• Attendance

    206-393-4781 (Attendance Line)

    Please email Kellogg’s Attendance Secretary Paige.keele@ssd412.org with questions regarding absences, early dismissals, or anything else Attendance!

    This is a handy form you can download and send with your child if they need an early release or if they have been out sick and need to be excused.  Just fill it out and turn it into the Attendance Office.

    Excused/Early Dismissal Absence Form

    Zero Period

    If your student has a Zero “0”  period this semester, they will have it Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7:35-8:33 am.  No Zero Period on Wednesdays unless it is a four-day school week then Zero Period is every day.  

    Attendance and Tardies:

    Attendance is key to a student’s success.  Students must show responsibility by attending school regularly and coming to class on time.  After an absence students must pick up an admit slip in the attendance office and follow up with each teacher about missed work.

    If you arrive between 8:40-8:50, go directly to class – you will be marked tardy.  If you arrive more than ten minutes late you are considered absent:

    • Come by the main office
    • Sign in on the late arrival clipboard
    • Get a late pass
    • Proceed to your first class of the day and give a pass to your teacher

    When you are absent, it is your responsibility as a student to…

    1. Know that you have as many days as you were absent to make up for missing work. E.g., If you miss 5 days of school, then you have 5 days to make up your work. 
    2. Before returning to school, check Canvas for each class and make a list of assignments you need to complete. Remember to include reading assignments and videos you must watch. 
    3. Contact a reliable classmate for information on assignments.
    4. Talk to your teacher in each class to discuss your list of work to make up. This will help ensure that you have not missed anything. It also allows you the opportunity to ask questions or see if teachers are willing to excuse any of the assignments following longer absences.
    5. Email teachers with questions or see them during Roundtable to get help with missing work or to complete missing labs or tests.
    6. Turn in the missing work when it is completed.
    7. Remember to complete current assignments first and then work on missing assignments.

     Missing Assignments:

    Students have as many days as they were absent to make up missing work. However, all missing work, including work missing due to absences, will be entered as a “mi” missing assignment in the grade book until the student has completed the assignment and the teacher has had subsequent time to grade it. Grades are updated every two weeks on Canvas.


    Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday, and Fridays are Roundtable days at Kellogg. These are the days that are set aside each week for students to see teachers for missing work, assistance with assignments, and to make up tests or labs.

    At Kellogg Middle School, regular attendance is considered essential to the learning process. The staff strongly recommends that vacations or other non-illnesses or non-emergency absences be avoided. When this is not possible, such absences should be pre-arranged with the school. To do this, write a note explaining the nature, dates, and necessity of the absence. If an extended absence is unavoidable, pre-arrange at least 10 days before student departure. The student must present this note to the attendance office.

    Most classroom learning cannot be replicated for a student who has been absent. While teachers will provide as much make-up as is reasonable for excused absences, with a student's request upon their return, absences may cause a student to earn a lower grade. When absences become excessive (7 or more per trimester), the risk of a student’s grade being affected becomes greater. The requirement of a doctor’s note may be needed.

    Students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled classes and assemblies. Students must remain on school grounds and in assigned supervised areas for the duration of the school day unless officially excused by the attendance office. Good school attendance improves academic achievement, classroom, and school climate. Under the laws of the State of Washington and policies of the Shoreline School District School Board, all student absences and tardies are illegal except for the following:

    •    Illness of the student

    •    Death in the immediate family

    •    Quarantine

    •    Exceptionally urgent reasons

    •    Religious Observances

    •    Request by a parent for a student absence, providing such absence does not adversely affect the student’s
    educational progress.

    It is the responsibility of every teacher to keep an accurate daily record of pupil attendance in each class.

    It is the responsibility of parents to inform the school when their child stays home due to illness. Please call the school office by 9 AM if your child is home sick for the day. When calling the office, the Health Department requires that you report the type of illness your child has, using the following categories & codes:

    •    HA   Asthma – Wheezing, Short of Breath

    •    HD   Dental Condition/Appointment

    •    HF   Cold or Flu – Fever, Body Aches, Sore Throat

    •    HH   Headache

    •    HI    Injury/Accident

    •    HM   Medical Appointment

    •    HO   Other Health Condition

    •    HR   Rash – Red Spots

    •    HS  Chills Stomach Symptom – Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea


    When returning to school please check in with the Attendance Secretary to make sure your absence is marked excused. You have FIVE SCHOOL DAYS, from the date of absence, to bring a note from your parent or have your parent call to excuse an absence or the absence will remain unexcused. A developing pattern of absences will result in a referral to an administrator and truancy officer.

    Students are expected to take the measures necessary to ensure on-time arrival at school each morning and to demonstrate the ability to get to each class on time. Consequences for tardies to class and late arrival to school will be administered on a progressive basis using the trimester system. We start over each trimester.

    Students who arrive up to ten minutes late to school go directly to their first class of the day where they will be marked tardy. After the first ten minutes of school, students are to report to the attendance office and receive a pass to class indicating if the tardy is excused or the late arrival is an unexcused absence.

    •    Medical, Dental Appointment

    •    Illness

    •    Family emergency, or other urgent business as excused by a parent.

    •    Late bus, or other emergency situation announced by the office.

    •    This excuse must be verified by a written note or phone call from a parent, guardian, staff member, or pass from the attendance office.

    If it is necessary for a student to leave school before the end of the day, s/he is required to bring a written request to the attendance office before the first period. The student will be granted a green Early Dismissal slip, which needs to be shown to the teacher at the beginning of the class from which the student will be leaving. S/he will then be allowed to leave class at the proper time. Students must be met and signed out in the main office by parent/guardian.

    The goal of the Becca Bill (the common name for the truancy law) is to reduce the number of unexcused absences by students. The law requires a number of actions by schools. There are also implications for the student and the parent. Kellogg’s automated system calls home daily on unexcused absences. We send a letter home after the 2nd and 5th unexcused absence in a month. A parent/student conference will also be set up; parents should contact the school for an appointment. At the 5th unexcused absence in a month, the school district may file a petition with the King County Superior Court or enter into a truancy agreement with the family. Court action is required when a student has 7 unexcused absences in a month or 10 unexcused absences in a year. The truancy law requires that school districts file a petition with the Superior Court against the student, parent, or both. After a petition is filed, several court actions may happen with a student’s case.

    If you are going to withdraw from Kellogg, it is very important that you bring a note from your parent to the registration secretary Candace Sunick before school, on or before your last full day at Kellogg. All library books and textbooks must be returned before withdrawing Erin O'Connor. Fees and fines must be cleared with Nancy Warfield before we can send complete records to your new school.