School Reopening Plan Updates

  • Below is an archive of our school reopening planning updates. You can also find documents and resources related to the planning process in the page directory listed to the left if viewing on a computer screen or by tapping the pages button above if viewing on a mobile device.

    January 19, 2021

    On Saturday, the Shoreline School Board heard a presentation on updated plans and timelines for beginning to offer in-person hybrid learning. You can find the presentation slides HERE. You can also view a recording of that presentation and discussion HERE. A summary of the timeline and details for beginning hybrid learning are below.

    Timeline for Beginning to Offer In-Person Hybrid Learning

    • February 22: Preschool and K-12 self-contained special education classes will begin offering on-site instruction.
    • March 8: Grades K-5 general education classes will begin offering a hybrid learning model.
    • Families will have the choice to continue remote learning.
    • We will continue to monitor Department of Health guidance and adjust planning if necessary.
    • Timelines for offering hybrid learning for middle and high school grade levels will be determined at a later date in accordance with Department of Health guidance.

    Hybrid Learning Instructional Model

    Students in preschool and K-5 general education classrooms in the hybrid learning model will be placed into morning or afternoon cohorts to attend school in person four days a week:

    • Cohort A will attend school in person in the mornings on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. They will then do remote learning in the afternoons and all day on Wednesdays.
    • Cohort B will attend school in person in the afternoons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. They will do remote learning in the mornings and all day on Wednesdays.

    Remote Learning Instructional Model

    Families will have the choice to have their children continue with the current remote learning model. We expect the daily schedule and mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning to remain similar to its current format. 

    Selecting a Learning Model

    We know that many families need to know specific details about hybrid learning before selecting a learning model for their children. Final details, including daily bell schedule and specific safety protocols, are in the process of being finalized and will be shared as soon as they are available. After families receive that detailed information, there will be a registration process that they will need to complete for each of their children.

    The K-5 Hybrid Learning Intent Survey and K-12 On-Site School Student Intent Survey for Self-Contained Classrooms provided enough information for staffing plans to be developed and is now closed. The registration process that will follow will allow you to determine which learning model your child will initially be placed in, even if that choice is different than the one you indicated on the survey.

    Parents/guardians will be allowed to change their child’s learning model one time, effective at the beginning of the 4th quarter in mid-April.  Please note that this is a change from the initial information shared in our frequently asked questions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have updated our Hybrid Learning frequently asked questions page HERE

    January 12, 2021

    The Shoreline School Board heard a presentation on in-person hybrid learning planning and recommendations at their January 11 meeting. You can find the presentation slides HERE. You can also view a recording of that presentation and discussion HERE.

    Staff are currently reviewing the discussion, feedback and public comment that has been received. We expect to share additional details and information on the hybrid learning implementation plan this week. 

    In the meantime, the K-5 Hyrbid Learning Intent Survey (English - Spanish - Amharic) will be extended. We will share the new deadline for completing the survey when the additional information on the hybrid learning implementation plan is shared.  

    January 6, 2021

    Dear Shoreline Elementary Families,

    This is an important message, please read it in its entirety.

    As we prepare to offer an in-person hybrid learning option for K-5 students, we are seeking information regarding your intent to have your child continue with 100% remote learning OR shift to in-person hybrid learning when it becomes available.

    The hybrid learning option will include a mix of in-person learning at your current school and online remote learning. 

    Even if you have completed previous surveys, it is very important to complete the survey linked at the bottom of this email. This survey asks for specific student information so that we know which students intend to participate in each of the learning models. This information is important for us to have in order to finalize staffing plans.

    If you are a parent/guardian of a K-5 student in a self-contained special education classroom and already provided your information in the survey sent to you before winter break, you do not need to complete this survey for your child in that program.

    Please read this information completely BEFORE you complete your survey(s) linked at the bottom. You should submit one survey for each of your children in grades K-5. 

    Staff and parents/guardians will receive at least two weeks’ notice before beginning hybrid instruction. We expect a recommended timeline will be shared at the January 11 school board meeting. If the potential timeline will impact your decision, please wait to submit your response after that information is shared following that meeting.

