• Free and Reduced Meal Program Resources

    Students need healthy meals to learn. Shorewood High School offers healthy meals every school day. Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals. Both the school and the student benefit if the student is qualified for free and reduced meals. The student and the school may qualify for waived fees, free services, additional funding, grants and special programs.  We ask that you will consider filling out an application even if you are not sure your student qualifies or if you are not sure that the student will use free and reduced lunch services. All information in the free and reduced lunch application is strictly confidential, known only to a limited number of staff, and will not be used for any other unauthorized purpose.

    New Free and Reduced Meal Applications must be completed at the beginning of EACH school year. Students that attended any school in the Shoreline School District the previous school year and qualified for Free or Reduced Meals will have a 30 day “grace” period at the beginning of the school year. It is very important for families to complete the new application and turn them in as early as possible in September of each school year so there will be no disruption of services.

    The “letter to households” (Exhibit 1) contains information about meal prices, USDA income guidelines, and other information about the application for free and reduced priced meals at school.  Applications will be mailed to all families in August/September. There are extra copies available all year long in the Shorewood Health Office. You can also download the form in English at the district food service website. Please complete an application at any time during the school year as family needs change. Applications are also available in multiple languages through the school.  Free and reduced meal information is currently available in the following languages.  Please see your counselor or an administrator:

    Albanian Chinese Japanese Punjabi Thai
    Arabic French Korean Russian Ukrainian
    Bosnian Gujarati Lao Somali Urdu
    Cambodian Haitian Creole Nepali Spanish Vietnamese
    Khmer Hmong Portuguese Tagalog  

    Only one application per family is required. You may fax the application pages to 206-393-4104, bring it to our FNS office at 2003 NE 160th, turn them in at  school, or mail them to us at:

    Shoreline School District
    Attn: FNS-Carolyn Pence
    18560 1st Ave NE
    Shoreline, WA 98155

    Please be aware that even if a student does not intend to eat meals at school, we urge students to apply for free or reduced meals. If a student qualifies, they will be given a letter verifying qualification. Save the letter since it may be used for a variety of fee waivers/fee reductions such as:
    Class Fees
    Athletic Fees
    Summer School Scholarships
    Field Trip Fees

    Students should see their counselor regarding fee waivers. If you choose to do so, you may give a copy of your qualifying letter to your school counselor or nurse to be filed in a confidential file. This will enable you to be contacted about possible waivers, reductions and opportunities based on free/reduced lunch qualification.