Highland Terrace School Profile




    Mrs. Lara Drew


    About Our School

    Highland Terrace Elementary, located in the southwestern corner of the Shoreline School District, has an enrollment of 500 students in grades K-6.

    Our parents are active classroom and PTA volunteers, with hundreds of parents participating in school activities each year.

    The school’s library area includes a computer lab, reading center, and a research and classwork area. Students at all grade levels have access to laptop computers.

    Highland Terrace's principal is Mrs. Lara Drew.                             

    The school was built in 1958 and completely remodeled in 1991. Our website features historical photos and a written history of our school.

     School Student Spring Photo


    Our work to ensure high academic achievement for our students, to foster personal responsibility in community, and to provide our students with opportunities to extend, explore and apply knowledge and skills, will prepare them well for their lives in the 21st century.



    Academic Excellence

    At Highland Terrace we create a strong academic foundation with quality curriculum taught by highly skilled teachers. Each child’s journey through our school is thoughtfully planned and monitored to ensure that he or she is making growth and is achieving at his or her highest potential. When a student is not progressing, teams of teachers and staff members work closely together to create systems of support.



    At Highland Terrace, we foster a sense of responsibility in our students by teaching, modeling, and acknowledging what it means to be responsible for our work, for our actions, and as members of our community.


    Extending, Exploring, and Applying Knowledge and Skills

    At Highland Terrace we believe that students need to be able to apply knowledge and skills in a variety of contexts to be successful in the 21st century. We emphasize comprehension, problem solving, and communication across our curriculum. We also provide meaningful enrichment and extension experiences before, during, and after the school day.  You can find descriptions of the extension experiences for all of our grade levels along with the associated communication skills by visiting our Grade Level Extension and Communication Experiences page.