    Class Assignments

    This survey will help us determine class assignments and configurations. While we cannot guarantee students will remain with their current classroom teacher in either learning model, our preference is to maintain current classroom assignments to the extent possible. Regardless of current teacher, families should make independent choices about participating in either learning model. Similarly, staff will determine their availability to work on-site, either because they meet the CDC’s definition of “high-risk worker” or they have other responsibilities that limit their availability.

    We expect students in the hybrid learning model will be split into two cohorts:

    • Cohort A would attend school in person in the mornings on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. They would then do remote learning in the afternoons and all day on Wednesdays.
    • Cohort B would attend school in person in the afternoons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. They would then do remote learning in the mornings and all day on Wednesdays.

    The hybrid instructional bell schedule is being finalized, but we anticipate start and end times to the school day will remain similar to the current schedule.

    Health and Safety
    Safety protocols will be guided by the DOH K-12 Schools GuidanceDOH School In-Person Learning Decision TreePublic Health COVID-19 Response Toolkit and OSPI Employer Health & Safety Requirements for School Scenarios documents. Some of the general protocols include:

    • Masks must be worn by all staff and students when on campus or school buses.
    • Families are expected to provide their own masks for their children, but schools will have an emergency supply for those who do not. Students will be accommodated if unable to wear a face mask.
    • Each student and staff member will be required to attest they are symptom-free prior to attending school each day.
    • Each of the classroom cohorts will consist of 15 or fewer students.
    • Classroom seating will be spaced out at least six feet apart and activities will be organized to maintain a distance of at least six feet to the extent possible.
    • A school nurse will be on-site at each school.
    • Designated routes through schools to maintain social distancing.
    • Air filters upgraded to MERV13 as recommended by CDC.
    • Daily deep disinfecting between cohorts of students.
    • On school buses, students will be seated to maintain recommended distancing and windows will be open to increase ventilation.
    • Meals will be available and served to adhere to physical distancing requirements.

    FAQ Page
    You can find answers to other frequently asked questions HERE.

    Please complete the survey here in English -- Spanish -- or Amharic 


    November 20, 2020

    At their November 16 school board meeting, the Shoreline School Board was presented an update on hybrid learning planning from Deputy Superintendent Marla Miller. The presentation slides can be found here and a summary of the presentation is below.

    Deputy Superintendent Miller began the presentation with an overview of Washington State Department of Health (DOH) guidelines related to school reopening and the current infection rate in King County. She stated that while the current infection rate is well beyond the moderate range recommended for bringing students back to schools for in-person learning, the school district, in collaboration with the Shoreline Education Association (SEA), is continuing the planning process to have an effective model in place for when conditions allow. 

    She noted that the primary focus in developing a hybrid model has been placed on the elementary level because those younger grade levels would be the first to be offered a hybrid learning option. Based on the current DOH recommendations, the infection rate should be between 25-75 new cases per 100,000 residents over the prior 14 days before considering to offer in-person learning starting with elementary grade levels and less than 25 before adding middle and high school grade levels. She also made clear that an all-remote learning model would continue to be available to families who prefer to keep their children in that model and noted that staff are working toward bringing back students who receive special education services in self-contained P-12 classrooms sooner than their general education peers.

    Deputy Superintendent Miller then reviewed the safety protocols administrators and staff are building in to their plans. This includes, but is not limited to: health screenings, required personal protective equipment, physical distancing, safety standards, exposure reporting procedures, ventilation and disinfecting. She noted that staff are piloting and refining a number of protocols and procedures, including those related to transportation and food service, to help support a smooth transition when hybrid learning becomes an available option.

    Deputy Superintendent Miller shared that the District and SEA bargaining team had reviewed several different hybrid learning models. The models were assessed using a rubric that measured approximately 25 different components of each model, including equity, quality of instruction, impacts on students, impacts on staff, operational logistics and scalability (ability to add more students to the model as time progresses). Based on that work, the teams agreed to further research and pursue an AM/PM cohort model.

    The recommended AM/PM cohort model would have three cohorts of students:

    • Cohort A would learn in person in the morning on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. They would have remote learning in the afternoons and on Wednesdays.
    • Cohort B would learn in person in the afternoon on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. They would have remote learning in the mornings and on Wednesdays.
    • Cohort C would continue with 100 percent remote learning on Monday through Friday.

