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    If you would like information posted for your class on this page please email it to us. If there is nothing listed for your class then nothing has been sent to us and we have no other information. Likewise, if something is incorrect then we have not been given updated information. Please contact the Shorecrest Webmaster if you wish to post or update your class information.

    Reunions are organized by the classes and not the school. Please be aware that we cannot create or host pages for you. We can only provide links. A link below does not represent and endorsement of the site. We cannot be responsible for the content and administration policies of pages linked from this page.

    In moving to a new Shorecrest building, we wanted to make sure the original building will never be forgotten. In a project that began as simply a group of photos, graphic designer Sang-Won Cho has documented the original Shorecrest campus in two photo books (well, really one book, two versions). Click on the links to view and purchase the books: There is an 80 page version and a 360 page version. All profits go to Shorecrest.


    Use the links on the left to navigate to your class decade.


    1980 Please go to www.shorecrest1980.com.
    1981 For up to date information, please check us out on Facebook or email either Barbara (Stephenson) Hartley (barbara@bluestarmi.com) or Kris Lambright (krislambright@gmail.com) with further information.
    1982 Hello Class of ’82 Classmates!! If you’re the lucky one coordinating the next reunion, get in touch with me so I can pass on all the reunion memorabilia from the 10-year and 20-year reunions. Carole (Goodwin) Santos. Email: csantos@MichaelSantos.net
    1983 For immediate questions contact Teri Curtis Riggle at shorecrestclassof83@yahoo.com  If you have updated information for a member of our class, please send it to us so we may contact them about reunions.
    1984 For more information, please contact Michelle Locke at mmlocke@gmail.com or 206-229-5795
    1985 Please send your contact info including your First, Last, and Maiden Name; home address; e-mail address; and phone number to Kris Carter at kristen.carter@verizon.net. Additionally, the Reunion Committee encourages you to register on www.classmates.com
    1986 Class of 1986 30th Reunion is Saturday August, 13th, 2016. Please join the Facebook group ‘Shorecrest Class of 1986’ for details. Or please send your contact info including your First, Last, and Maiden Name; home address; e-mail address; and phone number to Alicia Evans at alicia@alicia-evans.com.
    1987 Anyone wanting information about future reunions, or to update your contact information please contact Shelly (Simmons) Russell at shellycoug@aol.com. Thanks and Hoot Mon!

    Join our Facebook Group - SC 1988 Alumni, or email Claudine Manio, cmanio@comcast.net or Lori Koidahl lkoidahl@comcast.net to be added to our list.

    1989 For information visit www.ReunionsWithClass.com

    1990 Please email Karena Wilcox at vw68karmann@yahoo.com if you are from the class of 1990 so that we can make a list for the reunion. Many of us have already joined Facebook and we would encourage any alumni to do the same. Look for Karena Berg Wilcox in the friend finder.
    1991 no information received
    1992 Visit us on Facebook here.
    1993 More info at: https://www.facebook.com/events/163434530472126/ and https://1993.eventbrite.com/
    1994 no information received
    1995 Thank you for a great 20th reunion!  Here is the Facebook link, if you would like to keep in touch.  https://www.facebook.com/events/1506410239621770/
    1996 For more information go to www.ReunionsWithClass.com.
    1997 We are currently looking for classmates, please direct everyone to the following resources: www.myspace.com/shorecrest97emily_pollock79@hotmail.comlisa.yu@softchoice.com; Emily (206) 351-6780
    1998 For information on the reunion, please visit www.shorecrest98.reunionwatch.com.
    1999 no information received

    2000 For information visit: https://sites.google.com/site/sc2000reunion
    2001 Information can be found at our website sites.google.com/site/shorecrest2001 or facebook.
    2002 Check out our facebook page or e-mail SCclassof02reunion@gmail.com for further information.
    2003 For more info go to http://sc2003reunion.splashthat.com/#!
    2004 no information received
    2005 Class of 2005, no information received
    2006 Class of 2006 – 10 year class reunion: The information link previously provided for 2006 is no longer up to date or being used. The site listed is not being maintained, as new organizers have taken over the planning. Any inquiries can be directed to: shorecrest2006photos@gmail.com and we also have an event page on Facebook. Erica Delph, Taylor Michiels and Jessica Gendreau (Hadfield) are planning.
    2007 no information received
    2008 no information received
    2009 no information received

    2010 no information received
    2011 no information received
    2012 no information received
    2013 no information received
    2014 no information received
    2015 no information received
    2016 Congratulations graduates!