Highlander of the Month

  • Every month, each department selects and honors a student. At the Highlander of the Month reception, parents, students, and staff gather in the library to hear the accomplishments, contributions, and strengths of these outstanding Scots. If you know any of these young people or their families, congratulate them!

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  • June 2019


    Art Coleman Hirschman creative mastermind; artwork is unique, fun, edgy; his art is an extension of himself; a faucet of creativity; an inspiration
    AVID Meki Yohannes a solid performer who pushes herself; comes prepared and participates; responsible and proactive; working at college leve
    Business/Industrial Tech Mabel Gibbons pushes herself as a learner; humble and always willing to ask amazing questions that furthers learning for all
    English Jade Blas Santiago determined to always keep improving; goes above and beyond in and out of the classroom; challenges herself; a leader; impressive
    FACSE Aminata Sowe produces careful and complete schoolwork; meticulous reader and writer; conscientious student; kind and caring; a joy to have in class
    Mathematics Renn Brainard leader in the classroom; produces exemplary work; always willing to help others; a smile for everyone; an example of kindness and patience
    Music Shayne Strey cares about the success of the group; goes above and beyond and gives her best; works to create a positive classroom atmosphere; a pleasure
    PE/Health Jordyn Foster humble, hard working, helpful; leads by example; make a positive contribution to class; eager to be active no matter what the activity
    Science Elizabeth Howlett an enthusiastic and engaged student; always theorizing and trying out new ideas; careful lab practices; helps peers with a smile
    Science Spencer Loreen puts in maximum effort; asks insightful questions; courteous to others; demonstrates academic tenacity; well-liked by everyone
    Social Studies M. Zeeshan Hussain works to best potential; critical thinker; thoughtful writer; dedicated learner; always there to help others; quiet leader
    World Languages Iorek De Luna admirable work ethic and a natural knack for language; contributes positively to discussions; sets an example for others

    May 2019


    Art Anika Wight the definition of diligence and perseverance; driven to improve; constantly working tirelessly on her many creations; incredibly self-motivated; inspiring
    AVID Hoa Nguyen powerhouse of a person; possesses incredible individual determination and strength; deeply kind and patient and quietly funny
    Business/Industrial Tech Aliyan Muhammad has gone above and beyond; asks questions to extend his understanding; great troubleshooter; never gives up
    Directed Studies Tia Cooper an incredible student; sincere, genuine; extraordinary writer and artist; blossoming socially; an inspiration to both staff and students
    English Kris Stojetz willing to bring new perspectives to class; has intriguing insights that ignite discussion; shows respect for classmates; challenges himself and others
    FACSE Laraib Anjum diligent and intentional in understanding class content; extremely hard worker; takes pride in work; a super learner, joy to be around, delight to teach
    Mathematics Mirelle Blanchard outstanding, hard-working student; not afraid to ask questions; perseveres to master problems; great ability to laugh at herself
    Music Oliver Lohrentz impressive and consistent focus, effort and quiet leadership; unflappable; can be counted on to consistently deliver with a smile
    PE/Health Indy Anderson an excellent student in so many ways; his thought-provoking questions make class more interesting; active participant
    Science Ehren Mitchell-Simmons always tries his best and has a positive attitude that is contagious; a smile for everyone; excellent helper in class; role model
    Social Studies Mohammed Zahid "know thyself" and Mohammed does; recognized that public speaking is an area of improvement and worked to conquer it
    World Languages Ronin Riley always has a smile for others; brings excitement and humor to classroom; faces difficulty and comes out a shining star on the other side

