• Policies and Procedures

    Link to 2019-2020 Student Handbook

    The purpose of the student handbook is to provide a school specific resource to students, which contains useful information that is both informative and helpful for students.

    In addition to the school specific policies and guidelines contained in this handbook all students are expected to adhere to guidelines, expectations and rules outlined in the Shoreline Public Schools Statement of Responsibilities and Rights of Students and the Shoreline School Board Policy.

    2020-21 Statement of Student Rights & Responsibilities


    This document is a handbook published by the Shoreline School District pursuant to State and Federal laws and regulations which prescribe substantive and procedural rights of students.  All provisions in this handbook interpreted in conformance with such laws and regulations.  The material in this handbook is excerpted from more extensive board policies and district procedures which will control any give situation.  It should be noted that policies and procedures are repeatedly under review and changes can be made at any time.  All policies and procedures may be accessed in the main office of all school buildings and via the district’s web page at www.shorelineschools.org.

     Attendance (view entire policy here)

    Students and their parents have the responsibility for maintaining prompt and regular attendance as prescribed in the Compulsory Attendance Law RCW 28A.27.01. Daily attendance and active participation in each class is a critical part of the learning process. Students and parents must accept full responsibility for regular school attendance. The school best serves all students and the learning process by establishing clear attendance expectations, consistent consequences, and a timely reporting of student’s attendance patterns.
    Students are expected to attend all classes on time. It is the student’s responsibility to document each absence by submitting a written note (signed by parent/guardian for minors) to the attendance office or by having the legal guardian call 206-393-4378 within three days of the absence.  Adult or emancipated students must submit a note or call the attendance office.  Accurate information is a critical part of this process.
    Documentation must include: 1) Student number; 2) Student name; 3) Exact date and periods absent; 4) Reason for absence; 5) Parent/guardian signature for minor students.

    Bell Schedule (click to view)


    Shorewood High School is a place where all students are safe to learn without threat of violence or concern for safety. Shorewood adheres to a strict zero tolerance policy regarding harassment of any form between students, faculty, and staff. Students and staff who experience or witness harassment of any form at Shorewood should report the incident to an SW adult that you trust, or if preferred the Dean of Students, who is our point person on harassment incidents. You may also fill out a harassment incident report that is available at the link below, in the security office, in the main office, or with your counselor.

    Shoreline SD Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying/Cyber-bullying Reporting Form