Attendance Policy

  • Shorecrest High School is here to support and encourage our students to succeed! Regular attendance plays a big role in creating a positive learning environment as well as helping students to thrive both in and out of the classroom. Parents and guardians can help by encouraging their students to develop habits of coming to school on time, every day. 

    Students and their families have the responsibility for maintaining prompt and regular attendance as prescribed in the Compulsory Attendance Law RCW 28A.225. 

    Please contact the Attendance Office if you have any questions about our policy or your students attendance! 

    If needing to contact the Attendance Office, please do NOT call the main office. Call the Attendance Office directly at (206)393-4294.


    How to excuse absences:

    • Contact the attendance office by email, phone call/voicemail, or sending a note into school with your student, which they should bring to the attendance office. 
      • If you are calling in to excuse an absence, please directly call the attendance office, NOT the main office. The number for the attendance line is (206)393-4294. 
      • Voicemails can be left at any time and are checked regularly.
    • Include the student's full first and last name as well as the date, time, and reason for the absence.
    • You only have 5 school days to excuse an absence after the absence occurs. 
    • Students who are 18 years or older can excuse their own absences ONLY if they pick up a form from the attendance office and return it with a parent/guardian signature.

    When you excuse, please tell us the reason for the absence.

    According to district policy #3122 the following are valid excuses for absences:

    1. Illness, health condition or medical appointment (including, but not limited to, medical, counseling, dental, optometry, pregnancy, and in-patient or out-patient treatment for chemical dependency or mental health) for the student or person for whom the student is legally responsible; 

    2. Family emergency including, but not limited to, a death or illness in the family; 

    3. Religious or cultural purpose including observance of a religious or cultural holiday or participation in religious or cultural instruction; 

    4. Court, judicial proceeding, court-ordered activity, or jury service; 

    5. Post-secondary, technical school or apprenticeship program visitation, or scholarship interview; 

    6. State-recognized search and rescue activities consistent with RCW28A.225.055; 

    7. Absence directly related to the student's homeless or foster care/dependency status; 

    8. Absences related to deployment activities of a parent or legal guardian who is an active duty member consistent with RCW 28A.705.010; 

    9. Absences due to suspensions, expulsions or emergency expulsions imposed pursuant to chapter 392-400 WAC if the student is not receiving educational services and is not enrolled in qualifying "course of study" activities as defined in WAC 392-121-107; 

    10. Absences due to student safety concerns, including absences related to threats, assaults, or bullying; 

    11. Absences due to a student's migrant status; and 

    12. An approved activity that is consistent with district policy and is mutually agreed upon by the principal or designee and a parent, guardian, or emancipated youth. 

    The school principal (or designee) has the authority to determine if an absence meets the above criteria for an excused absence. A parent/guardian not satisfied with the principal determination may appeal to the superintendent/designee for further consideration.


    How to request an early dismissal:

    • You can follow the same procedure for excusing an absence, but contact the attendance office at least 2 hours before your student needs to be dismissed. 
      • This is to ensure we have enough time to get a pass to your student so they can leave when they need to with minimal disruption to that classroom. 
    • Your student can pick up their early dismissal pass directly from the attendance office before school, during nutrition break, or during lunch. 
      • If your student is picking up their pass, they MUST either have a note from a parent/guardian, or the parent/guardian must have already called/emailed the details of the early dismissal. 
    • If your student misses more than 50% of class, it is counted as an absence. 
    • Campus is closed during all classes and passing periods, with the exception of lunch. Students will not be permitted to leave campus without contact from a parent/guardian during closed campus time. 


    How to excuse an extended absence in advance:

    • Students should pick up an Advanced Notice of Absence Form from the attendance office. Once the form is completed and signed by the student's teachers and parent/guardian, the student returns the form to the attendance office BEFORE their extended absence. 


    What happens if an absence is UNexcused:

    • Each time your student has an unexcused absence, we notify you via automated phone calls and emails on the day your student is absent.
      • We notify twice a day — a robo call and email go out at 11:15am. A robo email is sent out at 5:15pm.
      • Parents are expected to contact the Attendance Office with any questions, concerns, or excuses within 2 school days.
    • Consequences for accumulating absences: 
      • If a student accumulates 2, 5, 7, or 10 days of unexcused absences in an academic school year, a Truancy letter will be sent home. See the Truancy section below for more details.



    • Letters will be mailed home at intervals of 2, 5, 7, and 10 days of unexcused absences from school. These absences do not have to be consecutive and are counted throughout the school year. 
      • A day is counted if the student misses the majority of the school day.
    • According to Washington State truancy laws (RCW 28A.225) after seven (7) unexcused absences in one month, or fifteen (15) in one year, school districts must file a “truancy petition” alleging a violation of the law by the student, by the parent, or by both. 
      • According to the State of Washington, an unexcused absence is student nonattendance for more than 50% of the student’s school day. This nonattendance has not been approved by a parent/guardian through the attendance office within 2 school days.
    • We strongly encourage the parent/guardian to contact the attendance office to schedule a conference with an administrator to develop strategies to eliminate student absences when a student has reached two (2) unexcused absences in a one-month period.



    As a school, we want students to know and learn the value of being on time, the expectation of being ready to engage, and of honoring the professional relationship between teacher and student. It is critical that students practice and learn the habits and life lessons of punctuality and commitment because they are essential as students move onto college, a career, and life as a part of a larger community. As a school dedicated to educating young people, students deserve a clear, consistent practice.

    • When a student is tardy (less than 10 minutes late to class), they do not need to report to the attendance office. Their teacher will mark them as tardy. 
    • If a student is more than 10 minutes late to class, they need to check in at the attendance office to get a pass to class. 
    • At 10 or more Tardies:
      • students will not be allowed to attend/practice/play in after school activities/sports 
      • students will not be allowed to attend SC evening events (games, dances, performances).
    • Saturday Breakfast Club occurs one Saturday a month from 9am-12pm. Students must arrive by 9:15am and if they stay and work they can make up tardies. 
      •  1 hour = 5 tardies
      •  2 hours = 10 tardies
      •  3 hours = 15 tardies


    Last updated: October 2021

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