    April 2019

    April HOM

    Art Dianne Guinto ceramics artist who loves to create, especially vases with beautiful floral designs; art is a reflection of her gentle personality; persistent and focused
    AVID Stephanie Guillen-Romero never complains; respectful and kind to all she encounters; smile that lights up the room; sets example of work ethic and perseverance
    Business/Industrial Tech Abbi Currah extraordinary student in marketing and DECA chapter president; has defined true leadership; generated enthusiasm in Scot Shoppe
    Directed Studies Mirza Alsaiidi a charming young lady; always friendly, conscientious, and enthusiastic; motivated to do well and work hard; always a smile
    English Sam Woodman most appreciated for good humor, respectful good nature, and willingness to take risks; leads by example; cares about others and world around him
    FACSE Vivian Corcoro quiet, responsible, hard-working and always takes pride in her work; pays attention to detail; problem-solver; awesome team leader
    Mathematics Daniel Nzanga tremendous growth in maturity and improvement in math; takes control of learning; puts in many hours at the white board and outside of class
    PE/Health Mei Lin among the best we have in SC PE right now; extremely athletic, extremely fit and extremely nice; represent what it means to be a SCOT
    Science Elliot Guy bright, clever and bestowed with the high compliment of nerdy sense of humor; a person with bravery, tenacity and grit to endure, overcome and succeed
    Social Studies Brandi Kasprzyk one of most positive and inclusive students; kind, respectful, responsible, hard-working, intelligent; enthusiasm enriches the classroom
    World Languages Lacy George inquisitive and wonders about the ins and outs of Spanish; natural curiosity; her interest is rare at any level of language; pleasure to teach

    March 2019

    March HOM

    Art Patricia Guido eager to ask questions and learn more; works outside of class; finds immense joy in freezing little slivers of moments in time; pleasure to teach
    AVID Hamdia Isahaq treats others with care and compassion; great listener; believes in the learning process; uses growth mindset in life and academics
    Business/Industrial Tech Ash Gibbs eager to learn business to apply it to his future fashion line; works tirelessly on his project; great success at State competition
    Directed Studies Maryzella Healy invaluable peer tutor; gained confidence by observing; now making great strides in building skills on her own as is her student
    English Dacotah Poole thoughtful, hard-working, and a natural leader; knows what discipline and motivation really look like; consistently produces excellent work
    FACSE Maryam Ahmad hard-worker, smart, efficient, friendly, funny and a great helper; brings people up and will jump in and help anyone who needs it
    Mathematics Cindy Luo up for the challenge of AP Calc and has emerged as quiet leader; all respect her for her consistency, abilities and explanations of math
    Music Rohan Wassink motivated and passionate music-maker; excels on both brass and woodwind instrument and makes it seem natural; kind, focused, humble
    PE/Health Thomas Rhodes among the best we have in SC PE right now; extremely athletic, extremely fit and extremely nice; represent what it means to be a SCOT
    Science Amina Ahmed active and engaged community member; serves as a role model that language doesn’t have to be a barrier; curious, thoughtful, joy of learning
    Social Studies Megan Rudberg quietly encourages those around her; driving force behind deep discussions; thoughtful, careful work not to mention impeccable
    World Languages Mya Landback consistently produces high quality work both written and spoken; genuine interest in learning and applying skills; true asset

    February 2019

    Feb HOM

    Art Jasmine Chiu an amazing and promising artist; exciting to see her creations; stellar example of discipline and persistence; level of detail is awe-inspiring
    AVID Deah Hohn comes prepared and with assignments complete; committed to learning and improving; work is thoughtful and goes beyond standard; role model for peers
    Business/Industrial Tech Ella Rogers brings her own love of sports to the pages of the annual; artful showcasing of athletics; instrumental in helping shape new look
    Directed Studies Izzy Padua has shown amazing progress in learning and showing initiative in completing her jobs and does so with pride; loves to help others
    English Ana Soto-Sosa committed to doing well in all areas of class; open and optimistic personality; infectious enthusiasm; class leader; eloquent and thoughtful
    FACSE Elena Tapia her enthusiasm is contagious; extremely hard worker who sets an example for others; always looking to help others; first to arrive and last to leave
    Mathematics Selene Bogstie dedicated student who sets a positive example; thoughtful and supportive; ask questions that promote learning; conscientious, responsible
    PE/Health Reese Jones stellar multi-sport athlete; competitive spirit and intrinsic drive; never backs down from a challenge; inspires and motivates classmate
    Science Tori Willis embodies Scots values every day; takes risks in class, supports self, teacher and peers, words and actions show she leads by example; contributes to class
    Social Studies Sienna Mikesell tremendous all-around student; shows a lot of growth in abilities; work quality and focus serve as an example to peers; handles challenge
    World Languages Charles Asiedu frequently has thoughtful questions; shows how deeply he thinking about material and connect and applies concepts; his passion for learning in contagious

