• Welcome to the

    Kellogg Counseling Center


    We are excited you are here and look forward to supporting you during middle school.
    Counselors help with registration and class schedules. We also help students with problems involving peers, teachers, academics, families, deep emotions, or any other issue that disrupts their ability to focus, learn, and be happy. We maintain confidentiality with our students unless what they share reveals harm or threat of harm to themselves or  others.


    Is the stress of the pandemic getting you down? making you anxious? disrupting your sleep?

    Check out the Shoreline Virtual Calming Room for ideas, activities, puzzles, and mindful practices.

    Credit: destressmonday.org 

    Need a resource to help you with a problem?
    The Community Resources page for the school district may have just what you need.


    Meet your Counseling Team


    Marie Hurtado

    Students with a last name that starts with

    A - Ga and Dual Language (DL) & Multilingual Learners (MLL)


    Marie pic


    Chelsey Hays

    Students with a last name that starts with

    Ge - O


    Chelsey picture




    Vollie Berry

    Students with a last name that starts with

    Pa - Z and Stride &  AVID Students


    Vollie Berry



    Coquille Johnson

    Drug/Alcohol Counselor


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