• Attendance Policy and Procedures


    In order to report an absence, please contact the school attendance secretary.  If you reach the recording, please leave a detailed, clear message to ensure accurate records for your student.

    Laura Steiner Attendance Secretary Email (206) 393-4378


    Students and their parents have the responsibility for maintaining prompt and regular attendance as prescribed in the Compulsory Attendance Law RCW 28A.27.01. Daily attendance and active participation in each class is a critical part of the learning process. Students and parents must accept full responsibility for regular school attendance. The school best serves all students and the learning process by establishing clear attendance expectations, consistent consequences, and a timely reporting of student’s attendance patterns.


    Students are expected to attend all classes on time. It is the student’s responsibility to document each absence by submitting a written note (signed by parent/guardian for minors) to the attendance office or by having the legal guardian call 206-393-4378 within three days of the absence.  Adult or emancipated students must submit a note or call the attendance office.  Accurate information is a critical part of this process.

    Documentation must include: 1) Student number; 2) Student name; 3) Exact date and periods absent; 4) Reason for absence; 5) Parent/guardian signature for minor students.



    According to Washington State truancy laws (RCW 28.A.225) after ten (10) unexcused absences in file a “truancy petition” alleging a violation of the law by the student, by the parent or by both. According to the State of Washington, an unexcused absence is student nonattendance for more than 50% of the student’s school day. This nonattendance has not been approved by a parent/guardian through the attendance office within three (3) school days. We strongly encourage the parent/guardian to contact the attendance office to schedule a conference with an administrator to develop strategies to eliminate student absences when a student has reached two (2) unexcused absences in a one-month period.


    According to district policy #3122 the following are valid excuses for absences and tardies:

    1) Illness, health condition, family emergency or religious purposes;

    2) Parental approved activities;

    3) Absence resulting from disciplinary actions or short-term suspension;

    4) Extended illness or health condition.

    School related activities that require a student to miss class time would not be counted as part of the absence total for the quarter/semester. The student shall be permitted to make up missed assignments under reasonable conditions and timelines set forth by the teacher in the course expectations. A student’s grade may be affected because of the student’s inability to make up specific activities conducted during a class period (see individual course expectations). District Policy #3122 allows a student a minimum of one make-up day for each day of unexcused absence.

     Consequences of Absence

    Absence                        Action Taken

    1st                                 Automated Phone Call

    When a student is marked absent from any class an automated phone call will be made to the student’s home.


    2nd                                Automated Phone Call

    Following the 2nd un-excused absence in any class a letter will be sent to the parent/guardian.


    3rd                                 Automated Phone Call


    4th                                 Automated Phone Call


    5th                                 Parent/Guardian Letter

    Following the fifth un-excused absence in any class a second letter will be sent to the parent/ guardian. We strongly recommend that you call the attendance office to schedule a conference with an administrator to develop strategies to prevent loss of credit in individual class


    6th                                  Automated Phone call


    7th                                   Parent/Guardian Conference

    Following the seventh absence in any class a third letter will be sent to the parent/guardian.  Again, parents are strongly encouraged to schedule a conference with an administrator through the attendance office to develop strategies to prevent credit loss in individual classes. Please call 393-4378.


    8th                                   Automated phone call


    9th                                    Possible Loss of Credit

    At the 9th absence in any class a letter will be sent to the parent/guardian informing them that their student may lose credit. Questions regarding loss of credit are referred to an Assistant Principal. Students may apply for credit restoration if they have no more than one unexcused absence and are passing in the affected class.


    Policy for Appointments During School Hours

    1. Parents should call or send a note to attendance office.

    2. Students get pass from attendance office for late arrival to or dismissal from class.

    3. Go to appointment.

    4. Upon return, check in with attendance office before class



    Shorewood High School’s Tardy Policy is detailed below. Teachers have the authority to institute and enforce a tardy policy for their respective classroom that is stricter than what is stated below:

    1. A student will be considered and designated as “Absent” after 10 minutes of classtime has elapsed.
    2. Upon a student’s third tardy to the same class, the student will receive a classroom-based detention to be served with their teacher during a mutually agreed upon time (i.e. break, afterschool, etc). The teacher should also contact parents by email, telephone, or mailed discipline referral form. If a student fails to attend classroom-based detention, teacher will submit an appropriate discipline referral form to the Dean of Students or an Administrator for appropriate follow-up corrective action.
    3. A student’s grade may be affected by an increasing number of tardies, which would begin accruing at the time of the third tardy.
    4. Upon a student’s fourth tardy to the same class, teacher should submit a discipline referral form to the Dean of Students or an Administrator for appropriate follow-up corrective action.