    January 2019

    Jan HOM

    Art Grace Tefft compassionate, kind, thoughtful, artistic, colorful; goes out of her way to help others; creates visually powerful, award-winning art; works hard
    AVID Amira Souikni confident, motivated, deep-thinking; sets the bar high for self and peers; always helpful; a treasure in class and a delight to work with
    Business/Industrial Tech Sophia Bohrer uses artistic skills to create compositions that pop; dedicated, dependable, works well with/supports others
    Directed Studies Jaylin Hughes positive attitude, encourages others to try their best; beacon of light and a shoulder to lean on; brave and mature
    English Angela Owens maintains high standards; gifted writer and analytical thinker who consistently produces high quality work; strong leader; mature; thoughtful
    FACSE Grace Gamble brings positive, fun energy to an early class; diligent about doing her best on assignments and assessments; has a knack for helping others
    Mathematics Nury Diaz achievements are attributable to awesome mindset and work ethic; the most thorough assignments ever; impresses on daily basis
    Music Andy Chamberlain one of the most well-rounded musicians around; highly-motivated, humble, kind, and friendly; knows advanced music theory
    PE/Health Cindy Chung dominant force in class; excited to be there; gives her all and trains like an Olympian; supports others; bright, active, and full of life
    Science Quinn Elkins curious; comes to class engaged and ready to learn; listens, thinks, and asks great questions; helps others; contributes to positive classroom
    Social Studies Jannah McDaniel up to the challenge of APUSH; vital leadership role in HH; role model for all SCOTS; makes others feel valued and included
    World Languages Lorelei Starr comes everyday with a spirit of learning; not easily discouraged; persistent positive energy; adds sparkle and a smile for everyone

    December 2018

    Dec HOM

    Art Basir Koleini hard worker who challenges himself and explores strategies to be successful; continues to improve utilizing strong growth mind-set
    AVID Armando Valdez Moreno his diligence and hard work do not go unnoticed; he is organized and advocates for himself; silent leader in class
    Business/Industrial Tech Callen Evans leads by example; participates in discussions; helps others; creates fantastic projects that all enjoy
    Directed Studies Byron Britt genuine, kind, and respectful; challenges himself everyday; demonstrates tenacity; fights hard through hard times; veni vidi vici
    English Lorrenz Atendido polite, caring and hard-working; kind, supportive and positive with others; spends extra time to produce highest quality work
    FACSE Ainsley Brebner comes to class everyday ready to work; sets a positive example for peers; appreciated for hard work, flexibility, and sense of calm
    Mathematics Romy Nevens always ready to learn; great attitude; asks smart questions and helps peers; is missed when gone; gives group direction; great at leading
    Music Bella Brown wonderful new addition to SC and band program, conscientious, motivated, and kind; fine musician on bass clarinet and piano
    PE/Health Ivka Boguszewski kind and respectful to others; responsible; contributes to group and partner work; quality effort goes above and beyond 
    Science Zoe Lemchen curious and engaged; digs deep into subject matter; extremely helpful to peers; cheerful demeanor, curiosity and enthusiasm appreciated
    Social Studies Adonyas Argaw responsible, curious, well-organized, hard-working; wonderful presence in class; positive attitude; respectful of others
    World Languages Teja Raichur out performing upperclassmen in Spanish 3; self-disciplined; dedicates time outside of class; the one others turn to for help; integrity

