Welcome to the Shorecrest Cross Country website - 2021


    Head Coaches:  Shane Peterson, Nate Gniffke 
    Assistant Coach: Naya Owusu
    Coaches contact information:

    Annoucements March 8-12
    • -Download Student Square! Details below.
    Need a uniform?
    Download Student Square for Monday, March 8th
    Starting Monday, March 8th, athletes will use "Student Square" to electronically complete the COVID symptom attestation form. Download the "Student Square" app on your phone and sign-in using the Google button with your K12 school email account. More details on setting up your account can be found here. There is also a web-based site which allows you to complete the form on a computer prior to arrival at practice.
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    four colored circles (green, blue, yellow, pink) arranged in a square, connected with faint gray line
    This is the app you're looking for. :)

    Annoucements for week of March 1-5:
    • March 1-2: Uniform distribution! Make sure all fees are paid on Final Forms so you can get your uniform.
    • March 3: First meet of the season at McCormick Park in Duvall, WA. You must have attended 5 practices in order to be eligible to compete.
    • The bus will leave Shorecrest at 1:45pm.
    • BUS OPTIONAL: If you are not interested in taking the bus to the meet on March 3rd for any reason, you may have a parent/caregiver drive you to the meet. At this time we are unsure if students are able to drive themselves.
    • Please plan to arrive at McCormick Park no later than 3pm. The first race is at 3:30pm.

    Announcements for February:
    Well everyone, we will be having a season, and this year all the forms are online through Final Forms! Make sure you get them signed before the season starts Feb 22nd so everyone is eligible day one. 
    You can find all the Final Forms information you need at the Shorecrest Athletics website.

     Check out the calendar for dates and times of practices and meets!