Highlander of the Month

  • Every month, each department selects and honors a student. At the Highlander of the Month reception, parents, students, and staff gather in the library to hear the accomplishments, contributions, and strengths of these outstanding Scots. If you know any of these young people or their families, congratulate them!

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  • October 2019

    Oct HOM

    Art Molly Grauer stealthy artist; works almost secretly building unique, imaginative artworks and then surprises with a masterpiece; goes above and beyond
    AVID Daisy Flores carries self with such confidence and fire; has revealed a humor and assertiveness; perseveres through challenges and sets the bar high for self
    Business/Industrial Tech Ayden Evans second half of great photography duo; capture interesting subjects; exceptional composition skills; artists
    Directed Studies Michael Arteaga kind-hearted; significant; improvements in every area; a friend to many; enjoys making others laugh and brightening days
    English Alea Gates passionate, curious, hilarious individual who is also supremely kind; a terrific asset to any group or class that of which she is a part
    FACSE Mariano Peña-Cruz leads by example with calm demeanor, impeccable manners, punctuality, and work ethic; goes above and beyond
    Mathematics Alondra Lanham leader; jumps in to help others understand, work hard and not give up; works hard at getting answers and concepts
    PE/Health Jesse Henderson has shown tremendous growth; incredibly hard-working; challenges himself more than he ever has before
    Science Lila Milham creative and thoughtful student; thinks critically and pushes herself; has the tenacity and perseverance to ensure great success in high school
    Social Studies Erin Bernard critical mind, seeks challenge, attentive, disciplined, positive, patient; assists others with persistent, warm, brutally sincerity
    World Languages Kathryn Rochleau-Rice not only adjusted quickly to SC but excels in class; dedicated and puts forth great effort; pleasure to have in class

    September 2019

    Sept HOM

    Art Arielle Piteo-Tarpy dedicated artist; works hard and challenges herself; develops artwork that is meaningful; focus on relevant social issues
    AVID MJ Atendido energetic and positive attitude; has an eagerness and sincerity about him that attracts others; takes initiative; determined, authentic
    Business/Industrial Tech Ayden Blumhagen second half of great photography duo; capture interesting subjects; exceptional composition skills; artists
    Directed Studies Karl Stenerson participating in a variety of functional academics; has made a huge impact on staff; admirable hard-working, playful spirit
    English Satchel McKee brings a curiosity everyday, livens the room with quirkiness and humor; always contributes insight and brings his best self everyday
    FACSE Youstina Gendy has become a dedicated student; tremendous growth in so many ways; ready for a strong year
    Mathematics Cole Smith thoughtful and supportive; amazing leader who furthers learning of the group; always has a kind word to say; strives to be his best
    Music Zoe Reay-Ellers immersing herself in the musical world by being a part of several programs; eager for a challenge and seeks feedback to further improve
    PE/Health Kenny Anderson happy to be in class; works as hard as he can, encourages others while respecting their differences in fitness levels; true Scot!
    Science Danait Kidane a diligent student who does not shy away from challenge, has tenacity and work ethic for great success, cares deeply for others
    Social Studies Rowen Barrett positive and welcoming; great sense of humor; works well with others; consistent work ethic; natural aptitude; leader
    World Languages Lucia Carli dedicated, engaged, and sets a good example for fellow classmates; well adjusted in high school and a knack for language