    November 2018

    Nov HOM

    Art Tabitha Wagner pushes boundaries, constantly experimenting to complete vision; started late but quickly jumped ahead; creating strong body of unique work
    AVID Brandon Reyes Ideal college-bound student; punctual, analytical, curious, genuine desire to learn; works his fingers to the bone; always strives to improve
    Business/Industrial Tech Wesley Brown has made a major impact on SCNN and, maybe more importantly, his enthusiasm is contagious; lucky to have him
    Directed Studies Tyree George has shown huge growth in desire and commitment to learn; kind leader who enjoys helping others; looks for challenge
    English Ariella Acevedo works hard to be successful; natural writing skills and yet still looks for ways to improve; helps others and encourages them to do their best
    FACSE Daniel Alvario demonstrates tremendous leadership in field site experience at Shoreline Preschool; mature, thoughtful, cares about people and children
    Mathematics Lois Gomez loves helping others; great perspectives to share; looks for ways to improve; works well with all students; makes classroom a better place
    Music Parker Smith dedicated choir student; example of perseverance and cares deeply about getting it right; a role model for others and a leader in Chansons
    PE/Health Piper Randall produces high quality work in all areas; leader; dependable volunteer; respectful of diversity; takes responsibility for her learning
    Science Alex Fray enthusiastic and genuinely curious; works hard; thoughtful and intuitive; perpetually friendly and gracious; always ready to offer help and a smile
    Social Studies Natalie Hakim leader that brings others to her maturity level; asks the right questions delving deeper into the complexities and uncovering the truth
    World Languages Benjamin Valenti demonstrates dedication and courage to make mistakes; persistent effort to communicate his ideas and apt at applying new material

    October 2018

    oct HOM 18

    Art Emma Howlett talent for putting together imagery and emotion to create dynamic art; unique, multi-talented artist; pushes others to do their best
    AVID Hannah Sy quiet and steady; pushes herself to take challenging AP and college level classes; earned a strong GPA; engaged in school activities and clubs
    Business/Industrial Tech Ella Fredericks always does high-quality work; uses time effectively and is an active contributor to class
    English Lauren Hyde passionate, intelligent who is also kind, supportive, and very wry; a talented writer, a creative singer and an excellent student of literature
    FACSE Hanna Cowan comes to class on time ready to work with a smile and an upbeat attitude; huge asset; takes pride and demonstrates professionalism
    Mathematics Kanon Ludwig consistently earns perfect scores in geometry class; helps struggling peers; fights hard for positive outcome
    Mathematics Kaelise Muzzy strives for perfection; asks thoughtful questions; deep thinker; skilled mathematician who tackles ideas from all sides
    Music Angelo Osborn hard-working, conscientious student; eager to learn and improve; helps set up daily; a pleasure to have and an asset to Stage Band
    PE/Health Giana Reed enjoys the process of learning shares that joy with others; always helpful in all areas; brings the best of herself to class everyday
    Science Emanuel Tesfaye thoughtful, kind soul who makes SC a better place; dedicated student; open to learning different perspectives and educating others
    Social Studies Odoum Nith outstanding work ethic; excellent content knowledge; respectful and inclusive; consistent positive contributions benefit all
    World Languages Katie Wein fearless participation in class; has worked hard to be most efficient; works well with peers; sets a great example for her brother

    September 2018

    sept HOM 18

    Art Neve Lin outstanding artist, creative, thoughtful; challenges herself; puts in countless hours to art club, adds a sense of calm, fun, and integrity to class
    AVID Mawahib Ismail always prepped and ready for class; leader in AVID and BSU, pushes herself, takes on challenge; person of opinions and exercises voice
    Business/Industrial Tech Michael Belay excellent self-manager and advocate; conscientious and responsible; turns in work on time and works to improve
    Directed Studies Jess Leazer hard-working; has shown tremendous growth in self-regulation and demonstration of safe behaviors and appropriate communication
    English Todd Schindler shares in discussion, offers considerate responses; mindful of perspectives; demonstrates growth mindset; always challenges self
    FACSE Addie Michaelson positive personality and empathetic demeanor, challenges herself; enthusiastically applies what she learns
    Mathematics Ainara Singleton does great collaborative work with her peers; enthusiastically shares her problem-solving thought process; positive leader
    Music Jared Chaney has done a great job connecting with the freshman percussionists and making drum line welcoming for all; role model TA
    PE/Health Bella Perritt gives 100% all the time; goes above and beyond expectations, positive attitude about all things and a great role model to peers
    Science Mehlat Seleshi a bright light in any classroom, hard-working student that values education; genuinely encouraging force for others in their learning
    Social Studies Samuel Klem projects an aura of intellectualism and critical thought; a leader who improves the performance of those around him
    World Languages Tim Billing adapted to SC famously; active participant who encourages others; willingly shares experiences to enrich the learning of all