• Contact the Watch Dogs!

    Our WATCH DOGS play an intregral part at Parkwood!  Your presence is appreciated and important. 

    In the classroom, you may be given a job to do with the students, such as reading a story or working through flash cards, or you may be asked to sit with a student during instruction.  Your presence will help a student stay focused throughout the lesson, and you can help him/her with their work when the time comes.

    When you are on the playground or in the lunchroom, I would invite you to circulate around, visit with students, and help supervise their play.  An easy ice- breaker that I use all the time is to try to guess their names, by having them tell me one letter at a time.  Our students love playing four square, basketball, touch football, etc., and you are encouraged to play with them.  Being a rope turner with a big jump rope is also always a big hit with our younger students.

    We are implementing a Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) at Parkwood this year, which includes seeking out and rewarding good behavior by our students.  Our program is called Going for the GOLD Slips, which are given for students who demonstrate Respectful, Safe, Responsible, and Kind behavior. You can help with this by giving out Gold Slips to the students.  The Gold Slips are given to students and collected for class and/or school rewards throughout the year.

    You will find your schedule on the back of this sheet.  Please contact the office staff if you have any questions and again, thank you for coming to volunteer today at Parkwood Elementary!

    Ann Torres, Principal

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