Highlander Home

  • Go to the Highlander Home Calendar to see HH activities

    Highlander Home Weekly Schedule

    HH is a 35 minute homeroom
    Tuesday thru Friday from 9:40 to 10:15 

    • Be in Final Location by 9:45
    • SW Traveling Students leave at 10:00
    • Announcements or SCNN at 10:05

    Monday (A Day = All Classes)

    • No HH

    Tuesday (E Day = Even Period Classes)

    • Purple Pass
    • Commons for Group Study
      for JR/SR in good standing
    • Study Time

    Wednesday (O Day = Odd Period Classes)

    • Purple Pass
    • Commons for Group Study
      for FR/SOPH in good standing
    • Study Time

    Thursday (E Day = Even Period Classes)

    • All students stay in assigned HH
    • School-wide info, activities, etc.
    • Study Time
      when finished with building-wide item
    • Live SCNN at 10:05

    Friday (O Day = Odd Period Classes)

    • Purple Pass for students not in meetings
    • Class meetings & assemblies often scheduled
    • Study Time

    What is "good standing"?

    • Student is Earning Grades of A/B/or C in All Classes
      (Student pulls up Canvas grades and shows to teacher when asking permission to leave to Commons, no D or F grades)
    • Student was on time to Highlander Home Classes in the previous week
    • HH Teachers use professional judgment and might add additional criteria to this
  • Purposes of Highlander Home

    • Academic Time, Supports, and Empowerment
    • Connectedness and Community
    • Senior Culminating Project, Community Service, and Career Center Structure
    • School Climate and Culture Activities, Student Government
    • Nuts and Bolts of School, Daily and Video Announcements





    Study Time

    Focus on school tasks or academic activities

    Electronics can be used as a tool for academic tasks

    Monitor student activity and attendance

    Assist students

    Support students, check Canvas,


    Request Purple Pass from destination teacher before HH

    Check in with HH Teacher for attendance before traveling

    Travel with Purple Pass on T/W/F

    Be in final location by 9:45

    Print at 10:05 in Library with Purple Pass from HH teacher

    Students in “Good Standing” may move to the Commons by showing HH teacher their grades on Canvas (Tues = JR/SR, Weds = FR/SOPH)

    Take and submit accurate attendance within first 15 minutes

    Consider use of a sign in and sign out sheet

    Use Purple Pass System


    Be On Time

    Attend Every Day

    Be in Final Location by 9:45

    Be in Hallways When Able

    Encourage Students to Move Quickly to Final Locations

    Take Attendance in first 15 min.

    Interaction with Others

    Show Respect to Others By:

    Helping Students Around You When Applicable

    Supporting and Encouraging Classmates

    Speaking Quietly in Study Time

    Advocate for Students

    Get to Know Students as Individuals

    Create a Supportive and Positive Highlander Home Culture

    Celebrate Successes

    School Activities

    Be Attentive


    Approach with a Positive Attitude

    Attend Class Meetings as Scheduled

    Check Highlander Home Google Calendar on Mondays

    Facilitate Activities and School-wide Initiatives

    Support Student Government

    Support Senior Culminating Project and Monitoring


    Listen to Announcements

    Respect the Pledge of Allegiance

    Listen to Announcements

    Respect the Pledge of Allegiance