PAWS: Positive Attitudes, Words & Skills

  • Mrs. Campbell, our school counselor and Ms. Eklund, our dean of students, have teamed together to send out a Monday morning video called PAWS "Tidbits" to check in with our students.  Our video involves encouraging our students to continue our Parkwood expectations of being: Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Kind, while including a “tidbit” of character trait introduction and social emotional learning.

    We call this: PAWS: Positive Attitude, Words and Skills.  Ms. Eklund introduces positive character traits that we can practice at home, and Mrs. Campbell offers social emotional learning that compliments those traits.  For additional information we have included a resource list  of books and videos families may use to enrich this information and we will have special guests as well to help us with these concepts. 

    We hope you are able to tune in on Mondays!
    See below for this week's video and resources or click on a link on the hand menu for past topics!

June 15 - 18th: Kindness