    In this model, the in-person learning sessions for cohorts A and B would focus on math,   reading, writing, and social emotional learning. Their remote learning sessions would then provide asynchronous lessons and activities in other subjects. Deputy Superintendent Miller noted that the AM/PM model had several key benefits. One   was the consistency that it provided to students by being able to see their teacher and receive in-person instruction four days a week. She noted the model would allow teachers to engage in-person in the foundational areas that are important in supporting students’ academic and behavioral growth. 

    Another factor that made this an attractive model to pursue was its scalability, which would allow more students to be added to hybrid learning over time. Deputy Superintendent Miller noted that, based on the earlier survey of families, the district is estimating about 60-70 percent of elementary families would choose the hybrid model once it becomes an available option, but that additional families may choose to move from remote learning to hybrid learning as time progresses and the circumstances of the pandemic change. This model would allow 100 percent of the students to be in on-campus learning, should they choose to do so.

    Deputy Superintendent Miller concluded the presentation by reviewing the next steps in the planning process. She said the bargaining teams would develop possible bell schedules based on the recommended hybrid model, noting that teams are refining time needed for transportation, meal and cleaning to have the least impact on the amount of instructional time students receive.  

    October 23, 2020

    Survey reports for the recent Remote Learning Family Survey are now available HERE. The reports are available in an overall summary as well as disaggregated by student program, grade level and race/ethnic origin. The data and information are being used by staff to assess, plan and improve our remote learning program.

    October 6, 2020

    Dear Shoreline Schools Families,

    As we evaluate how remote learning has gone this fall, your feedback and perceptions are important. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey linked below. It takes less than five minutes to complete. 

    Because experiences can vary from child to child, we ask that you complete one survey for each child in your family who currently attends school in our district.

    The deadline to complete this survey is Monday, October 12 at 9:00 am.

    Remote Learning Survey (English)

    Remote Learning Survey (Spanish) 

    Remote Learning Survey (Amharic)

    October 3, 2020

    Below are links to the results of the Family Learning Option Preference Survey that closed earlier this week. The results are broken down by preschool, elementary, middle and high school levels. This information will be used by school and district leaders to estimate the number of students for each learning option in order to develop staffing needs and plans.

    September 25, 2020

    Dear Shoreline Schools Families and Staff, 

    I hope this message finds you and your family doing well and staying healthy.

    If you have a child attending one of our schools, I want to take this moment to ask you to take our Learning Option Preference Survey, if you have not already done so. We have had over 5,500 submissions so far. Thank you to everyone who has taken a moment to provide us with this helpful information. If you have not yet taken this very short survey—it takes less than one minute—we will leave it up throughout the weekend. It will close at midnight Sunday night. Please note that the survey is not a commitment to either option. The purpose of the survey is to give us an estimated percentage range based on which way people are leaning at this point in time.

    I understand that some may want to know the details of each option before participating in the survey. I am sorry that this information is not available at this time, but it will be shared well before families are asked to commit to a learning model for their children. Final instructional plans for each model, staffing, processes, grade levels and other details are being developed and finalized. It is an intricate and complex process to develop two separate learning systems that will run concurrently with the same number of staff and resources. Some decisions will be contingent upon bargaining and other collaboration with our employee groups, and others will depend on the number of students we will estimate for each option. We also expect to receive updated health and safety protocols guidance next week from the Department of Health that will need to be incorporated into our plans. We deeply appreciate your patience and grace as we thoughtfully and thoroughly work through these processes. 

    I also know many of you are wondering about a timeline for when a hybrid option may be offered. If 2020 has taught me anything, it is that timelines, guidance and expectations are constantly evolving. Over the past three days of available data (9/21-23), we have seen a concerning upward trend in the number of new positive COVID-19 cases in King County. There were 38 new cases on 9/21, 78 on 9/22 and 116 on 9/23. Rising case count trends is one of the data points the Department of Health Decision Tree asks us to consider in determining when to offer hybrid in-person learning options. We will continue to monitor all available data and will provide families and staff at least two weeks’ notice before beginning to offer a hybrid learning option.

