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    Kellogg Middle School (16045 25th Ave. NE, Shoreline, WA 98155) is located in the southeast portion of the Shoreline Public Schools. Kellogg has an enrollment of approximately 625 seventh and eighth grade students. In ninth grade, students attend Shorecrest High School.

    Students, staff, parents and community leaders work cooperatively to provide a safe, positive and exciting learning environment. Student participation in student government, peer mediation and anti-harassment programs promote a positive school climate.

    Kellogg’s Hang Time after school program offers students the opportunity to finish homework, socialize and participate in diverse activities (such as GSA Club, Math Club, Sewing Club etc.), all in a safe school environment.

    Main Office: 206.393.4783
    Fax: 206.393.4780
    Attendance: 206.393.4781

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    Kellogg Vision
    Through a commitment to high expectations for academic success, a positive school climate, and a shared vision, we will teach and encourage each student to become a self-reliant and a contributing member of the Kellogg community.

    Kellogg Knight’s VALOR is the new Kellogg Crest, bringing alive the essential components of a successful student.

    Kellogg Knights Demonstrate VALOR through:

    Vision:  I see a bright future for myself
    Achievement:   I strive for excellence
    Leadership: I will be my best for the sake of others.
    Originality:  I think for myself and recognize that everyone is  unique.
    Respect:  I value my peers, my school, my community, and myself.



    Be Welcoming
    -Say hello.
    -Invite new students to join you.
    -Introduce yourself to others including
    guest teachers.
    -Learn and use the names of your
    Be Polite
    -Hold the door open for others.
    -Remember to say please, thank you, and
    excuse me.
    -Make sure the language you are using
    fits the setting you are in.
    -Give your attention.
    Be Considerate
    -Leave the space better than you found it.
    -Treat others with kindness.
    -Consider how your actions will affect
    -Garbage, recycling, and compost go in
    the appropriate bins in the cafeteria.
    Follow Directions
    -Be aware in the hallways.
    -Listen in the classrooms.
    -The bus driver is in charge on the bus.
    -Whoever has the microphone gets my
    full attention during assemblies and in the cafeteria.

    For more information about Kellogg Middle School download our Student Handbook 15-16


    Student Support – Homework Lunch

    What is our goal at Homework Lunch?

    100% Homework turned in!

    Who qualifies?

     All students can access Homework Lunch. Students who have not turned their homework in on time are given this opportunity to be successful and students who would like to do their homework in a quiet place may also use room 801.

    How does Homework Lunch Work?


    Homework Lunch Pass

    1. Teacher notifies student that he/she has been referred to Homework Lunch in Room 801 during their lunch period.
    2. Student or teacher fills out Homework Lunch form with First and LAST student names and the assignment. Place referrals in a large envelope and place outside your door by 11:15. A runner will pick it up from there.
    3. Three minutes before the lunch period, an all call for Homework Lunch students to be released to get their lunches and report to room  801.
    4. If the student finishes their homework, it will be collected and placed in the teacher’s box. Students will then return to the cafeteria.
    5. If the student does not complete the assignment, they are expected to return the following day to Room 801 with the homework or stay to complete the assignment.
    6. Students should turn referred assignments into HW lunch once completed. NOT their teacher – so the referral slip may be cleared.
    7. 7.    Students attending HW Lunch are monitored to see if additional interventions are needed.  This list will be reviewed every two weeks.  Parents are notified if students are “no shows” to HW lunch through an automated phone call.
    8. Reminder slips will be sent from the office in the morning to “No Show” students.
    9. Goal setting for repeat attendees.
    10. 10. Peer tutors are assigned to 7th grade Homework Lunch as additional support for repeat students.

    CONTACT:  Tess Bammert  if you have any questions about the “Homework Lunch” program at Kellogg.  Thanks!


     Knights of the Round Table

    The Knights of the Round Table is a monthly student recognition award for which teachers nominate students for a variety of reasons, often based on our VALOR acronym:  Vision, Achievement, Leadership, Originality, and Respect.  Nominations may be made for students who have been improving in a class either academically or in behavior, not only for high academic achievement.  Each month a ceremony is held in the Kellogg Library for these students and their families.  It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the positive attributes of our students with refreshments provided by out PTSA at each ceremony. Ms. Maira Rusis is our Knights Coordinator.

     Kellogg Library Link

    Kellogg Music Program

    KMS Band FAQ

    2015-16 KMS Music Calendar

    The best location for current information is on the Music teachers websites/or email them.

    Alec Wilmart – Music, Jazz & Band, Wind Ensemble – Website

    Mark Adamo – Music, Orchestra – Website

    Leann Rozema – Choir – Email

    Music Programs Offered at Kellogg:

    Music offered at Kellogg

    Music at Kellogg continued