Highlander of the Month

  • Every month, each department selects and honors a student. Normally, at the Highlander of the Month reception, parents, students, and staff gather in the library to hear the accomplishments, contributions, and strengths of these outstanding Scots. If you know any of these young people or their families, congratulate them!


    May + June 2021 Video:


  • June 2021

    Art Fatoumatta Camara​ – deep and thoughtful thinker; art reveals a lot of herself; open to feedback to make her art the best possible; makes positive contributions to class
    AVID Lexi Sauceda​ – bring her A game to every class; helpful to peers; valued member of Tattoo; determination, dry humor, and attention to detail very appreciated 
    Business/Industrial Tech Carson Christensen​ – friendly and welcoming; impressive eye for photography; has grown and improved tremendously; positive attitude
    Directed Studies Andre Sayaseng​ – positive, calm demeanor contributes to classroom environment; role model; works through challenges; steadfastness, focus, and perseverance will serve him well 
    English Fletcher Broadhead​ – warm, welcoming energy and presence makes class feel more cohesive; tells a good joke when needed; offers good insight in class discussions
    Mathematics Sydney Friedman-Blixt​ – brings motivated energy to the rest of the class; asks amazing questions and pushes others to explain themselves; critical thinker; perseveres until she solves the problem
    Music Josh Creech​ – highly engaged both online and in-person; self-motivated learner; consistently prepared to contribute; can be counted on to do the right thing
    PE/Health Ariane Carino​ – like the best cup of coffee in the world: her presence makes the mornings better; cheerful, positive, hard-working self advocate; ray of sunshine
    Science Pearl Hugg​ – outstanding student who is driven to excel; capable of deep science content and technical reading/writing; positive role model; contagious attitude 
    Social Studies Ben Gregory​ – incredibly genuine; openly shares opinions that help fuel class discussions; thoughtful and supportive of classmates; brings joy and humor
    World Languages Mellot Samuel​ – shows consistent learning enthusiasm; curious to learn new things; strong interest in Japanese culture; mature and caring person 


  • May 2021

    Art Erin Baek​ – super industrious, inquisitive, positive; pushes each project to the limit; thinks outside the box; applies feedback; pushes herself to improve
    AVID Hoda El Anany​ – impressive growth over two years; fun to watch personality and humor emerge; masterful balance of work and academics that is testament to perseverance and ability to put systems in place to be successful 
    Business/Industrial Tech Liya Ogbastion​ – positive attitude; participates and is ready to learn; puts thoughtful consideration to her photographic art; a pleasure to have in class
    English Lakota Dimond​ – shining example of SCOTS values; brings energy and willingness to participate that supports others and contributes heightened interest and challenge
    Mathematics Jane Amlin​ – sold herself short in math and then earned an A; worked hard, asked questions, and used resources to gain understanding; mature role model for others
    Music Kali Hay​ – really pulled it all out at the end of the semester; made a plan, had a strategy, and then went after it; conviction in drive to succeed was truly inspiring  
    PE/Health Vivian Zittle​ – an anomaly; confidence as freshman is unique; poised, goal driven, hard-working; willing to speak up and engage which inspired her classmates to follow suit 
    Science Kylie Pearson​ – curious and enthusiastic astronomer; role model student with contagious passion; shows love of deep dives into learning what she can about the universe
    Social Studies Ali Ahmed​ – active participant in discussions and debate; contributes stories and perspectives; encourages others; revises work to show mastery
    World Languages Salwa Tecleab​ – hard-worker who strives for complete understanding; not afraid to ask questions that end up helping the whole class; a nice person who checks on others


  • April 2021

    Art Liam Crouch ​– part artist, part mad scientist, part storyteller; so quiet and modest that one would never know of the wild and imaginative things inside 
    AVID Armando Valadez-Moreno ​–​ respectful to all; skilled self-advocate and and time manager; stepped up to the challenge of engaging in community involvement 
    Business/Industrial Tech Jose Miguel-Juan​ – active and consistent participant; produces high quality work that earned him top score; standout skills in programming 
    Directed Studies Blake Beck​ – incredible resilience and tenacity, mastering all sorts of news skills and technology; consistently turns in assignments
    English Garrett Chamberlin​ – always a friendly face; engaged in remote learning; puts a thorough and thoughtful twist on the work; all round stellar student
    FACSE Sydney Somers​ – demonstrates leadership beyond her years; thoughtful and confident; sets an example and encourages peers to participate
    Mathematics Calvin Rice​ – prospered despite fast pace and online environment; resilient, adaptable while masterfully juggling difficult schedule
    Music Zoe Lemchen – very consistent, solid student; completes all work on time and is an avid participant; welcoming and accepting of others; truly kind
    PE/Health Rowan Allred ​–​ ​chosen for persistence and tenacity in face of adversity; worked hard and communicated daily to improve grade despite struggles
    Science Nikola Cumic​ – continually impresses with maturity, dedication, communication; high-achieving; courageous; self-aware and resilient
    Social Studies Ruthie Ross ​– outstanding student, wonderful person; work is consistent, thoughtful, exceedingly well-done; kind and hard-working
    World Languages Finn Mabry​ – daily positive attitude; communicative, super reliable; works well with others; tackles challenges with best effort 



