• COVID Health and Safety Information

    On March 7, 2022 (updated March 10, 2022), the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) issued Bulletin DOH 821-165 with updated guidelines regarding mask requirements, isolation, quarantine, and testing in schools. As a result of these updates, Shoreline School District also negotiated revised expectations with our employee associations regarding safety protocols in our schools. The complete Shoreline Schools COVID-19 Safety Guide is available here.

    The headline is that masks are no longer required in K-12 schools, effective Saturday, March 12. All students, staff, and visitors, however, have the right to continue to wear a mask. Students should also know that they can tell an adult if they witness mistreatment or bullying related to masking.

    Collected below are the most important details of this current phase of school life amidst COVID. The information below is based on current guidance from Public Health–Seattle & King County (PHSKC), the Washington State Department of Health (DOH), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    What can I expect to be different at school March 12 and beyond?
    Beyond the headline news, here are the most important details:

    • Masks are no longer required in K-12 schools or on campus, on buses, or in district facilities. (Exceptions where masks are still required: self-contained classrooms with medically fragile students, isolation and health rooms, and Edwin Pratt Early Learning Center and on preschool buses due to Head Start federal requirements)
    • All people in our schools and on campuses have the right to wear a mask
    • Visitors are welcome, following current safety protocols 
    • Volunteers are welcome, with:
      • application submission and authorization by Human Resources prior to volunteering and
      • proof of full vaccination (no exemptions for volunteers)
    • School offices will be locked during school hours for security purposes, following each building’s process for entry, and we encourage office visitors to wear a mask in these high-traffic areas
    • Home tests and PCR tests are acceptable to determine positive or negative COVID status, with photocopies of results allowed if sent to school nurses, office staff, or administrators. (Local testing sites run by UW Medicine and King County are available)
    • Rapid tests are no longer required for athletics but may be used on a case-by-case basis
    • The Shoreline Center Administrative Offices will be open to the public during business hours
    • Outside groups may follow pre-COVID procedures to request facility rentals

    What didn’t change on March 12?

    • Staff are still required to remain 6 feet apart from other individuals to the degree that’s possible
    • We’ll maintain physical distancing to the greatest extent possible, especially in cafeterias and common areas and when engaged in physical activity, singing, playing instruments, cheering, or shouting. (However, students no longer need to be seated facing the same direction.)
    • Frequent handwashing will be recommended throughout the day
    • People who are symptomatic, receive a positive COVID test result, or are exposed to COVID should continue to follow the DOH Flowchart, which has recently been updated and simplified
    • School Board meetings will continue to allow for attendance in person or virtually

    What future changes can we look forward to?
    As we all ease back into elements of school life that bring us great joy, such as end-of-year celebrations, activities, and camps, please continue to offer patience and grace to the staff, students, and volunteers who make these happen for all of us.

    • K-12 schools may return to the use of lunch tables, and since each building’s layout, capacity, and scheduling is unique, school administrators will use their discretion for how this is phased in
    • Field trips, camps, conferences, and extracurricular activities may resume, following the same safety protocols outlined above
    • Schools may approve PTA-sponsored after-school events