Ways to Make Sunshine
  • Thanks to a grant from the Syre PTA Family and Community Engagement (FACE), Syre families and staff will receive a copy of the book, Ways to Make Sunshine by Renee Watson. We will be doing an all-school read of the book beginning May 4 and continuing until 6/3. Families will receive a list of optional discussion questions along with the book to assist with comprehension. 

    Each chapter will be read aloud by a staff member and will be posted here. Your family can choose to watch/listen to the video or read the book on your own. 


    (From the author's website) - Ryan Hart has a lot on her mind--school, self-image, and especially family. Her dad finally has a new job, but money is tight. That means some changes, like selling their second car and moving into a new (old) house. But Ryan is a girl who knows how to make sunshine out of setbacks. As her brother says when he raps about her, she's got the talent that matters most: it's a talent that can't be seen, she's nice, not mean!

    Link to Discussion Questions and Dates

    Link to Chapter Read-Aloud Videos

    If you have any questions regarding the program, contact................or Jennifer Altena, Syre Librarian at jennifer.altena@k12.shorelineschools.org