  • March 2021

    Art Caspian Fleming ​– deep and honest person; inspired by music
    and pays tribute through art; truth and power resonates with viewer
    AVID Jalynn Bouler-Veraat – strong self advocate; sets high goals; balances workload and responsibilities; team-player who encourages peers
    Business/Industrial Tech Kuba Howell – meets every deadline; produces exceedingly high quality work that will advance him to state level competition
    Directed Studies Aaron Villa – perfect attendance and high level of engagement; making incredible progress; ready to learn; creative and kind
    English Ruby Campbell – bright light; present and engaged and willing to participate in what comes her way; daily smile makes remote learning less lonely
    FACSE Isaac Smith – hard-worker, smart, efficient, friendly, funny and a great helper; brings people up and will jump in and help anyone who needs it
    Mathematics LJ Baxter – admirable dedication and perseverance lead to breakthroughs and tremendous growth in understanding and confidence
    Music Hank Rohs – attitude, engagement and musicianship a daily source of positivity; quality work; making lemonade out of virtual band lemons
    PE/Health Xavier Reyes-Jech – takes personal training seriously; on top of all assignments; contributes regularly; engaged; encourages others
    Science Vito Nith – enthusiastic, engaged participant; collaborates well with others; produces thoughtful, reflective work; curiosity and love of learning
    Social Studies Gwendolyn Dominguez – energetic, positive, hard-working; consistently shows up with her best; does great work that show sophisticated understanding
    World Languages Fiona Reed – her natural curiosity drives her to ask insightful questions that benefit the rest of class; present and engaged



  • February 2021

    Art Morgan Weiss ​– light and cheerful presence; frequent contributor in class discussions; works on projects in her free time; seeks out help
    AVID Isaac Spates ​–​ r​ockstar student; everything he does, he does to mastery; organized, hard-working, bright; high standards; encouraging, kind and generous with others; quiet resolve to excel
    Business/Industrial Tech Flavio Cruz-Hernandez​ – takes initiative to learn above and beyond; asks for extra resources to further his financial aspirations; determined attitude; skilled leader and self-advocate
    Directed Studies Koue Denis​ – hard worker who seeks out resources to be successful; overcomes obstacles and persists with calm resolve; kind and respectful; incorporates independent research into his work
    English Jude Ziliak​ – consistently embodies Scots values; diligent worker who produces quality work; accepts feedback and applies new concepts; writing is bold, interesting and thorough; works well with others
    FACSE Kalea Durfee​ – leads by example; elevates class to a new maturity level; thoughtful, honest participation speaks to character of caring and consideration of others; positive, enthusiastic energy
    Mathematics Angelo Visser​ – completes each challenge whether or not for credit or reward; asks great questions; participates regularly in class; has displayed the highest level of commitment to learning
    PE/Health Tony Della Giustina ​–​ ​a bright spot in every Zoom class; manages to make the challenges of online physical education a non-issue with high-quality participation; a pleasure to have in class
    Science Nika Plant​ – consistently produces detailed, high-quality work; high interest and aptitude in science and it shows; thoughtfulness and creativity evident in words and actions; positive, supportive team member
    Social Studies James Lewis ​– deep historical knowledge; high level of work; active participant in remote setting; dependable in discussions; wide range of background knowledge aids writing and discussion sessions
    World Languages Jocelyn Shea​ – a constant, dependable stand out student during the past two challenging years; completes everything and is always ready to learn; applies new learning and incorporates older concepts