    Be well,
    Rebecca Miner

    September 17, 2020

    Dear Shoreline Schools families,

    As noted in our most recent planning update, we are planning for a possible start of hybrid in-person learning in October. If the COVID-19 infection rate remains in the moderate range, initial plans for hybrid learning will include younger elementary students and students prioritized based on student needs. Information on these COVID-19 infection ranges and monitoring dashboard can be found in our August 7, 2020 planning update.

    The very short survey linked below is NOT a commitment for your child to move to hybrid learning when it becomes an available option or to stay in full remote learning. The purpose of this survey is to help us gauge how many families would choose which options for their child or children at this time. If you have multiple children, you do not have to select the same learning option for each. Please fill out one survey for each child in your family who currently attends school in our district. For example, if you have two children attending our schools, please take the survey twice.

    While the initial phase of transitioning to a hybrid learning option will focus on younger students and students prioritized based on student needs, we are asking ALL families to participate in this survey to aid us in future planning.

    The deadline to complete this survey is Friday, September 25 at 5:00 pm.

    Hybrid and Remote Learning Option Survey (English)

    Hybrid and Remote Learning Option Survey (Spanish)

    September 11, 2020

    Dear Shoreline Schools families and staff,

    As I look at the smoke-filled skies outside my window, my thoughts are with the many people who have been impacted by the terrible destruction the wildfires in our state and regions have had on so many communities. I hope you and your family are staying well during this time.

    I also want to thank you all for our first seven days of remote learning (a few less for our kindergarteners). While there have been some bumps in the road along the way, our engagement rates are looking strong and school teams are reaching out to every family to see how they can support our students. Our progress so far this year is a testament to the incredible work and dedication of our staff members and the commitment and flexibility our students and families have shown in adapting to the challenges that remote learning can present.

    I want to take a moment to provide a brief update on where we are with the possible return to schools and classrooms. I’m happy to report that King County’s COVID-19 infection rate has been trending down in recent weeks, which is very good news. We have moved from the HIGH range of over 75 cases per 100,000 residents over the past 14 days to the MODERATE range of 25-75 cases. The current King County rate is about 65. Please continue to follow public health guidelines to keep us on this positive trend.

    Based on the Department of Health’s decision tree framework, we are now in a range where we can start to consider beginning hybrid in-person learning options for younger elementary students. Specific grade levels that will be given the option of in-person hybrid learning will be announced at least two weeks prior to opening. In discussions this week with Public Health-Seattle & King County, they have cautioned us that before planning an imminent return, we should wait two weeks from Labor Day to see if there is a spike in infection rates. This is due to the trend they saw this spring and summer with infection rates rising dramatically after holiday weekends. They noted that if we are able to stay at the moderate level, schools can begin a phased-in approach to in-person hybrid learning in early October. You can also read more about their recommendations for schools in their latest Public Health Insider blog post HERE.

    I’m sure many of you are wondering how much notice you will have before the possible return to in-person school. As part of our agreements with our employee associations, we will provide staff with at least two weeks’ notice before implementing in-person learning. We expect that we would inform families shortly after staff are notified.

    I also want to remind families they will have the option of having their child continue with remote learning when we move to hybrid in-person learning. We will be sharing more information about this option in the coming weeks.

    To assist in our planning, we will be surveying families next week to gauge interest in participating in hybrid in-person learning when it is available.


    Rebecca Miner

    August 18, 2020

    We are happy to share that we have finalized the daily schedules for Remote Continuous Learning 2.0 in partnership with the Shoreline Education Association. 

    The schedules linked below were developed with a focus on providing students with a robust learning model of high-quality synchronous (educator-led online learning together at the same time) and asynchronous (educator-directed individual student learning) teaching and learning opportunities. The schedules will allow our educators to develop and provide exceptional learning opportunities and connections for all of our students and families.

    The values embedded in the schedules include:

    • Providing high-quality and age-appropriate learning opportunities for students through online synchronous learning balanced with offline asynchronous learning. This will offer robust “live” instruction with their teachers and support independent and small group work or individual to balance a healthy amount of screen time for students.
    • Built-in opportunities for interventions with students who are not fully engaged or who need additional support.
    • Provisions for ensuring special programs student needs.
    • Providing opportunities for social and emotional learning and support.
    • Planning time and professional development for teachers built into the schedules to provide regular opportunities for them to prepare for teaching in a very different remote learning environment than we experienced in the spring.
    • Schedules meet the number of hours of instruction required by the State.

