• Opening School with Remote Learning

    Remote learning will include:
    • Use of Canvas as the central organizing tool for learning
    • Synchronous instruction (live via Zoom on a schedule, together at the same time)
    • Asynchronous instruction (individual student work in a variety of learning modes, not at the same time)
    • Instruction will include attendance and student engagement requirements, assessment, grading and feedback
    • Organized communications from teachers to students and families for monitoring students’ participation at home
    • Student meal pick-up sites
    • Family Academy webinars will be offered to support families’ knowledge and implementation of Remote Continuous for students

    Once we return to hybrid and in-person school, start and end times will be altered to support student transportation; however, the basic framework will continue throughout the school year.


    New 3 class per semester schedule

    We will implement a 3 class per semester schedule at the middle and high schools that better supports our students this year, called the "3 x 3" schedule. In a school year when we anticipate transitioning from remote to hybrid (in person and remote learning combined) to fully in-person models of instruction, this schedule will benefit everyone at SC.

    Students will:

    • Participate in 3 classes vs. 6 classes at any given time;
    • Focus on fewer classes at one time while navigating a new on-line learning environment;
    • Access deeper and more concentrated learning time;
    • Have reduced class sizes to support interactions between students and teachers;
    • Continue to earn credits needed, fulfill graduation requirements, and prepare for post secondary plans.
    Schedule Changes
    There will be no schedule changes this school year due to maintain balanced class sizes in anticipating our pivot to hybrid learning.
    Student Handbook