•  Students New or Returning to the Shoreline School District

    Step 1: Enrollment

    Click HERE to learn how to complete the enrollment process prior to registering.
    Students who do not live within Shorewood's residential boundaries must go through the boundary exception process.


    Step 2: Class Registration

    (For new or transfer students, after completing enrollment paperwork, please fill out and submit class registrations using the links at the bottom of this page.)

    Directions for students NEW or returning to the Shoreline School District

    Welcome to enrollment and class registration at Shorewood High School.  Below you will find both upcoming and current school year program information, registration information, and graduation requirements. 

     Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive information on enrollment, registration, and course selection to ensure a successful experience.

    Registration for the 2023-24 School Year for CURRENT students begins Monday, March 6th through SAS classes.

    CURRENT Shorewood students will register for courses online through Canvas and Family Access.

    The Registration FAQ page and the resources below can answer many of your questions.

    2023-24 Course Guide

    You must complete both the Canvas and Family Access tasks for your registration to be considered complete.

    Registration tasks must be completed by March 17th.

    Below are the links to the registration directions and video for current Shorewood students.

    Registration Video

    Screenshot of video 

    Registration Directions

    Information for incoming 9th Grade Students who are CURRENT Shoreline Students.

    Current Einstein students

    Registration Begins March 13th

    Your Einstein teachers and Shorewood Counselors will be showing you the registration videos and helping you find the materials to complete the process.

    Registration is entirely online for you through Canvas and Family Access.

    The materials and directions for registration can be found on your Class of 2027 Canvas page.

    Registration tasks are due by March 17th by the end of the day!

    Current Cascade K-8, Kellogg, and HEE students

    Registration Begins March 13th 

     You will be using the paper process to complete your registration and may not have access to the Canvas course at this time

    The materials you need are linked below.

    2023-24 Course Guide

    Directions for Registration

    9th Grade Registration One Pager

    9th Grade Registration Slide Show from March 8th

    Information for incoming students who are NOT current Shoreline Students.

    Enrollment and registration will be open for you on March 10, 2023.

    You must first complete the enrollment process outlined below before you can register for classes for the upcoming school year.

    You will be completing a paper course registration process using the forms linked below.