• Online ordering and curbside pick up of school library books.

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 3/4/2021 9:00:00 AM

    LFP families can order library books online that can be picked up at the front of the school.  

    Click the words in the image below to start. 


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  • Cian Checked Out a Great Series!

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 3/4/2021 8:00:00 AM


    Cian found a great series to read and he has seven more books in the series waiting for him to check out and read! 
    Reading series books is a wonderful way to find books you know that you're going to love.  Click the link in the post above to check out some new books! 

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  • "I am every good thing" poems

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 2/9/2021


    Lake Forest Park students enjoyed a reading of Derrick Barnes' book, "I Am Every Good Thing," and responded by writing their own "I am every good thing" poem.  

    Students refelcted on the good things in their own life and typed in the spaces on the template.  

    Click the links below to read their poems: 

    2nd grade

    3rd grade

    4th grade

    5th grade


    If you'd like to write your own, follow the template below:



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  • Rainbow Library of Washington Donated 10 New Books To Our Library

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 2/6/2021


    The Rainbow Library of Washington Organization (http://rainbowlibrary.org/) donated ten new library books to be added to our growing collection of LGBTQ+ inclusive library.  They would like students to write reviews of the books.  If your child reads one of the titles and would like to write a review, please email me. The books are: Queer Heroes, Stonewall, Better Nate Than Ever, The Pants Project, George, Hurricane Child, When We Love Someone We Sing To Them, Hazel’s Theory of Evolution, The Family Fletcher Takes Rock Island, Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World.

    Thank you, Rainbow Library!

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  • Lucy Loves Classic Award Challenges. Congrats, Lucy!

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 1/5/2021 1:00:00 AM


    Lucy earned two library award certificates for completing LFP Classic Award Book Challenges.  Congrats, Lucy!  View the challenges here.

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