Highlander of the Month

  • Every month, each department selects and honors a student. Normally, at the Highlander of the Month reception, parents, students, and staff gather in the library to hear the accomplishments, contributions, and strengths of these outstanding Scots. This fall, we've created the following video to celebrate our wonderful students. If you know any of these young people or their families, congratulate them!



  • October 2020

    Art Annie Lam – self-advocate; becoming a master of light and color; makes her work very personal leaving the viewer wanting to know more; dedicated, hard worker
    AVID Mareshet Pulliam – kind and compassionate to others but strong, independent and determined; extraordinary writing skills; classmates appreciate her
    Business/Industrial Tech Jasmine Harrick  enthusiastic leader; commitment to highest quality; love for school shows up in creative work; inspire others
    Directed Studies Sianna Phillips  strives to be best academic self through attendance, studies, practice, and hard work all with a beautiful smile and kind words
    English Luke Schmidt  deep thinker; asks tough questions and thinks critically to grow as a learner; a leader who participates and collaborates well with others
    FACSE Logan Thompson – knowledgeable and actively involved in class discussions; responsible, enthusiastic, sets example for others; respected by peers
    Mathematics Salem Yonas – asks thoughtful questions to ensure understanding; turns in absolutely beautiful work; works so hard; fully engaged learner
    Music Rebecca Rhodes – tenacity carried over from classroom to online; beautiful voice shines; applies feedback to improve; combination of guts and heart
    PE/Health Eva Miranda Díaz – maintains an A, performs all physical requirements, and turns in all assignments all while juggling home responsibilities
    Science Tova Johnston  highly engaged and participatory; eagerly helps classmates problem solve and the teacher better prepare for classes; hard worker 
    Social Studies Talis Kroehler – fabulously well-rounded; hard-working, academic, artistic; authentic and compassionate; sets a tone of inclusiveness; kind
    World Languages Susan Roberson – very mature, kind and hard-working;  always there to lend a helping hand; comes prepared; gives best effort; thoughtful, kind



  • September 2020

    Art Cade Birgfeld – does thorough work and research; shows passion for class content; seeks out challenging images that showcase zest for adventure; smart questions
    AVID Naffie Darboe – interactive with the class; confident; hard-working; skilled self-advocate; brings energy and interest every day; challenges ideas; leader
    Business/Industrial Tech Eliana Harrick – enthusiastic leader; commitment to highest quality; love for school shows up in creative work; inspire others
    Directed Studies Brenden Mount – has displayed growth and maturity; role model and mentor for struggling peers; shows resilience and perseverance; kind
    English Maggie Feinberg – shining example of Scots values; brings infectious enthusiasm with her to class every day; open to feedback and up for any challenge
    FACSE Hayden Bohag – very engaged and respectful of protocols; always kind; contributes to class; takes pride in his quality work
    Mathematics Cino Cole – very engaged, active participant; answers questions and helps others understand in class/breakout rooms; classmates appreciate positive influence
    Music Elijah Glesener – proven skilled musician; kind and thoughtfully engaged in online learning; consistent force for positivity and a can-do attitude
    PE/Health Marcus Tidwell – takes personal fitness and training seriously; manages workload; contributes to class discussions; encourages others; strong leader
    Science Siem Ghebreyesus – stays grounded through great adversity; maintains resiliency and optimism; good-natured, polite, self-advocate; hard worker
    Social Studies Lily Hagg – really embraces the idea that school is a place to learn; quick to participate, slow to give up; open-minded but not uncritical; a leader
    World Languages Sofia Vila Vignali – big, fun, bubbly personality; courageous language learner; active participant; linguistic fearlessness is contagious and inspires others