    Additional Middle and High School Schedule Information

    We are also implementing a class schedule at the middle and high schools that better supports our students in a school year when we anticipate transitioning from Remote to Hybrid to Fully In-Person models of instruction. This new schedule is one we are calling the 3 x 3 Schedule. 

    In a 3 x 3 Schedule, middle and high school students will:

    • Participate in a maximum of three classes per grading period;
    • Experience a reduced workload in the number of classes they will need to manage while also navigating a new on-line learning environment;
    • Access deeper and more concentrated learning experiences;
    • Experience smaller class sizes in order to personalize learning as well as support social interactions between students and between teachers and students.

    Links to Elementary and Secondary Schedules

    Links to the daily learning schedules for elementary (K-5) and secondary (6-12) grade levels are below. Families will receive more detailed information and guidance from their child’s school and teacher regarding Remote Continuous Learning 2.0.

    While we are in Remote Continuous Learning 2.0, all schools will use the times outlined in the schedules.

    Elementary Learning Schedule (English)

    Elementary Learning Schedule (Spanish)

    Middle and High School Learning Schedule (English)

    Middle and High School Learning Schedule (Spanish)

    August 7, 2020

    Decision Tree for Returning to In-Person Learning
    This week, Governor Inslee, State Superintendent Reykdal and State Health Officer Dr. Kathy Lofy announced a decision tree framework to help school districts and local health jurisdictions in determining when to resume in-person learning.

    The framework emphasizes that community transmission must be low in order for schools to reopen for in-person learning. They noted that this is difficult and uncharted territory – every other country that reopened its schools only did so when community transmission was low.

    The Department of Health’s (DOH) decision tree framework offers metrics based on three COVID-19 activity levels:

    • Greater than 75 cases per 100,000 in 14 days is considered a high COVID-19 activity level for a community. At this level, DOH recommends a 100 percent distance learning model with the option of limited in-person learning for those who need it most. Sports and extracurricular activities should remain on pause.

    • 25–75 cases per 100,000 in 14 days is considered a moderate COVID-19 activity level. At this level, DOH recommends distance learning, with gradual expansion of in-person education, beginning with elementary students. Most sports and extracurricular activities should continue to remain on pause.

    • Below 25 cases per 100,000 in 14 days is considered a low COVID-19 activity level. At this level, DOH recommends full-time in-person learning for all elementary students and hybrid learning for middle and high school, eventually moving to full-time in-person.

    King County’s COVID-19 infection rate per 100,000 is 91.5 for the most recently available two-week stretch from July 18-31. Because the rate is above 75, it is considered a high COVID-19 activity level. We will continue to monitor these rates and consult with Public Health – Seattle & King County as we plan for a phased return to in-person learning. You can also monitor these rates and other related data on the Department of Health’s COVID-19 Risk Assessment Dashboard.

    We want nothing more than to see our students and staff back in our schools and classrooms. You can help us reach this goal by continuing to wear a mask when around others, following the King County Safe Start Phase 2 guidelines and knowing the symptoms and what to do if you are sick or may have been exposed to someone who is.  

    You can find more COVID-19 information and resources at

    Athletics Update

    The WIAA and WESCO have announced updated information for sports seasons. All dates below are tentative and subject to change and health criteria being met. Visit our Athletics Department webpage for the most up-to-date information.

    High School Sports Seasons:
    Season 1 - There will be no sports programs occurring during Season 1

    Season 2 (Dec. 28): Boys & Girls Basketball, Boys Swim/Dive, Gymnastics, Wrestling

    Season 3 (Feb. 17): Football, (Mar. 1): Volleyball, Girls Soccer, Girls Swim/Dive, Cross Country, Boys Tennis (pending WIAA approval)

    Season 4 (Apr. 26): Girls Tennis, Softball, Track & Field, Baseball, Golf

    Middle School Sports Seasons:
    All Season 1 sports for Kellogg & Einstein have been postponed. We will provide updates when more information is available.

    Family Academy Dates Coming Soon
    Dates for the Family Academy webinars to support families’ knowledge and implementation of Remote Continuous Learning 2.0 will be shared in next Friday’s update.


