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    The School Staff, Administration and Attendance offices can easily be reached by telephone at (206)393-4372. By calling the school’s main number you will reach a directory to connect you to the school’s basic services.


    Dunbar, Bill Principal Email (206) 393-4374
    Fukuma, Joann Athletic Director Email (206) 393-6135
    Elder, Nancy Assistant Principal Email (206) 393-4375
    Swanson, Elaine Assistant Principal Email (206) 393-4379
    Stone, Melyssa Dean of Students Email (206) 393-4394
    Britt Harris ASB & Student Leadership Email please use e-mail
    Marianne Stephens College and Career Readiness Coordinator Email (206) 393-4372


    Security and School Resource Officer

    Sherry, Mike e-mail (206) 393-4391
    Sandhu, Avi  e-mail (206) 393-4391


    Office Staff


    Kelly Martinez Office Manager Email (206) 393-4371
    Jordan Davidson Main Office Secretary Email (206) 393-4372
    Monika Dieckman Registrar Email (206) 393-4398
    Lorrie Magaoay ASB, Business Office Email (206) 393-4387
    Sharon Roma Counseling Secretary Email (206) 393-6122
    Laura Steiner Attendance Secretary Email (206) 393-4378
      Office Assistant and Running Start Secretary   (206) 393-4373
    Sandra O'Reilly School Nurse Email (206) 393-4386