  • January 2021

    Art Nuhamin Tesfihuen​ – thrived through perseverance, engagement, and creativity; thoughtful in her work; contributes to the class; always gets her work done on time with expertise and care
    AVID Catherine Johnson​ – thoughtful and creative; avidly participates in discussions-wacky questions highlight insightful, unique lens;
    pursues passions with dedication to learn and grow
    Business/Industrial Tech Tarren Cahoon​ – a breath of fresh air; takes initiative; actively participates with the goal of gaining experience and bettering himself; skilled self-advocate; leader
    Directed Studies Diego Reed​ – has overcome academic obstacles to achieve excellence; a delight to have in class; actively participates; works well with others; thrives despite remote model
    English Nancy Bui​ – sets the bar high; comes each day ready to collaborate and learn; thoughtful leader; driven by a passion to serve community; supportive classmate
    FACSE Liam Prestia​ – motivated, enthusiastic, respectful not to mention a darn good cook; takes pride in work; polite, thoughtful, mature; and very kind; takes time to express gratitude; culinary super hero
    Mathematics Rayna Highet​ – active participant with a desire to learn; bold and courageous answering challenging questions in front of class; diligent, hard-working, committed to understanding every topic
    Music Ruth Chaka​ – joined freshman band as a true beginner and has made tremendous progress packing three years of experience into half; thriving in the remote model; positive, kind, earnest
    PE/Health Rebecca Swinney ​– with all that is uncertain, one thing is - she will show up smiling; she helps create a better leaning everyone; quality of work is second to none; true leader during these tough times
    Science Quinn Ledoux​ – inquisitive, thoughtful, motivated student; active participant; asks clarifying questions that help the entire class; challenges himself; models perseverance, curiosity, and collaboration
    Social Studies Vance Cunningham​ – prepared, positive; listens and makes connections; fearless leader; not worried about being wrong but in learning the facts; equally skilled at asking questions that deepen understanding
    World Languages Jordan Robertson-Modell​ ​– thoughtful engagement and participation, not afraid to make mistakes; provides helpful feedback; takes risks and works hard to improve skills



  • December 2020

    Art Arianna-Soleil Kogon takes inspiration from self reflection and attempt at balance; explores ideas through self-portraits, layering, distortion and symbols; gives artwork power and voice
    AVID Ludrick Siu – grown into a seasoned student seeking support when needed; working for dreams and goals and grades reflect; shows great determination to be successful
    Business/Industrial Tech Roswell Sass shows perseverance and creativity in design challenges; has pushed to learn tough technical and detail-oriented skills despite challenges of remote model
    Directed Studies Alejandro Gonzalez Flores kind, compassionate, hard-working; helps others freely and asks for it himself when needed; motivated to succeed; a beacon of light in the virtual classroom
    English Anika Rao always brings positive energy and encourages peers; willing to dig in to difficult conversations and models listening with thoughtfulness, empathy and maturity
    FACSE Juan Vargas – demonstrates strong leadership and models what makes students successful; outreaches and encourages classmates to persevere; his efforts helped two students earn credit
    Mathematics Alexa Aguilar polite, happy, genuine, and humble; skilled mathematician and highly participatory; not afraid to step out of comfort zone and take challenges; great to have in class
    PE/Health Logan Liteky – outgoing, engaging personality​; puts himself out there with bravery and vulnerability; participates actively and willingly; has a wonderful way of making others feel welcome
    Science Cecilia Phillips positive participation appreciated; contributions are insightful and productive; high-quality, thoughtful work; leader who makes an effort to get to know classmates
    Social Studies Brooke Schurman – comes to class with kindness, humor and screen on; asks great questions and produces high-quality work that propel the whole class to next level
    World Languages Asha Viswanathan – exceptional drive, insight and academic skill; glows with careless joy, yet head is filled with sophisticated calculations and languages; leads others with exemplary morals and actions



