollment Verification Form to the Running Start Office located in Foss 5229.  

    Step 6: 

    Attend a new student Orientation & Registration session.  To schedule a New Student Orientation and Registration session, call our office to schedule at 206-546-6906 or 206-546-4559.  You must attend this session to register for classes.  Bring your signed Running Start Enrollment Verification Form with you to this session.

    Prior to attending this session, please review the Running Start Online Orientation.  At the end, there is a quiz that needs to be completed and printed out.  Please also bring the completed quiz with you at your scheduled orientation or appointment date.

    For more answers, check out the following links:






    Q:  Why are the sophomores taking this test?

    A:  For a couple of reasons. One, it is great practice. Two, the district will receive data that will help to improve student learning and course offerings.

    Q:  Why should Juniors take it a second time?

    A:  The PSAT in Junior year leads to National Merit Scholarships. It is still good practice for the SAT, which should also be taken Junior year.

    Q:  Should we stress about this test?

    A:  No.  All sophomores are prepped for the PSAT in their English classes. There is no need to worry about the results; you can look at the outcome as an indicator of what areas you might want to practice a little more.



    Q:  What is it?

    A:  The FAFSA is a way for colleges to figure out how much your family should be expected to contribute to your college tuition. Even if you do not expect to need financial help from the school, you need to fill one out.

    Q:  How do we figure out how to fill it out?

    A:  Shorewood has a couple of financial aid evenings that will help you with the process. In addition, there are workshops in the area to help you out.

    Q:  When do we fill it out?

    A:  During senior year, as soon after January 1 as possible (this is the earliest it can be completed for the fall of the following year).


    Shorewood Class Schedules

    Q:  I do not like my schedule. How do I change it?

    A:  Schedules can only be changed if there is an error in placement for an academic course (e.g., you were place in Algebra II when you should be in geometry), or if you would like to change your electives and there is room in an alternate choice.  No schedule changes will be made for teacher preference, to get in classes with friends, or if it is a class for which you signed up but no longer want.

    Q:  I got bumped out of a class I had first semester. How do I get back in?

    A:  You likely can’t because the course is probably full.  Scheduling is complicated, and you were moved to either accommodate you getting the electives you requested or other students getting the classes that they need.  Your teachers and counselor do not have the authority to overload classes, thus you will not be able to change your schedule assuming you have all the classes that you need.

    Q:  I signed up for a class that I did not get. What happened?

    A:  It is possible that the class is not running or you have a conflict with another class that you need (Leaderships, Performance/Dance, Kolus, etc.)  Classes need at least 17 students to run. If there are not enough students interested in taking that class, it will be taken off the schedule for the semester/year. It is possible that it will be offered the following year.