    August 4, 2020

    Message from Superintendent Miner: Shoreline Schools to Begin School Year Online

    Dear Shoreline Schools Families and Staff,

    Last night, our board of directors voted to approve the recommendation to begin the school year in a 100% Remote Continuous Learning 2.0 model due to the current local impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find the slides from that presentation HERE. The school year will begin online on September 2 for grades 1-12 and special education preschool and September 8 for kindergarten.

    I know that this is difficult news for many families, students and staff and very welcome news for others. Feedback from over 8,400 participants on our surveys, in our town halls and in our focus groups indicated that this recommendation impacts people very differently and there were no easy answers for this incredibly challenging situation. My recommendation was informed by conversations with Public Health – Seattle & King County and examining the data in our region.

    Families indicated in our surveys and forums that childcare is a concern for them. We are assessing our ability to staff and offer childcare options through our Shoreline Children’s Center preschool and extended care programs. Additionally, we will work with our community partners to identify additional childcare options for school-aged students. More information on childcare options will be shared in a future update.

    We knew that this outcome was a possibility when we began planning for the 2020-2021 school year, so our instructional leaders and staff have been working incredibly hard to develop an improved online learning model. Our Remote Continuous Learning 2.0 model will not be the same as our model in the spring. The state’s remote learning guidelines are very different from when schools closed in March. There are significant academic and social/emotional challenges to our students learning remotely and we will provide supports for those needs. Using updated guidance and feedback from students, families and staff, we have strengthened our Remote Continuous Learning 2.0 model to provide a more rigorous and engaging virtual-learning program with greater connections for all students at all grade levels. Students will have robust and challenging coursework that is reflective of the high caliber of teachers in our district and state learning standards.

    Remote Continuous Learning 2.0 will include:

    • Synchronous instruction (live via Zoom)
    • Asynchronous instruction (recorded or individual student work time)
    • Small group synchronous instruction (live via Zoom)
    • Technology and internet access for all students
    • Taking of attendance, assessment, grading and feedback
    • Streamlined communications
    • Maintaining music, physical education and library services
    • Meeting social-emotional needs
    • Student meal pick-up sites
    • Family Academy webinars to support families’ knowledge and implementation of Remote Continuous Learning 2.0

    While it is too early to predict how long we will be in the Remote Continuous Learning 2.0 instructional model, I will continue to monitor local COVID-19 infection rates and rely on public health guidance to reopen our school buildings. I anticipate that in the coming days, a metric will be provided, which will provide districts with factors to consider as they move from one model to another.

    We will move from the 100% Remote Continuous Learning 2.0 model to the Hybrid Learning model outlined in last night’s presentation when we are able to do so. At that time, families will have the option to move their child to the Hybrid Learning model or continue with Remote Continuous Learning 2.0.

    I know that there are many questions regarding starting school in the 100% Remote Continuous Learning 2.0 model. We are currently in the bargaining process with our employee groups to finalize many of those details and will be sharing more information and updates with you as it becomes available. We anticipate this will take the form of both written communication and webinars.

    This certainly continues to be a challenging time for our families, staff and students. I am proud of the work our team has accomplished in preparation for this moment and confident that through the hard work of our staff, support from our community partners and collaboration with families, we can maintain our commitment to high-quality teaching and learning during these challenging times. 

    Rebecca Miner


    July 28, 2020

    Message from Superintendent Miner

    Last night, I presented an update to the Board and shared that I will be recommending that we open Shoreline Schools in remote status this fall.  It was very difficult for me to arrive at this recommendation but from weighing all of the current data about the pandemic, I decided this was the best recommendation I could make to support the well being of our students and staff at this time.  Like all of you, I want nothing more than a return to in-person schools and I understand the challenges my recommendation will present for many in our District. For every person who feels relief upon hearing this, there is someone else who is experiencing tremendous stress and anxiety about it.  The Board will meet on August 3 in a special meeting to consider this recommendation.  Once they have made a decision, I know in the coming days and weeks, we will work together as a community to come together and rise to the challenges we face even as we support each other in community.


    Rebecca Miner


    Survey Results

    You can find the results of the family survey here and staff survey here for the week of July 20 - July 24.  

