HT's Community Read 2021 of Wishtree

  • Highland Terrace and our HT PTA is participating in a community project including students, families, teachers and staff in the reading of Katherine Applegate's Wishtree.  HT COMMUNITY READS 2021 is a program that urges families, and indeed whole communities to read together.  Wonderful benefits occur when families read with their children.  Even more excitement and engagement can occur when you include teachers and staff. 

    The book that we have chosen is Wishtree by Katherine Applegate.  We will read the book from Wednesday, March 17th through Friday, April 9th.

    Thank you to our wonderful PTA for their generosity in providing a book for every HT child; and thus an opportunity to participate in the great event.

    The links to the right will give you information about the daily activities involved with the reading of Wishtree as well as blogs and updates of your involvement. Thank you again to our great PTA for helping to promote HT COMMUNITY READS 2021.

HT Wishtree Blog

  • Wishtree Ribbons in Your Books

    Posted by Alicia Wilson on 3/5/2021

    Fill out a wish on the Wishtree Ribbon you receive in the book.  Add it to the Wishtree Fence.

     Click HERE to find out how to add your wish to the HT Wishtree Fence!





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  • HT Community Read 2021 Book Stickers

    Posted by Alicia Wilson on 2/26/2021

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  • PTA is Preparing Books for Distribution

    Posted by Alicia Wilson on 2/26/2021


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  • Wishtree Ribbons for Families

    Posted by Alicia Wilson on 2/25/2021


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  • Spanish Version of Wishtree Books Have Arrived

    Posted by Alicia Wilson on 2/22/2021


    It's happening...20 Spanish books arrived today!

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