• Brookside Safety Patrol updated September 6, 2016

     pic of BKS patrol sheild


    If temperature is below 40 degrees, all patrols must wear clothing that covers all bare skin. Outdoor coats not sweatshirts!

    This rule is a “big deal” on patrol … we are very serious about dressing appropriately for cold weather.
    Patrols may be written up if clothing is not appropriate.

    Report for duty (North Entrance) no earlier than 8:45 AM. Wear clothing appropriate for each day’s weather!
    Patrols report for duty on late start days 20 minutes before actual start time.

    If you have any questions or to report an absence, please call 206.393.4145

    Squad A

    September 7 am to September 16 am

    September 30 pm to October 14 am

    October 28 pm to November 10 am

    November 23 pm to December 2 am

    December 16 pm to January 13 am

    January 27 pm to February 10 am

    March 3 pm to March 17 am

    March 31 pm to April 14 am

    May 5 pm to May 19 am

    June 2 pm to June 16 pm

    Squads are on duty for two weeks. Duty rotations begin on Friday afternoons and end on Friday mornings. (except for winter break … see schedule below)

    Squad B

    September 16 pm to September 30 am

    October 14 pm to October 28 am

    November 10 pm to November 23 am

    December 2 pm to December 16 am

    January 13 pm to January 27 am

    February 10 pm to March 3 am

    March 17 pm to March 31 am

    April 14 pm to May 5 am

    May 19 pm to June 2 am

    pic of patrols in front of Brookside sign