• Homework Club

    Homework Club is a mandatory Tutorial for students whom are currently failing one or more classes.  At this tutorial, a certificated Shorewood teacher works with students to complete homework and prepare for examinations.  Our experience is that when students attend Tutorial they come to understand the importance of academic achievement.  Our Tutorial/Homework Club program has historically led to dramatic grade improvements, and we are continuing to improve it to help our students.  Success for every student is our mission at Shorewood High School, and we are dedicated to seeing this mission fulfilled.

    Homework Club/Tutorial meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:40 – 3:40 pm. Students are assigned to a specific Homework Club/Tutorial classroom based on their  academic need.

    Attendance is taken in Homework Club/Tutorial just like every other class.  Students who need to miss Homework Club/Tutorial for any reason must have their absence excused.  Failure to attend mandatory Homework Club/Tutorial may result in disciplinary action.

    Students are required to attend Homework Club/Tutorial until earning a grade of at least 70% or C- as reported on Canvas. 

    In order to be removed from Homework Club/Tutorial students or their parents must contact Assistant Principal, Nancy Elder with proof of current grades and request to be removed from Homework Club/Tutorial.

    Students and families can download detailed grade information (test, project and homework scores as well as missing assignments) by checking the students Canvas account.


    Tutorials/Homework Club 2016-17

    Tuesday/Thursday Sessions 2:40-3:40




    TUTALG-19 Algebra I-

    Students from Algebra I

    Mr. Eklund


    TUTGEO-19 Geometry

    Students from Geometry classes

    Ms. Corrie Crowder on Tuesdays

    Mr. Rajotte on Thursdays


    TUTAL2-19Algebra II

    Students from Algebra II

    Mr. Lee


    TUTPCAL-19 Pre Calc

    Mr. Fisher


    TUTIPS-19 Integrated Physical Science

    Students from IPS and Honors IPS

    Ms. Campbell

    Ms. Bakowski-

    Ms. Hannah Crowder


    TUTBIO-19 Biology

    Students from Biology and Honors Biology


    TUTHU9-19 Humanities 9

    Students from English 9 and World History 1 classes

    Ms. Ryan


    TUTH10-19 Humanities 10

    Students from English 10 and World History II/III classes

    Ms. Lewis


    TUTGEN-19 General Homework Club and Spanish

    Students from other subjects or multiple subjects

    Ms. Stoker

    Ms. Wendy Jordan

    Mr. Nick Maxwell