• Bell Schedules

    The school’s bell schedule has been adapted to meet the state’s revised 1080/1027 hour instructional year requirement that is an increase from previous school years.

    Shorewood High School has six class periods and three basic bell schedules:

    On an “A” Day All six periods meet. On an “E” Day, even numbered periods (2,4,6) meet.  On an “O” Day, odd numbered periods (1,3,5) meet . In a typical five day week, the school has  an “A” Day on Monday, “E” Days on Tuesday and Thursday, and “O” Days on Wednesday and Friday:


    Bell Schedule


    2017-2018 Bell Schedule

    Click here to see the revised Common HS Schedule/Calendar including the planned A, E and O days.  Please note that there will be special schedules published for assemblies, testing and other events during each school year.

    Click here for a flier of special schedules for two-hour late Snow days and special events.