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    Purposes of Highlander Home (HH)

    Highlander Home Information

    • Academic time, support, and empowerment
    • Connectedness and community
    • Senior culminating project, community service, and career center structure
    • School climate and culture activities, student government
    • Nuts and bolts of school, daily and video announcements
    • HH is a required 35 minute homeroom period
    • Meets on O / E Days from 9:40am to 10:15am
    • Students traveling to Shorewood (SW) leave at 10:00am

  • HH Expectations


    Student Expectations

    Study Time

    Focus on school tasks or academic activities

    Electronics can be used as a tool for academic tasks


    Request purple pass from destination teacher before HH

    Check in with HH teacher for attendance before traveling

    Travel with purple pass on Tue / Thu

    Be in final location by 9:45am


    Be on time - HH begins at 9:40am

    Attend every day

    Interaction with Others

    Show respect to others by:

     -- Helping students around you when applicable

     -- Supporting and encouraging classmates

     -- Speaking quietly in study time

    School Activities

    Be attentive


    Approach with a positive attitude

    Attend class meetings as scheduled


    Listen to announcements

    Respect the Pledge of Allegiance