Attendance Policy for Remote Learning

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    We miss having you here in person, but we are happy to see you all through Zoom too! Our attendance policy for remote learning is more flexible to better support you in being a Scot from home. Ultimately, we want to see you and be sure you are okay. We know sometimes things might get in the way, so the most important thing you can do is communicate with us so we can help you succeed.


    Please contact Ms. Haines in the Attendance Office if you have any questions about our policy or your attendance.



    Remote Learning Attendance Guidelines

    • Schools must take daily attendance during remote hybrid or in-person learning. Student participation to be counted as in attendance in remote or hybrid learning can be synchronous or asynchronous.
    • Attendance will be taken daily during remote learning. Students have 24 hours to demonstrate participation in remote learning, which can be shown through synchronous or asynchronous learning engagement.
    • What counts as an absence: A student is absent when they are not participating in planned class activities on a remote learning day. Participating can be demonstrated through daily log-ins to learning management systems, daily interactions with staff to acknowledge attendance, evidence of participation in tasks or assignments or other factors determined by school staff. Student participation can be synchronous or asynchronous.
    • Can a student demonstrate attendance before or after regular school hours?
      • Yes.  OSPI recommends that school districts provide multiple methods for students to access learning, outside of and beyond participation in live synchronous lessons. Our school district will count a student present if they engage in asynchronous activities, in place of a live scheduled session. This can include a student attempts an assignment, logs on for a part of the class, or asynchronously demonstrates participation. Students are encouraged to watch live teaching when possible.
    • Can a student demonstrate attendance over the weekend for the previous week?
      • Yes. Our schools will provide flexibility for families unable to log into live sessions due to internet access, bandwidth, access to childcare, other family obligations and work schedules. If your child is not able engage on a daily basis, you should contact our office to share that information in order to develop a plan to track their attendance.



    Students: What you need to do

    During remote learning, your attendance is linked to your participation with your class materials and your teachers.

    There are 2 ways you can be marked present for class:

    1. Attend the Zoom Class
    2. If you miss a Zoom class,
      • Submit the Daily Attendance Check In Google Form found on your teacher’s class Canvas pages BEFORE 3pm for each Zoom class you miss on any given day
      • If you engage with your classwork AFTER 3pm, send your teacher an email letting them know what you worked on and copy to the email so that your absence can be removed.
        • You have 24 hours to send this email to be marked present.
        • If you complete work after that 24-hour period, send the email anyway so we know you are engaging!

    More communication is better than less! Keep your teacher in the loop if anything comes up impacting your ability to engage in class materials during the school day.




    Parents/Guardians: What you need to know

    • Why your student is marked present or absent:
      • Your student has 2 ways to make sure they are marked present for each of their classes: participate in synchronous learning or work asynchronously (on their own time).
        • If a student misses a Zoom class they should submit a Daily Attendance Check In Google Form to their teacher by 3 pm.
        • If a student engages in work AFTER 3pm, they should send their teacher an email letting them know what they worked on and copy
      • If your student is marked absent, it means that they were not in contact with their teacher at some point during the school day (before 3pm). Students have 24 hours to engage with the course work and contact the teacher to be marked present.
    • If your student has an appointment or needs to miss part of a class period, that is okay, they can still be marked present for that class!
      • You do not need to let the attendance office know ahead of time if a student needs to “leave” class early or miss Zoom learning. Instead, students need to follow the protocol listed above in contacting their teachers through the Daily Check in Google Form or email to make sure they are marked present.


     Last Updated: November 2020

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