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    New students are encouraged to enroll immediately upon moving into the district. To find out the name and location of the school in your boundary area, please log into E-Link or call the Public Information office at 206.393.4412.

    Student Enrollment

    Enroll at the main office of the home school that your child will attend. A parent or legal guardian should accompany students when enrolling and bring:

    • The student's immunization records
    • Withdrawal form or report card from the last school attended
    • Proof of residency, (e.g. utility bill or tax statement). A child's primary household/residence is defined as the physical location where the child lives and sleeps four or more days/nights per week. Shoreline residents only. The District is closed to new non-Shoreline resident applications for grades K-6, Headstart and Early Childhood Education.

    Immunization Requirements

    Washington state law requires that all children up to the age of 21 be fully immunized on or before the first day of school, all students must present or have on file a state Certificate of Immunization form, which is documentation of immunization status.

    A student may be exempted from these requirements for medical, religious, or philosophical reasons. A change in the law enacted in July 2011 requires a physician's signature for those wishing to exempt for philosophical reasons. A physician's signature is also required to accompany a waiver for medical reasons. A proof of membership in a religious group that does not allow a health care practitioner to provide medical treatment to a child will also be required for those claiming a religious exemption.

    Kindergarten Registration 2018-19 Academic Year


    Kindergarten enrollment for Shoreline residents with students starting Kindergarten in the FALL of 2018 will begin in person on Friday, February 2nd at all elementary schools. To find out the name and location of the school in your boundary area, please log into E-Link.

    In order to attend Kindergarten in the fall, children must be five years old by Aug. 31, 2018. When registering at your home/boundary/neighborhood school please bring:

    • Proof of age (e.g. birth certificate, passport or USCIS document)
    • Health history, including immunization records - IMMUNIZATIONS MUST BE COMPLETE BEFORE STARTING SCHOOL
    • Proof of residency (e.g. utility bill, lease agreement, mortgage statement, tax statement) - Shoreline residents only
    • Parent's/Guardian's telephone (day and evening)
    • Name, address, and phone number of child's doctor and dentist

    Please click here to view some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, Kindergarten FAQ's.

    For more information on Kindergarten registration, please call Trinitee Swan at 206.393.4365 or email trinitee.swan@shorelineschools.org.

    Kindergarten Early Entrance 2018-19 Academic Year

    If you are interested in the Early Entrance process and your child turns 5 between Sept. 1 and Oct. 31 of the year they are entering school, please click here and thoroughly review the Early Entrance Process. After you have read the process and have any additional questions and/or wish to pursue Kindergarten Early Entrance please call Trinitee Swan at 206.393.4365 or email trinitee.swan@shorelineschools.org.

    Shoreline Children's Center

    Shoreline Children’s Center, located in the central corridor of the Shoreline School District, offers a year-round all-day pre-kindergarten and half-day preschool program through the Shoreline School District.

    The program focuses on:

    • Developing emerging literacy in all subject areas through skill building and creative play.
    • Teaching curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning in which children direct their own instruction with strong support from adults.
    • Ensuring the curriculum is fully integrated with the district’s K-12 curriculum.
    • The Center also offers an Extended Day program through nine Shoreline elementary Schools, and a cost-effective summer program. For more information please call 206.393.4356.