    No Update this Friday

    Because this update is being provided today, no update will be provided this Friday, July 31.  The next update will be provided on Tuesday, August 4, the day after the August 3 Board meetings (see below).


    July 24, 2020

    Message from Superintendent Miner

    As I am sure you are all aware, we are in a rapidly changing landscape of the pandemic at this time with new information coming every day. New information evaluated at this time includes a current statement and current health data from Public Health - Seattle & King County, a video and a statement from Chris Reykdal, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and our community survey, which closed this evening.  I will be meeting with the Board in a study session on Monday, July 27 at 5:30 p.m. and sharing new information and recommendations with them.  Information on how to attend is below. Rather than waiting until next Friday, an update will be sent to you on Tuesday, July 28.

    Rebecca Miner

    Survey Comments
    As promised, the survey comments from our initial survey, which closed June 24, have now been redacted to eliminate personally identifiable information and inappropriate language, and are available here. (under District Report--Survey Comments)  Thank you to the thousands of students, staff and family members who participated and provided us with comments.

    WIAA Decisions

    The Washington Interscholastic and Athletics Association has modified the 2020-2021 sports season calendar.  You can find details here

    Public Health - Seattle & King County Statement 

    Public Health - Seattle & King County has issued a statement about decisions made by school districts regarding the opening of school.  You can find that here. You can find their COVID-19 key indicators page here.

    Statement and Video From Chris Reykdal, Superintendent of Public Instruction

    This week, Superintendent Chris Reykdal made a statement and a video about the opening of schools. You can read his statement here or watch a video here   


    July 17, 2020

    Dear Shoreline Schools Families and Staff,

    Below is a special message from Superintendent Miner, this week’s school reopening planning update and July 20 school board meeting information. We hope you all have a great weekend!

    Message from Superintendent Miner

    I want to extend a personal note of gratitude to the nearly 2,550 staff, family members and students who participated in a town hall meeting or focus groups this week. Time is limited for everyone and I appreciate that so many people took the time to join in this work, listen and provide feedback.

    While I have not yet read every comment that came through the chat, I have a good start on that process. Many themes are emerging already: safety, the need for specificity as soon as possible, childcare concerns and social-emotional needs, to name just a few. I meet with superintendents in our region frequently and through those meetings information is conveyed to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. I feel like both our survey and the past week’s comments have given me additional knowledge about concerns in our community and allow me to better articulate those concerns to people whose decisions are informing our recommendations.

    My fervent hope for all of our staff, students and families is that you are finding some ways to recharge, find joy, and maintain and extend community connections even in these difficult times. Though our challenges are not yet behind us, by working together we will find the best solutions possible to support each other as we move forward.

    Rebecca Miner

    School Reopening Planning Update

    This week, we held a series of online town hall meetings and focus groups to review the currently recommended model for reopening schools and collect feedback and questions regarding the model and its impact on various areas of operations. Our planning teams are currently reviewing this input and utilizing it in finalizing their plan recommendations to provide to the superintendent.

    You can find town hall recordings and presentation slides for each group presented to HERE.

    Families and staff will receive online surveys on Monday, July 20 regarding the recommended reopening model presented in the town hall meeting. Links to a town hall recording and the presentation slides will also be included in the survey for review. We hope you will participate in this survey and submit by 5 pm on Friday, July 24.

    We are continuing to review the more than 6,400 comments submitted in our previous survey. Once those are finished being reviewed and have personally identifiable information and inappropriate language redacted, they will be posted online and provided in a weekly update. We hope to be able to share this information in next Friday’s weekly update.


    July 20, 2020

    Planning Groups

    Planning groups continued to meet this week to develop recommendations for school reopening plan options. Additional information and plan options will be shared in the virtual town halls scheduled for next week and will be included in next week’s planning update email.

    School Reopening Survey Results
    The survey reports for the School Reopening Survey conducted by the Center for Educational Effectiveness in late June are now available for review HERE.

    School Reopening Options Survey
    The school reopening options survey that was originally scheduled to be sent on July 13 is being pushed back one week to July 20. This is to allow for themes, topics and questions generated in the virtual town hall and focus group meetings to be incorporated into the survey.

    Focus Groups
    Thank you to the nearly 400 people who expressed interest in serving on a plan area focus group. Those who are assigned to a focus group will receive an invitation to attend on or before July 13. Focus groups will meet on July 16 or 17.

