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    On Line Grades-  Due Dates for Staff and Familes

    Student Log-in to View Grades

    Parent Observer Accounts to View Grades


    On Line Grades-  Due Dates for Staff and Families

    On line grades are due to be uploaded from teachers’ grade books to Canvas approximately every two weeks starting in the 3rd week of school. Many teachers upload more frequently. Having frequent grades posted is the best way to hold students accountable for teacher and parent expectations.  We hope that parents will frequently go over grades and assignments to help students succeed.  Due dates for grades will vary to accommodate staff meetings, non-student days and other scheduled events.  Please contact teachers directly if your student’s grades are out of date or if information is not clear. Parents may also contact administration with questions as needed.


    2017-18 School Year

    September 21st

    3:30PM Canvas

    October 5th

    3:30PM Canvas

    October 19th

    3:30PM Canvas

    November 2nd

    3:30PM Canvas

    November 16th

    12:00PM Grades Posted to SIS, Report Card Mailed

    November 30th

    3:30PM Canvas

    December 14th

    3:30PM Canvas

    January 11th

    3:30PM Canvas

    January 25th

    3:30PM Canvas

    February 1st

    12:00PM Grades Posted to SIS, Report Card Mailed

    February 15th

    3:30PM Canvas

    March 1st

    3:30PM Canvas

    March 15th

    3:30PM Canvas

    March 29th

    3:30PM Canvas

    April 12th

    12:00PM Grades Posted to SIS, Report Card Mailed

    April 26th

    3:30PM Canvas

    May 10th

    3:30PM Canvas

    May 24th

    3:30PM Canvas

    June 71st

    3:30PM Canvas

    June 22nd

    12:00PM Final Grades posted to SIS, Report Card Mailed


    Student Access to View Grades and Courses

    Login: https://shorelineschools.instructure.com.

    Students, if you have problems accessing Google or Canvas, please visit the Shorewood tech office.


    Parent Access to View Grades and Courses

    Shoreline School District has implemented a learning management system called Canvas for managing student assignments and grades in grades 7-12. Middle and high school teachers  assign and collect school work, assess and record grades for students in grade 7-12 using the Canvas system.   We invite parents to follow their students’ progress through either the Canvas Parent mobile app for Apple iOS or Android or by creating a Parent Observer account to follow your student on the Canvas web site.  [NOTE: You can use both the app and the web site, but you will need to register for each method separately as explained below. Likewise, you can follow more than one student, but must repeat the procedure(s) below for each student]


    Setting up Canvas Parent Mobile App

    Canvas Parent is available for both iOS and Android mobile operating systems.
    Canvas has created step-by-step guides for installing, registering and linking Canvas Parent to your student(s).  Select the link below that applies to your type of mobile device.  In order to link to your student(s) Canvas accounts, you will need their Canvas usernames and passwords.  Student Canvas usernames are the first part of the Google email addresses we have used for several years (ex. js0123456) and can be found in Family Access in Student Info in the school email field.  Your student(s) will provide you with their Canvas passwords and usernames.

    Canvas screenshot 1  

    Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch): https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-7886

    Android Phone or Tablet: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-7885

     Get the free Canvas Parent app at the iTunes Store or the Android Play Store


    Setting up Parent Observer Accounts in Web Browser

    Go to the website at https://shorelineschools.instructure.com. Click the option in the upper right hand corner that invites you to create a parent account:

    Next you will need to fill in four fields to create your account, including your student’s Canvas username (first & last initial followed by Student ID number – ex. pg0998877) and their Canvas password which your student must provide to you. Then click the “Start Participating” button.

    You will then get an email with instructions on how to complete the registration process.

    More info on how to use your Parent Observer account is available at:


     Canvas Screen Shot 2  

    Parents, if you are having trouble creating a parent observer account please email Jim Golubich at the district IT Department.