Superintendent's Message

  • Superintendent's Message: Collaboration Makes Us Stronger

    Rebecca Miner On June 18, I had the incredible honor of witnessing 629 of our graduating seniors accept their diplomas at their graduation ceremonies.

    As I watched them cross the stage with diplomas in hands, wide smiles on their faces and bright futures greeting them on the other side, I could not help but reflect on the 13-year journey those students took to reach that moment and how many hands had helped them along the way.

    I thought about all of the staff, volunteers, families and organizations who helped guide each one of those students to that point. From teachers to bus drivers, counselors to cooks, there have been so many people who have committed much time and energy to help those students prepare for the future awaiting them.

    While our school communities have accomplished much this past year in support of current and future generations of Shoreline students, I want to recognize a few that will have a lasting impact.

    In this issue of The Flagship, you’ll learn about our District’s new Instructional Strategic Plan that was developed over several months by a large stakeholder committee and included community-wide surveys, stakeholder meetings and a visioning day. All together, over 3,500 people provided input and perspectives in collaboratively helping shape a strategic plan to align our community’s vision, beliefs and instructional direction. This plan will help guide the focus of our work in best supporting the needs of our community for many years to come.

    In addition to our instructional strategic plan, another major accomplishment was the creation and adoption of our District’s new Race and Equity policy. It too was a lengthy work of collaboration from all parts of our school community, involving student and family discussion panels, student forums and meetings with local community resource organizations. The policy’s focus on supporting and enhancing our professional development, workforce, systems and operations through an equity lens will help us to better identify and overcome socioeconomic obstacles that impact the quality of teaching and learning experienced by all of our students and staff. You’ll read more about the policy and its implementation in the next issue of The Flagship.

    Both the Instructional Strategic Plan and equity policy will help move us forward in our mission of supporting the success of all students along their journey to a high school diploma and all that awaits them afterward. Neither would have been possible without our community’s commitment to educational excellence and continuous improvement. For that, I am incredibly grateful.


    Dr. Rebecca Miner