CANVAS, Family Access, and Naviance login and password information
    are mailed to parents around the end of September/beginning of October. 
    They will NOT be provided over the phone or via email.

    Emily Cedergreen, Shorecrest Registrar

    Hours:    7:30 AM - 3:30 PM Monday - Friday
    Phone:  (206) 393-4293
    E-mail:   emily.cedergreen@shorelineschools.org

    I can provide information on/assist with:
    •  Report cards
    •  CANVAS
    - view classroom grades (homework, quizzes, tests etc.) online
    •  Family Access - view student attendance, report-card grades etc. online. 
        More information is available on my Announcements page.
        You can go to the Data Dashboard and Family Access login page from my Links section.
    •  Change of address, phone number, etc.
    •  Next-year registration (signing up for classes)

    I CANNOT provide information on the items below. 
    Please contact the Shorecrest Counseling Secretary, Jocelyn Hudson, at (206) 393-4296 for help in these areas:
    •  Ordering a transcript - but -
           you can go to the Transcripts Information page from my Links section.
    •  Verifying graduation
    •  Enrolling a student at Shorecrest - but -
           you can go to the Enrollment/Registration FAQ page from my Links section.