• Briarcrest Mural

    Our Mission 


    Through our core values of respect, equity, and integrity, Briarcrest Elementary School nurtures the whole child by establishing strong family connections and instilling a growth mindset, cultivating high academic success.


    Our Vision

    Nurturing the Whole Child

    At Briarcrest Elementary, we honor, respect, and nurture the whole child. Our students learn to be respectful, empathetic, and compassionate citizens. Students and staff have a deep sense of integrity and show kindness towards all. Through a lens of equity, we monitor our actions and decision-making, embracing the diversity of our population.


    Establishing Strong Family Connections

    We believe that our students, their families, and the Briarcrest community are truly the heart of our school. We welcome families into school, developing a deep sense of school pride among all of our community members. We utilize two way communication between our staff, students, and families and develop mutually supportive relationships. 


    Instilling a Growth Mindset

    At Briarcrest, all students, staff, and community members believe in their ability to learn and grow. Students and staff value mistake-making and perseverance as they take on the challenges of learning and growth. Through collaboration and a positive attitude, our staff members model and teach a growth mindset.


    Cultivating High Academic Success

    Briarcrest staff members create learning environments where students are challenged and engaged. Staff members hold high expectations for their own learning, collaborating with each other to create a cohesive, inclusive school for all students. Staff members foster a deep joy for learning in students, and hold high expectations for both themselves and their students as learners.