We have a new method of doing our paperwork for the District. This is in place of the “old” athletic packets and forms. It is completely online!! So no more tracking down random forms, kids losing  physicals copies, or “accidentally turning it in to a teacher with their homework.  By clicking the link below, you will be prompted to start the process. It takes about 10-15 minutes - and I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to fill the forms out with your sons.  There are requirements for both Parent/Guardian and Students to sign the forms. These forms are not needed for Mid-Winter trainings, but must be completed for the season (ideally ASAP).


    Parents start here: Directions for Final Forms

    Final Forms Website


    MID-WINTER (Optional) Practices

    With the short season upon us, we want to take every opportunity to best prepare our players to be successful. Thus, we will be holding “Optional” Team workouts over the break.  The players have received their calendar already, and have been given the requirements for practices (under social distance protocols) in our Zoom meetings. While we would LOVE to have all players attending, these are “Optional” practices and not required. (Week of Feb. 15-19)





    Field Drills

    5:30 – 7:00pm


    *Optional 10:00am

    7 v 7 Passing


    Field Drills

    5:30 – 7:00pm


    Field Drills

    5:30 – 7:00pm


    *Optional 10:00am

                        7 v 7  Passing





    *Schedule TBD

    Must have all paperwork submitted to Final Forms




    We are attempting to get the players their gear prior to the start of Practices on Feb. 22nd.  We will be issuing a schedule for “Gear Pick-Up” on Friday, Feb.19th.  This schedule should be available soon, as we wait to hear what hours we will be allowed to access the building that day.  If a player is unable to get their gear on this date, then we will need to set a time for them to get gear prior to practice on Monday 2/22.  *All forms must be completed and current physical on file in order to receive their gear! Check the announcement tab for checkout times!



    Our 1st “Official” Practice will begin on Monday, 2/22.  We will start practice at 4:30pm that afternoon. With players needing to finish classes, and then get to school for practice, we have opted to have this later start time. I will be going over the locker room protocol in an upcoming Zoom meeting with players. (No more than 10 players are allowed in the locker room at a time 5 minute shifts, and will only be allowed to store football gear.) 

    While the Varsity Game Schedule has been tentatively set, the Sub-Varsity games are still a work in progress. As soon as everything is finalized, we will publish the information. (These can be found on wescoathletics.com)  I will also be posting a full practice schedule on the SC FB Website in the near future, and send it out to players to their Hudl email. ** No buses will be used for transportation to games - students will need to be taken to away games and picked-up after competitions (all should be within the Shoreline/Edmonds/Mukilteo area). More info to come.



    * Fundraising - We will be doing ONE fundraiser this year through Hibernate. This was successful last year, and very simple for kids. While we have done the “Sponsor a Player” type fundraisers before - we feel that asking for money donations during this pandemic is not fair to players, friends, or families. The Hibernate Fundraiser is a means of selling bed linens/pillow cases. Each player simply needs to have an email list for this - and the rest is pretty simple. I will have more information as we get ready to do our kick-off for it in coming weeks. 



    I know it is difficult - as we have ALL been waiting to get back to sports. However, SPECTATORS are not allowed at the current time. This means for ALL team activities. Games and Practices. We all need to do our part to keep our players healthy and safe, and ensure we continue having the opportunity to play.  As things progress through the season, these restrictions may change slightly, but for now - I ask that you do your part to make this season happen for the players!  We are hoping to find a way to “Live Stream” every game for viewing. Details TBD.


    * Athletic Fees - each player will be required to pay the Sports Fee ($50) and have an ABS CARD ($40).  These fees can be paid online by going to https://wa-shoreline.intouchreceipting.com/


    *JOIN THE FAMILY!!  While you can’t be on the field - you can be a HUGE part of our teams success by joining the Highlander Gridiron Group!  You can find the group on Facebook, or contact our “HGG Prez-Chairman-CEO” (Rob Oxford - robrockfish@comcast.net) for more information!!  This group helps to plan team events, manage team dinners, assist in group activities and is all about supporting the Football team!!


    I am extremely excited to be back out and coaching these guys. I know there are plenty of questions, some I can answer, and some I am waiting on answers myself. I plan to  hold a Parent Zoom meeting during the first week of practice to cover details pertaining to everything football, practices, games etc… So keep a lookout for that!  


    Football has been a daily part of my life since I was 8 years old… and this pandemic took that away for 457 days.  I am excited, and grateful, to have this opportunity back, and look forward to a successful season!  As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.


    GO SCOTS!!!   - Coach C