    Focus groups will be kept relatively small to allow for thorough discussion and sharing of perspectives in their various topic areas, so not everyone who expressed interest will be invited to serve on a focus group. If you expressed interest and do not receive an invitation to serve on a focus group, we hope that you will continue to share your feedback with us through the virtual town halls and upcoming survey. 

    July 1, 2020 

    School Reopening Planning Update

    The School Board received an update of the planning process and timeline at their study session on Monday, June 29. You can see a copy of that presentation HERE.

    Planning workgroups continued to meet and work on developing recommendations for each planning area.

    A survey of plan options will be sent to staff, families and students (grades 6-12) on July 13. That week, we will also host several virtual town hall events to present plan options, answer questions and take feedback. Please see the links below to register for one of the town hall meetings for parents/guardians, students or staff members. After you register, you will receive information on how to login to the town hall meeting you select.

    Please note that each town hall meeting is limited to 1,000 attendees. Recordings of the meetings will be available for those who are unable to attend.


    Additionally, we are seeking volunteers to serve on small focus groups to provide feedback on various aspects of our school reopening plans. These groups will meet in online Zoom meetings on July 16 or 17 to review specific areas of our reopening plans and provide feedback that will be used in the plan finalization process.

    If you are a staff member, parent/guardian or student in grades 6-12 and are interested in serving on one of these focus groups, please fill out one of the interest forms below. Please note that the focus groups will be limited in size and will aim to have a diverse mix of stakeholders that are representative of the community we serve. Those who are selected to serve on a focus group will be contacted by July 13.

    Focus Group Interest Form (English)

    Focus Group Interest Form (Spanish)


     June 26, 2020

    School Reopening Planning Update

    Reopening stakeholder surveys closed on June 24. The Center for Educational Effectiveness will provide the survey data to district leadership the first week of July. Survey results will be posted to the district website by July 13. The number of survey participants by stakeholder group is as follows:

    • Parent/Guardian: 4,850
    • Students (grades 4-12): 1,792
    • School-based Staff: 737
    • District-level Staff: 129

    The Reopening Instruction Planning Team has initiated their work as part of the district’s larger effort in planning for the 2020-2021 school year. The team members have been tasked with looking at the benefits and challenges of the variety of learning scenarios needed to meet physical distancing guidelines, in order to determine which models may be viable options for next school year.

    The Family and Community Engagement Team has been established. The goal of this team is to adapt the existing Family Engagement Program in a way that addresses the needs of our most impacted families once school returns.

    Our Operations Planning Team continued meeting with an emphasis on members identifying key stakeholders by topic. Sample classrooms were measured to determine layout and capacity options in alignment with guidance from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and state and local health departments. The district will also be participating in a collaborative school district purchasing consortium to buy personal protective equipment and other safety equipment needed for the fall.

    The overarching timeline for the reopening planning and approval process is below:

    • June 17 - July 10: Proposals prepared and plans for stakeholder (staff, students and families) input on those proposals
    • June 24: Initial stakeholder survey complete
    • June 29: Overview of processes to the Board in a study session (see link below)
    • July 2: Stakeholder survey results provided to the district
    • July 13 - July 17: Additional stakeholder input on plan options collected
    • July 20: Update to Board with proposal concepts included
    • July 24: Final recommendations from workgroups presented to the superintendent
    • July 31: Finalize proposals
    • August 14: Resolution to Board to include final reopening plan required by OSPI
    • August 17: Adoption of Resolution by Board

    State Superintendent Chris Reykdal also provided a video update regarding questions about face masks, physical distancing, remote learning and more. We encourage you to watch that video HERE.


    June 19, 2020

    School Reopening Planning Update

    This is the first in what will be weekly reopening planning updates.

    • This week, district administrators and principals from all departments and schools met to review and provide input on the reopening guidance published by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).
    • Superintendent Miner and a number of key staff members attended a meeting with Public Health – Seattle & King County to learn more about public health expectations for opening schools safely.
    • School reopening surveys were sent to families, staff and students (grades 4-12) to begin gathering feedback and perceptions regarding reopening, as well as how online learning has gone this spring. Surveys must be submitted by 5 pm on June 24.