  • November 2020

    Art Parker Schoen comes to class with limitless imagination and ability to experiment; artwork impactful and centers around heritage; inspires others
    AVID Brittany Morales Rodriguez – incredible motivation, determination, attention to detail; bold and brave; courageously seeks out getting involved, sharing knowledge, asking for help and trying new things
    Business/Industrial Tech Luke Onyon shows creativity and great dedication to high quality work; communicative and upbeat; adds to learning and understanding of the entire class
    Directed Studies Zach Evans personable, conscientious, dedicated, responsible; works hard in and out of class; sets example for others; enthusiastic and engaged; goes the extra mile
    English Fletcher Lohrentz fully engaged participant; leader in group work; accepts feedback and determines to improve in skill and knowledge; wonderfully dry and quick wit; inspires others with work ethic
    FACSE Theo Childs – amazing passion and knowledge for cooking; regular contributor; makes class fun and engaging; models how to learn, take risks, and develop skill in supportive manner
    Mathematics Lindsey Muilenberg stellar work done thoroughly and on time; fully engaged remote learner; leader in breakout rooms always willing to help others; grasps concepts and skilled at applying to new problems
    PE/Health Lyla Higgins making class less lonely and easier to teach by willingness to engage; took initiative to offer teacher feedback in order to make class better for everyone; admirable grace and maturity
    Science Nina Vo conscientious and dependable; friendly and kind; top student who is not only knowledgeable but hard-working; not afraid to challenge inconsistencies like all great scientists; self-advocate
    Social Studies Nickolas Cannelos – positive energy and enthusiasm enlivens remote classroom, comes with a smile; encourages, supports, helps so that others request to work with him; leader
    World Languages Tess Scott – one of the top Spanish students; a challenge to keep him challenged; learned a year’s worth of content on his own; genius status



  • October 2020

    Art Annie Lam – self-advocate; becoming a master of light and color; makes her work very personal leaving the viewer wanting to know more; dedicated, hard worker
    AVID Mareshet Pulliam – kind and compassionate to others but strong, independent and determined; extraordinary writing skills; classmates appreciate her
    Business/Industrial Tech Jasmine Harrick  enthusiastic leader; commitment to highest quality; love for school shows up in creative work; inspire others
    Directed Studies Sianna Phillips  strives to be best academic self through attendance, studies, practice, and hard work all with a beautiful smile and kind words
    English Luke Schmidt  deep thinker; asks tough questions and thinks critically to grow as a learner; a leader who participates and collaborates well with others
    FACSE Logan Thompson – knowledgeable and actively involved in class discussions; responsible, enthusiastic, sets example for others; respected by peers
    Mathematics Salem Yonas – asks thoughtful questions to ensure understanding; turns in absolutely beautiful work; works so hard; fully engaged learner
    Music Rebecca Rhodes – tenacity carried over from classroom to online; beautiful voice shines; applies feedback to improve; combination of guts and heart
    PE/Health Eva Miranda Díaz – maintains an A, performs all physical requirements, and turns in all assignments all while juggling home responsibilities
    Science Tova Johnston  highly engaged and participatory; eagerly helps classmates problem solve and the teacher better prepare for classes; hard worker 
    Social Studies Talis Kroehler – fabulously well-rounded; hard-working, academic, artistic; authentic and compassionate; sets a tone of inclusiveness; kind
    World Languages Susan Roberson – very mature, kind and hard-working;  always there to lend a helping hand; comes prepared; gives best effort; thoughtful, kind



  • September 2020

    Art Cade Birgfeld – does thorough work and research; shows passion for class content; seeks out challenging images that showcase zest for adventure; smart questions
    AVID Naffie Darboe – interactive with the class; confident; hard-working; skilled self-advocate; brings energy and interest every day; challenges ideas; leader
    Business/Industrial Tech Eliana Harrick – enthusiastic leader; commitment to highest quality; love for school shows up in creative work; inspire others
    Directed Studies Brenden Mount – has displayed growth and maturity; role model and mentor for struggling peers; shows resilience and perseverance; kind
    English Maggie Feinberg – shining example of Scots values; brings infectious enthusiasm with her to class every day; open to feedback and up for any challenge
    FACSE Hayden Bohag – very engaged and respectful of protocols; always kind; contributes to class; takes pride in his quality work
    Mathematics Cino Cole – very engaged, active participant; answers questions and helps others understand in class/breakout rooms; classmates appreciate positive influence
    Music Elijah Glesener – proven skilled musician; kind and thoughtfully engaged in online learning; consistent force for positivity and a can-do attitude
    PE/Health Marcus Tidwell – takes personal fitness and training seriously; manages workload; contributes to class discussions; encourages others; strong leader
    Science Siem Ghebreyesus – stays grounded through great adversity; maintains resiliency and optimism; good-natured, polite, self-advocate; hard worker
    Social Studies Lily Hagg – really embraces the idea that school is a place to learn; quick to participate, slow to give up; open-minded but not uncritical; a leader
    World Languages Sofia Vila Vignali – big, fun, bubbly personality; courageous language learner; active participant; linguistic fearlessness is contagious and inspires others