Mr. Casey Campbell

    Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

    Paige Keele  

    Athletic Secretary – 206-393-4781


    2020-2021 Athletic Season 


    We are excited that you are interested in being a Kellogg athlete! As a very quick overview, here are the sports we offer and the general times they occur throughout the year:
    Cross Country (co-ed) - September
    *Softball (girls) - September
    Football (co-ed) - 8th grade only - September
    *Boys Basketball - November
    *Volleyball (girls) - November
    *Girls Basketball - January
    Wrestling (co-ed) - February
    Track (co-ed) - April
    *Sports marked with an asterisk are TRY-OUT sports. All other sports are welcome to all interested participants and do not require a try-out. 
    We are moving to an online registration system for athletics for the 2020-21 school year. Though we are still waiting to learn about our athletics programming options in respect to Covid 19, we are encouraging families to begin registering their students in the system if they are interested in participating in sports at any point throughout the year. It’s especially helpful to make sure your sports physical is current (current means no more than two years old) and uploaded into the system. 
    At this time, we are asking only 7th and 8th grade students to register. It is possible there will be some form of athletics programming available for 6th grade students, but we are still in the planning phase for this. Stay tuned! 
    Here is where you can access the website and begin registering students: SIGN-UP
    Here are the step by step instructions for registering students: Click here
    Lastly, here is a letter to parents from our District Athletic Director with some additional information: Click here
    If you have any questions about athletics or about how to register your student(s), please contact one of us at Kellogg:
    Casey Campbell / Athletic Director / casey.campbell@shorelineschools.org
    Paige Keele / Athletics Secretary / paige.keele@shorelineschools.org (Paige will return in late August. For questions prior to then, please contact Casey. 
    Thank you! We look forward to seeing you on the track, field, or court this year!
    ~ Casey Campbell


    *ASB fee of $25.00 must be paid before the first practice/tryout – Sport’s fee must be paid prior to first game.  Payments can be made at the business office at Kellogg or online.

    • Scholarships are available for students needing financial assistance. Please contact a school counselor.
    • No refunds will be approved for students who are dropped for athletic code violations or who quit after the first interscholastic contest.

    Sports Physical

    Sports Physical’s are usually good for 2 years – make sure it is completed and signed by your physician at the time of your athletes visit to the doctor.  *Prior KMS athletes who have a current physical on file, please check with the Athletic secretary to make sure it is still up to date!


    Shoreline School District – Athletics Webpage



    General Expectations
    The following expectations apply to all student-athletes throughout each season and will be carefully considered by coaches when making decisions.


    Academics: All athletes must pass all classes the previous semester to be eligible to turn out. During the season athletes must be passing all classes to remain eligible for competition.
    Attendance: Attendance at practices and games is instrumental in the development of teamwork, skills and knowledge of the sport. Athletes must attend a minimum of 50% of the school day to practice or compete.
    Skill/Physical Fitness: Athletes should demonstrate teamwork, sport specific skills and on-going effort towards maintaining high levels of physical fitness.
    Citizenship: Athletes will demonstrate positive interpersonal, social skills and sportsmanship. Athletes are expected to follow all school, classroom and team rules, respect other students and staff.
    Sportsmanship: Athletes should demonstrate a positive attitude, be encouraging, respect their own team as well as the opposing team, referees and game officials.



    Athletics Contacts 


    Casey Campbell Asst.Principal/Athletics Director email
     Paige Keele Athletics Secretary email
    Mike McMurray Basketball (8th Boys) email
    Frank Marier Basketball (7th Boys) email
    Sean Hudson Basketball (7th Girls) email
    Stephaine Gould Basketball (8th Girls) email
    TBD Cross Country  
     Jacob Dove Cross Country email
    Brian Hamshaw Football (8th) email
     AnneMarie Culver Softball email
    Jonny Hoehna Track & Field (8th Boys) email
    Nancy Warfield Track & Field (8th Girls)  email
     Megan Wiedeman Track & Field (7th Boys)  email
    Stephaine Gould Track & Field (7th Girls)  email
     Bryan Officer Wrestling email
    Clark Norton Wrestling email
     Fred Chiu Volleyball (8th Girls) email
     Robyn Williams Volleyball (7th Girls) email
    Anne Marie Culver Volleyball (Overload Coach) email


    School Athletic Event Attendance – Kellogg students are invited to attend after school athletic events and cheer on their classmates. All students must sign in through Hang Time to attend events or have a parent/guardian with them.