Highlander of the Month

  • Every month, each department selects and honors a student. At the Highlander of the Month reception, parents, students, and staff gather in the library to hear the accomplishments, contributions, and strengths of these outstanding Scots. If you know any of these young people or their families, congratulate them!

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  • October 2017

    Oct 2017

    Art Makenna Littell exceptional artist; love of and devotion to art is deep; takes risks and technical challenges; comes to life when creating art
    Business/Industrial Tech Paige Holman has a cinematographer's eye; carefully and skillfully plans out each shot; impressive attention to detail
    Directed Studies Emma Roth diligently working to build social skills; cooperates with others; eager to learn, participate in class and make friends
    English Kelvin Schmidt observant, insightful, intelligent, hilarious ; careful attention to written work; maintains a high bar; makes valuable contributions
    FACSE Daniella Alazza willing and frequent volunteer; works hard to understand material and get good grades; kind heart and giving spirit
    Mathematics Connor Carrell works hard and turns in all homework on time; uses time wisely and is proactive about asking for help; happy to help others
    Music Eleanor Wright conscientious and dedicated to her own improvement and to success of orchestra; diligent worker; model for others
    PE/Health Shay Adams outworks most other people in class; shows tenacity and strength and supports the class while being an example of hard work
    Science Nathan Brown smart, funny, well-liked; his participation and contributions to class discussions make for a fun and educational environment
    Social Studies Chaise Mena shows tremendous grit and effort; resilient; positive personality that radiates off of him; a polite young gentleman; gives 100%
    World Languages Aidan Mattson always looking for ways to improve and practice his speaking skills; motivated from within; up on history and current events

    September 2017

    Sept 2017

    Art Ayana Muwwakkil enthusiastic, dedicated art club member; always willing to help; makes others feel welcome, perseveres through artistic challenges
    AVID Donovan Leonard focused, quiet, leader who is always prepared; kind, gentle, supportive in class; ready each day to fulfill the AVID mission
    Business/Industrial Tech Zack Zaike bring joy to class every day; enthusiastic, funny; participates in discussion; more than willing to help others
    Directed Studies Soloman Davis cheerful, high-spirited, pleasant and welcoming; humor brightens people's day; mature & responsible in academic work
    English Finn Donnelly insightful thinker and contributor to the classroom; focused on deepening understanding; engages in material in meaningful way
    FACSE Kiana Lindquist has grit, tenacity, and self-respect; punctual and ready to work; mentors others; sets professional example with work ethic
    Mathematics Naomi Kolmer always willing to share her thought process; collaborator; communicative and proactive; strives for complete understanding
    Music Aldo Chavez integral part of band's success; exceptional job as drum major; helps create welcoming but business-like atmosphere; kind and thoughtful
    PE/Health Austin Wright someone who can be relied upon; trustworthy, hard-working, genuine; liked by others
    Science Eva Emerson hard-working, inquisitive, kind; values education; advocates for herself daily; shows willingness to support peers in their learning
    Social Studies Haidi Ghobrial thoughtful, considerate, engaged, reliable; consistently excellent work; goes above and beyond; strives to truly learn
    World Languages Finnley Meinig drive and determination; active participant; asks thoughtful questions; practices at home; consistent Memrise leader