• Welcome to enrollment and class registration at Shorewood High School.  Below you will find current program information, registration information, and graduation requirements. 

     Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive information on enrollment, registration, and course selection to ensure a successful experience.

    Students New or Returning to the Shoreline School District

    Step 1: Enrollment

    Students who do not live within Shorewood's residential boundaries must go through the boundary exception process.  See Boundary Exceptions below.  

    Online enrollment is now available! If you need help with your enrollment, you may contact the Shorewood counseling office for help at
    Please use the links below to enroll your student at Shorewood:

    New Families https://www2.nwrdc.wa-k12.net/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wshorels71/skyenroll

    Existing Families  https://www2.nwrdc.wa-k12.net/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wshorels71/sfemnu01.w

    New students are encouraged to enroll immediately upon moving into the district. To find out the name and location of the school in your boundary area, please log into E-Link(https://www.shorelineschools.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=1252) or call the Public Information Office at 206.393.4412.
    The following material will be required to complete the enrollment process:
    1. Proof of Residency
    2. Immunization Records (more information here)
    3. Transcript
    Information about the new school year will be communicated in late August. Keep an eye on the Shorewood website as well.
    After completing step 1, you can make your class selections below in step 2. See instructions below under Class Registration Directions for students NEW to the Shoreline School District
    Private School Students Interested in Attending Shorewood.
    Shoreline residents currently attending a private school: Many students who attend private K-8 schools choose to attend Shorewood High School for grades 9-12.  Our diverse program and stellar academics make Shorewood an excellent choice for post-high school preparation for college, the workforce, and vocational fields.  If you are currently attending a private school and interested in attending Shorewood, please follow the enrollment process above.
    Students who do not live within Shorewood's residential boundaries must go through the boundary exception process.  See Boundary Exceptions below.  
    If you have any question related to your interest in attending Shorewood please contact sw.registration@shorelineschools.org
    Boundary Exceptions:
    Shoreline residents living OUTSIDE the Shorewood attendance area:  Shorewood students generally live west of I-5 between 145th and 205th streets.  Students living outside of this attendance area generally attend Shorecrest High School on the east side of the Shoreline School District.  Sometimes, exceptional circumstances make Shorewood a better placement for these students.  If you live in the Shorecrest attendance area but would like to attend Shorewood, you must request an Intra-District boundary exception through the counseling office at Shorecrest High School. 

    Non-Shoreline residents wishing to attend Shorewood:  Ranked as one of the best high schools in the country, Shorewood’s great programs often attract students from surrounding districts.  If you live outside the city of Shoreline but would like to attend our great school, you must contact your resident school district to begin the process. This process is now completed electronically and designated staff in your resident school district complete the forms electronically or by visiting the OSPI website for Choice Transfers, https://eds.ospi.k12.wa.us/ChoiceTransferRequest/Even if your student has been attending Shoreline schools on a boundary exception for multiple years, your resident school district must release your student each year.  Failure to annually complete this process can result in your boundary exception being revoked


    Step 2: Class Registration Directions for students NEW or returning to the Shoreline School District

     Students new to the Shoreline School District will need to complete the enrollment process first followed by the course registration process using the forms below.

    2021-22 Course Guide


    Registration Directions for Students

    12th Grade Registration Form

    11th Grade Registration Form

    10th Grade Registration Form

    9th Grade Registration Form


    Class Registration

    After you complete your class registration paperwork, email your signed Grade Registration Form to sw.registration@shorelineschools.org. Your form will be reviewed by the academic counselor assigned to your student. They will complete the following:

    1. A review of the student's school records

    2. Review the selected courses for the student's schedule

    3. Counselors will be in contact in late August only if there are any questions or concerns about your schedule/course selections

    If you need help with your class registration, you may contact the Shorewood counseling office for help, sw.registration@shorelineschools.org, someone will be in contact with you when staff return to the building in August.


    Current Shorewood Students

    Parent Night Webinar for Incoming 9th Grade Students

    March 8th, 6:30 pm

    Did you miss the webinar?

    Don't worry, click here to view the recording of the webinar. 

    Click here for the presentation.


    Information for incoming 9th Grade Students who are CURRENT Shoreline Students.

    Current Einstien students

    Registration Begins March 9th through your Pride Class

    Your Pride teacher will be showing you the registration videos and helping you find the materials to complete the process.

    Registration is entirely online for you through Canvas and Family Access.

    The materials for registration you need are linked in the next section for current Shoreline students.

    Registration tasks are due by March 17th by the end of the day!

    Current Cascade K-8, Kellogg, and HEE students

    Registration Begins March 9th 

     You will be using the paper process to complete your registration may not have access to the Canvas course at this time

    The materials you need are linked below.

    2021-22 Course Guide

    Directions for Registration

    9th Grade Registration Form

    Deadline Extended!

    Registration tasks are due by March 19th by the end of the day! 

    Below is the link to the student orientation video.

    Orientation Video

    Below is the link to the registration directions video for Incoming 9th Grade Students

    Incoming 9th Directions Video



    Registration for CURRENT Shorewood students will be entirely online through Canvas and Family Access.

    The Registration FAQ page and the resources below can answer many of your questions.

    2021-22 Course Guide

    Pre-Registration and Canvas Survey Directions-Step 1 

    Family Access Registration Directions-Step 2

    You must complete both the Canvas and Family Access tasks for your registration to be considered complete!

    Below is the link to the registration directions video for current Shorewood students.

    Registration video